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Ace of Diamond Season 4 Release Date & Spoilers!

Ace of Diamond Season 4 Release Date
Ace of Diamond Season 4 Release Date

Ace of Diamond is a manga series of Japanese origin. Ace of Diamond is a baseball-themed series. This manga series is written by Yuji Terajima. Yuji Terajima also provides an illustration for the show. “Manga” refers to comics, graphic novels, cartoons, or illustrations that originate from the country Japan. Manga has a lot of different genres such as detective, crime, historical, mystery, action, comedy, romance, science-fiction, sports, and horror. Ace of Diamond was serialized in the magazine named Weekly Shonen Magazine which is a shonen manga that is published by the Kondansha publishing house. This manga series was highly popular among fans and it appeared in the Weekly Shonen Magazine from May 2006 till January in the year 2015. A sequel manga titled Ace of Diamond was published in the same magazine in 2015 and continued till 2021. A spin-off manga series titled Daiya no B! was released from 2015 to 2016. Furthermore, another spin-off manga named Cat of Diamond was released in 2022.

Ace of Diamond was then adapted from a manga comic-book series into an anime TV series that aired on the TXN (TV Tokyo) network from October 2013 till March in the year 2016. The anime Tv series is directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara with the script being written by Kenji Konuta. The music is provided by Frying-Pan. The series is produced by the studio Madhouse and Production I.G. Creative Programs Inc. has the licensing rights to Ace of Diamond. In Japan, this anime series is aired on TXN (TV Tokyo) network and the English version of the show is aired by the Yey! Network. Ace of Diamond originally ran for 126 episodes over the course of 3 years from October 3, 2013, till March 28 in the year 2016.

A second volume titled Ace of Diamond Act II premiered on 2 April 2019 and ran till 31 March the year 2020 over the course of 52 episodes. Act II was directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara and written by Kenji Konuta. The music is provided by Hajime Hyakkoku. The show is produced by the Madhouse Studio and Crunchyroll has the licensing rights to the show.

Ace of Diamond Season 4 Release Date

The first three seasons of Ace of Diamond are highly popular among fans. However, there is no news regarding the release of season 4.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Ace of Diamond Season 1 Release Date 6 October 2013
Ace of Diamond Season 3 Release Date 2 April 2019
Ace of Diamond Season 4 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Ace of Diamond Season 4 Release Date


Ace of Diamond Season 4 Story

The series’ protagonist is Eijun Sawamura who is a baseball pitcher whose pitching style is unusual in the sense that the ball moves unpredictably at the plate. Sawamura wants to attend a local high school with all of his friends and play on the baseball team. However, a baseball scout from the renowned Seido High School reaches out to Sawamura and offers him a fully paid scholarship and a chance to play baseball at the national level. Sawamura pays a visit to the school and changed his thinking about the future. Seido helps their players reach the national level and play for the entire tournament. However, once the tournament is over, the players have to retire. So Sawamura and his teammates Kominato Haruichi, Miyuki Kazuya, and Furuya Satoru form a new team with the aim of going to nationals and convincing their coach Kataoka that he needn’t resign.

It is not possible to predict the storyline for season 4 since it has not yet been renewed for a new season.

Ace of Diamond Season 4 Characters

Ace of Diamond Season 4 Release Date
Ace of Diamond

The protagonist of the show is Eijun Sawamura that is voiced by Ryota Osaka. The character Satoru Furuya is voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki who is Sawamura’s rival. The character of Kazuya Miyuki is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. Other characters on the show are Haruichi Kominato, Shinji Kanemaru, Hideaki Tojo, Wataru Kariba, Tadahiro Kaneda, Hiromi Takatsu, Koshu Okumura, Takuma Seto, Masashi Yuki, Kaoru Yui and Hirofumi Asada.

Ace of Diamond Season 4 Trailer

The trailer for season 4 of Ace of Diamond is not available yet since the show has not yet been renewed for a new season. The trailers for the previous seasons, however, can be viewed on YouTube.

Where to Watch Ace of Diamond Season 4?

Ace of Diamond Season 4 Release Date
Ace of Diamond

Ace of Diamond is broadcast on the TXN (TV Tokyo) in Japanese and on the Yey! Network in English. The show can be viewed online on Netflix.


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