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Alvaro Rico Girlfriend, Love Life, Net Worth, And More

Alvaro Rico Girlfriend
Alvaro Rico Girlfriend

Alvaro Rico Ladera also known as Alvaro Rico is a Spanish actor and model. He is very adequately known for his role in the Netflix original hit series Elite. Alvaro played the role of Polo who is a bisexual teen. He is one of the protagonists of the series.

He was very loved because of his sweet look and intense act. A very anxious teen with 2 mothers. The situation of his house-made him a little low self-esteemed kid. With a little argument and a mistake, he accidentally murdered his best friend sister Maria. The 1st season winds around finding while the life of other casts takes different turns.

Polo as a character shows how can pressure and acceptance from society destroy the good in you.

Alvaro Rico Early Life

Alvaro was born in Toledo, Spain. He was born on the 13th of August 1996. His birth name given by his parents is Alvero Rico Ladero. His nationality is Spanish. Other than that, information about his family, mother, father, and else is not disclosed to the media. He could have completed his graduation from a drama school or maybe he could be an engineer turns actor. But we don’t know exactly about him because it has not been publicized.

Alvaro Rico Professional Life

Alvaro Rico
Alvaro Rico

Alvaro started his career with the movie Celestina in 2011. Celestina was the adaptation of the theater version of La Celestina.

His Tv debut was with his role I. The episode of Medical Centre. He also played the role of Nicolas in the Tv show Velvel collection.

In 2017 he gave an audition for the Netflix series Elite and was selected for the role of polo. Polo is one of the all other protagonists in the series. Elite is a teen suspense thriller series that was aired in 2018 and gained the love of people all around the world. It was originally released in the Spanish language and had English and Hindi subtitles. It is produced by Dario Madrona and Carlos Montero. Along with Alvaro the other protagonist of season 1 were Ester Exposito, Mina El Hammani, Danna Paula, and others.

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Alvaro Rico Net Worth

The charming Elite star has appeared in many brand advertisements, had cameo appearances, is busy with different sponsorship deals and brand endorsements. This 24-year-old star has a net worth of $10 million.

Alvaro Rico Girlfriend and Relationship

Alvaro Rico Girlfriend
Alvaro Rico Girlfriend

Alvaro was in a relationship with his co-star from Elite, Ester Exposito.  They broke up in 2019.

For now, Alvaro Rico is single. But he has a very cute previous love story with Ester, famously known as Carla.

Miss Exposito is also a Spain-based actor and model. She was born in January 2000, on date 26. She was very passionate about acting from a young age. After completing school, she started taking acting classes when she was just 16. Her 1st appearance was in vis a vis. It was aired on Antena 3. She also acted as Rosa Martin in the Medical center.

Her 1st recurring part was in Estoy viva. She won the Madrid Theater Award in 2013.

Other than elite she also had a special appearance in Veneno in 2020.

This beautiful and stunning actress was in a relationship with Alvaro. They had a very cute bonding. They are in love with each other and used to share their love life on social network sites regularly. The couple was seen in Rome having din and dating their fans used to die over their lovey-dovey stories and post but then suddenly they stopped sharing pictures of each other. After some time when there was no post of them together, Netizens finally found out that they broke up.

Even though this cute relationship ended but their love story in Elite is still very interesting to watch over and over again.

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