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Do You Know Who Is Amanda Stanton Husband? 

Amanda Stanton Husband
Amanda Stanton Husband

The hot topic now as it is, I am sure you are dying to have the news revealed. Then what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to read the article below. I have shared everything that you need to know. 

First, we will take a look at the dating life of the celebrity persona then we will move forward with the other necessary details. 

Amanda Dahan Stanton is an American Reality TV Star, actress and also fashion blogger. She is mostly known for her role in the TV show, The Bachelor. After her appearance in the show, fans started showing their interest in the celebrity’s personal life.

Then, let’s find out who she is dating now, shall we? 

Who Is Amanda Stanton’s Husband?

Who Is Amanda Stanton’s Husband?
Who Is Amanda Stanton’s Husband?

Cheers to Amanda, who finally got married. This year we could hear some wedding bells as Amanda finally got married to Michael Fogel. The couple exchanged their vows quite recently. Now they are in a steady married life with Amanda’s two kids. But the beginning was not so smooth.

Why and how, I am sharing now. 

Amanda joined the show, The Bachelor as a single mother of two daughters. Not long after that she and Ben Higgins felt a strong connection and the duo started dating. Ben was introduced to two of Amanda’s children and her family. Her family members were not quite sure about the two datings. 

But quite surprisingly the two didn’t end up together by the end of the show, as Ben felt a certain strong connection to some other participant. And hence he ruled out Amanda at the end of the show.

Amanda then returned in the new season, Bachelor in Paradise and was open to dating. She then met with Josh and Robby. But things didn’t work for either of them. As, she broke up her engagement with one and her relationship with the other.

Then she met her childhood friend Michael Fogel. As feelings grew and the friendship morphed into a relationship. And finally, Michael proposed to Amanda. 

The two finally tied their bond with Amanda’s two daughters close to their side. 

Who Is Amanda Stanton’s Ex-Husband?

Amanda at first was married to Nick Buonfiglio before her marriage to Michael Fogel. 

The two got married in 2012 and even had two daughters together, Kinsley and Charlie. 

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The family of four was often seen together and they shared pictures of their adorable family on Gram. Her husband even had a great understanding of her family. Things were going along quite well, until the couple appeared on screen in the show, The Bachelor.

There Nick confessed that he was in a toxic relationship with Amanda. Then the duo got divorced not long after. Even though they separated, Nick vowed to take care of his two daughters. He was even there at Amanda’s and Michael’s wedding. And with due respect, he confessed in an interview and acknowledged his children and Amanda as his daughter’s mother. And promised to look after the children seven after their separation. 

So even though their marriage is over and they are officially not committed, Nick still takes care of his children. 

Who Is Amanda Stanton?

Amanda Stanton Husband
Who Is Amanda Stanton?

While you have been seeing me taking the name of this celebrity, now quite many times and discussing facts about her personal life. You might not be aware of who she is. Then let’s have a look at who she is then.

As I mentioned a few minutes back, and if you can recall. She is an American Reality TV Star, actress, and also fashion blogger. 

Mainly known for the movies; Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. But she is very popular for starring in the shows, The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

She graduated from Paul Mitchell Aesthetician School and made her appearance on the reality show, The Bachelor for three seasons straight.

And being a blogger, she often advertises her affiliate products on her account. She is very active on Instagram and her blogging account. You can visit her blogging account and may even buy the items she advertises.

You can visit her ID to glimpse her as she shares quite a few pictures of herself on Gram. And if you keep scrolling, you will find pictures of her husband and children together. As you wait for more updates and juicy topics, go and watch the reality show. You will have a fun watch; I can assure you that.

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