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Will Better Things Season 6 Be Released Soon?

Better Things Season 6 Release Date

Running for five fabulous seasons, Better Things is undoubtedly one of the many brilliant television series to happen ever. The show premiered on September 8, 2016, and the fifth season completed airing recently in April 2022. Created by Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K, the series has received a lot of love from fans and many awards. However, fans are now wondering whether the series will be having a new season or not. So keep reading to know the answer to that question.

Better Things Season 6 Release Date

 Better Things Season 6 Release Date

Pamela Adlon’s Better Things is a series that tells a very realistic story of the modern world. The show has undoubtedly gained a big fan following but like every good thing, Better Things has also come to its end. The show has been officially canceled after season five. Pamela Adlon even made a public announcement regarding the cancellation of the series.

So it seems that season six is not happening anytime in the future right now. But many fans are still holding out hope that the series will be renewed in some form or the other. That also seems to be part of Adlon’s speech. It is good to keep your fingers crossed cause you never know what the makers are thinking. We might be treated with a spin-off show too. However, for now, it is decided that season six is not going to happen.

Name of the ShowBetter Things
Season NumberSeason 6
GenreBlack Comedy
Better Things Season 1 Release Date8 September 2016
Better Things Season 6 Release DateCanceled
Better Things Season 6 Overview


Better Things Season 6 Story

Since the series has been canceled, a sixth season is not happening any time soon. This also means that there is no story available for Better Things season 6. However, if you have not watched the series yet, here’s a little plot summary for you.

Better Things is the story of a single working mother raising three daughters in Los Angeles. Sam Fox is a struggling actress who has to constantly balance her work and personal life. Meanwhile, also faces the hardships that life throws at her. Sam is trying to be a good mother to her children and excel in her career at the same time. All the while she has her loyal friends by her side and a slightly mentally disturbed mother at her side.

Better Things Season 6 Cast

Better Things Season 6 Release Date
Better Things Season 6

The cast of Better Things is one of the finest cast line up of any television series. The characters are powerful, relatable, and real. However, since the show has been officially canceled by FX there will not be a sixth season. So fans will not be getting to see their favorite characters come to life once again on the screen.

So let’s take a look at the outstanding cast of the season that has entertained us so much since the beginning of the show. The protagonist of the story is portrayed by Pamela Adlon. She plays the character of Sam Fox, a struggling actress, and mother to three daughters. She delivers a really powerful and realistic performance that viewers enjoyed a lot.

Then comes Sam’s three daughters. The oldest is Max who is portrayed by Mikey Madison. Max can be described as volatile, angry yet decent, and the less problematic of the three. Hannah Alligood and Olivia Edward play Frankie and Duke, Sam’s middle and youngest child. Frankie is a very headstrong character while Duke is the sweetest and most adorable. Fans are also treated to Celia Imrie’s fantastic performance as Phyllis “Phil” Darby, Sam’s British mother.

The series also stars Diedrich Bader as Rich, Alysia Reiner as Sunny, Rebecca Metz as Tressa, Matthew Glave as Xander Hall, and many more.

Better Things Season 6 Trailer

Unfortunately for fans of Better Things, there is some very bad news today. The brilliant series has been officially canceled by FX. Season five of Better Things will be the final season of the show. That also means that there is no trailer available for the new season. However, you can check out the trailer of the previous seasons online on YouTube.

Where To Watch Better Things Season 6 Online?

As we have already discussed, Better Things is not getting a sixth season. The fifth season was the final season and the show has been canceled officially putting all rumors to rest. So season six will not be available online for you to enjoy. However, you should definitely do a Better Things marathon stream this weekend. All the previous seasons and episodes of the series are available online on Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, and Hulu. So check out the series online on these streaming sites.


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