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Big Meech Net Worth, the BMF, and a lot more!

A drug trafficking and money converting or cleansing company in the United States is known as The Black Mafia Family.

The Black Mafia Family was organized in 1989 by brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, in southwest Detroit. In the year, 2000 they had set up cocaine dealing sales everywhere in the United States within their drug source based in Los Angeles and direct connections to Mexican drug cartels. The Black Mafias operated from two main centers. One in Atlanta, for division run done by Demetrius Flenory and another in Los Angeles, to examine entering cargoes from Mexico managed by Terry Flenory.

The Mafia Family under Demetrius Flenory joined the hip-hop music industry as BMF Entertainment in the early 2000s as a front organization to convert money from cocaine deals and to legalize it. BMF Entertainment agreed as a promoter for numerous high-standard hip-hop performers which include Young Jeezy and Bleu DaVinci. Because of their extreme lavish lifestyles, Demetrius Flenory and the Black Mafia Family became popular in hip-hop modern culture.

BMF Entertainment

The Flenory Brothers
The Flenory Brothers

At the start of the 21st century, Demetrius Flenory founded BMF Entertainment as a publicity firm and record singles for hip-hop music. These siblings were already well-known because they collaborated with many hip-hop artists naming, Trina, T.I., Shawty Lo, Jay-Z, and Fabolous. Demetrius established BMF Entertainment as a leading company for money-cleansing the capital produced by the cocaine delivery network but was also a try to build a lawful profession and legitimate root of revenue. The Flenory company publicly chose the name “Black Mafia Family” after beforehand not being named.

In the year 2005, the record “World Is BMF’s” became a nominee for a Source Award. The Black Mafia Family played in various secret hip-hop DVD publications, most prominently some issues of “SMACK,” and “The Come Up.” The company’s highly remembered show was in a full-length DVD which was produced by “The Raw Report,” which gave a complete private peek at their journey. 

2007 Blame

David Nahmias, the U.S. lawyer for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, on July 25, 2007, revealed a charge of 16 added people of the BMF. The statement charged all offenders with engaging in the national cocaine dealing trick. It carries a sentence of 10 years or life in prison and a $4 million penalty. 

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2009 Seizure

The last surviving defendant, Vernon Marcus Coleman, was captured in Atlanta, on July 17, 2009. He was accused in 2007 of the ownership with a plan to deal with cocaine. In 2015, the 150 accused people of the Mafia Family have been caught. Still, the total number of members of the Mafia Family topped above 150. The central court thinks the 150 members they have accused and arrested report for the regulation and control formation. Other key personalities in the company, such as sellers, stash house workers, and transporters.

Big Meech Net Worth

Big meech net worth
Big meech net worth

Big Meech is an American sentenced drug seller, had a top net worth of $100 million. Big Meech gained his wealth while working and operating The Black Mafia Family. The Black Mafia Family is an American drug dealing industry that eventually produced an approximated $270 million in illegal profits and hired around 500 people. The organization had given cocaine amounting to thousands of kilograms, working in a lot of US cities.

The popular culture

An alleged part of the BMF, Jabari Hayes, who supposedly labored as their dispatcher and seller, wrote the book “Miles in the Life,” in 2009. He is also the administrative generator of a 2017 film by the very name. In both, He describes his childhood in a public house in Brooklyn with an addicted mother and moved to St. Louis for high school to avoid his environment, finally settling in Atlanta where after finishing studies from Morehouse College, he started working as a servant parking assistance that finally directed his relationship with the BMF.

In 2021, a series called “Black Mafia Family,” a drama television released on STARZ. The production of the film is by Curtis 50 Cent Jackson. The part of “Big Meech” is portrayed by his real son, known as Demetrius Flenory Jr.

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