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Release Dates

Black Crab 2 Release Date: Announced?

Black Crab 2 Release Date
Black Crab 2 Release Date

Black Crab is an action thriller film of Swedish origin. The film is directed by Adam Berg and Pele Radstrom and is based on a book written by Jerker Virdborg. The film stars Noomi Repace, Dar Salim, and Aliette Opheim in the lead roles. Black Crab is a story about a speed skater who is asked to join a team of soldiers on a dangerous mission to deliver a secret package to a research base that could potentially end the war. The soldiers have to skate across the sea ice behind the enemy lines to deliver the package. The film is produced by Malin Idevall, Mattias Montero, Kim Magnusson, Ludwig Bile, Emil Wiklund, Linda Mutawi, Noomi Rapace, Khalil Al Harbiti, Christopher Granier Deferre, and Jasmina Torbati. The cinematography is done by Jonas Alarik and edited by Kristofer Nordin. The music and soundtrack for the film are composed by the Dead People. Black Crab was released on Netflix on 18 March in the year 2022.

Black Crab 2 Release Date

Black Crab 2 Release Date
Black Crab

The release date for part two of Black Crab has not been announced since Netflix has not renewed the movie for a second part.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Black Crab Release Date18 March 2022
Black Crab 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Black Crab 2 Release Date


Black Crab 2 Story

Caroline Edh is a soldier, who is on her way to her base when her driver suddenly abandons her in a dangerous neighborhood and she is attacked by the refugees living in the area. Caroline can fight her way out of there and arrives at her place, wherein she meets the other soldiers recruited for the mission of delivering a secret package to the research base located behind enemy lines, by skating their way through the sea ice. Though Caroline deems this to be a suicide mission due to the dangers of skating on thin ice, she sees this as a chance to rescue her daughter Vanja, who has been living in a refugee camp. The team leaves the next day and before they can be briefed about the mission, Forsberg falls through the thin ice and drowns. Caroline tries to unsuccessfully save her but manages to retrieve the two packages from Forsberg’s bag. The group then goes to a house on the land, and Caroline tries to warm herself up by the fire. Nylund is now promoted as the new commander of the group which receives some pushback from other members and Caroline wonders whose place did Nylund take in the group since he was listed as a last-minute substitute for a missing person. The next day a helicopter bombs the house as Karimi is caught using the radio. This leads the group to believe that he might be a traitor even though Karimi said he was calling his girlfriend.

The next day the group decides to skate on ice but finds it difficult and they decide to travel by land instead. They stop at the house of an elderly couple to rest for some time. However, the old man tries to kill the soldiers which leads to a gunfight, resulting in the death of the old couple and Karimi. While the group is resting on a ship, Granvik opens the package and finds out that it is some sort of biological weapon which leads to a crisis of conscience among the soldiers. Caroline eventually reaches the research base and is congratulated by all on the completion of her mission. She then requests to see her daughter but is told by her superiors that this was a ruse created to get her to deliver the package to the base. This angers Caroline and she attacks the commander but is restrained by Nylund. Caroline tries to destroy the biological weapons with Nylund’s help. She gets the vial from the laboratory and they escape and make their way to a helicopter where they are stopped by Nordh. Caroline reveals that she attached the vials to a detonator and she jumps off a cliff and detonates the grenade. After she falls into the sea, she is reunited with her dead daughter underwater and they embrace one another.

Black Crab 2 Characters

Black Crab 2 Release Date
Black Crab

Noomi Rapace portrays the character of Caroline Edh. The character of Forsberg is portrayed by Aliette Opheim and the character of Malik is portrayed by Dar Salim. Other supporting characters include Nylund (portrayed by Jakob Oftebro), Karimi (portrayed by Ardalan Esmaili), Colonel Raad (portrayed by David Dencik), Granvik (portrayed by Erik Enge), Vice Copral (portrayed by Mikail Akalin), and Admiral Nordh (portrayed by Susa Taslimi).

Black Crab 2 Trailer

The trailer for part two of Black Crab has not been released since Netflix has not yet renewed the movie for a second part.

Where to Watch Black Crab?

Black Crab can be viewed online on Netflix.


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