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Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Story!

Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date
Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date

Black Summoner (Hepburn: Kuro no Shōkanshi) is a Japanese light novel series written by Doufu Mayoi. It was published on the novel publication site to become a novelist in October 2014. Overlap started publishing the series in June 2016, and posted an illustration of black silver under the engraving of Overlap Bunko. As of June 2022, 17 volumes have been published. The adaptation of the illustrated manga by Jin Amo began serializing on the Overlap Comic Gardo website in January 2018. As of June 2022, the chapter is organized into 13 books. The satellite adaptation of the anime television series premiered in July 2022. Here’s what we know about Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date.

Kelvin wakes up in a strange new place with no memories of his past life and learns that he exchanged those memories for powerful new abilities during his recent incarnation. Heading into a whole new world as a summoner-in his first pendant, the very goddess who brought him! -Kelvin begins his new life as an adventurer, and it won’t take long before he discovers his hidden talent as a battle addict. From the black knight of the evil spirit’s old castle to the devil in the sage’s hidden hideout, he is delighted to fight one after another with terrifying enemies.

Written by Mayoi Tofu, this series was published online on October 6, 2014, to become a novelist. The series was later acquired by Overlap and began publishing the series on June 25, 2016, with an imprint of Overlap Bunko with black and silver illustrations. Volume 17 was released in June 2022. In July 2020, J-Novel Club announced that it had licensed the English version of the series.

Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date

After the big release of the manga and novel series, the Black Summoner gained popularity and became very popular with the audience. The anime adaptation was announced on February 17, 2022, and Season 1 was released on July 9, 2022, after everything was confirmed and confirmed. Episode 2 of the series was recently released on July 23, 2022, with Season 1 running the remaining 10 episodes.

It should be noted that Episode 12 will be released on September 24, 2022. If the viewer is thinking about his future, he is in the right place. Here, the creators haven’t announced the future of Season 2 because there is no news about Season 2. Season 1 is underway, but many viewers are thinking about their future. Season 1 ends in September, so viewers will have to wait for the official announcement.

Name of the ShowBlack Summoner
Season NumberSeason 2
Black Summoner Season 1 Release Date9 July 2022
Black Summoner Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Black Summoner Season 2 Overview

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Black Summoner Season 2 Characters

Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date
Black Summoner

The series features Efil, Melfina, Kelvin, Clotho, Geral, Rion, and Ange voiced by Koki Uchiyama, Yosuke Akimoto, Minori Suzuki, and Konomi Inagaki. These are just the protagonists, but more characters will appear in future episodes. The creators and voice actors did a great job of portraying and characterizing the characters. We hope that the same characters will come back with some new characters when the series is renewed in Season 2.

Black Summoner Season 2 Story

The series has just finished two episodes, and viewers are waiting for episode 3, so you can be confident that you can predict the story of future episodes and seasons. Kelvin has been reborn in a new world where everything is different, including his memory, except for his name. He was born again because he died because of God’s mistake.

In the course of his life, he learns that he is a true summoner and joins the academy of the new city of Part. He really served him and got Melina and Clotho as his backbone to help him. Later in the series, when his grades and ranks were updated, Cashel became his enemy and made fun of him with Gimul and Large, but soon found that he learned his lessons. With no news about Season 2, many viewers can predict the story of the next episode, but just waiting for the official announcement cannot predict that assumption.

Black Summoner Season 2 Trailer

Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date
Black Summoner

There is no Season 2 trailer, so viewers can choose to watch the official Season 1 trailer. You can complete the entire series until Season 2 news and trailers are available. Discover Kelvin’s amazing adventures as Kelvin goes down the road and overcomes all the obstacles that get in the way.

Where To Watch Black Summoner Season 2 Online?

The creators will release Season 1 on Tokyo MX and Crunchyroll, the next episode will be released on the same platform. There is currently no news about Season 2, but when it’s updated, it will be released on the same platform.

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