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List Of Blanka Lipińska Books: Movies Made Already?

Blanka Lipińska Books
Blanka Lipińska Books

Blanka Lipinska is polish based writer who writes fiction in the genre of erotic friction. She was born on 22nd July 1985 and she is currently 36 years old and one of the most amazing authors in her genre. Return 3 novels and all of them are based on the same genre and now she is a very well-known author all over the world. So, let’s find out more about Blanka Lipinska. 

About Blanka Lipinska 

Blanka Lipińska Books
Blanka Lipińska

She was born in Poland and graduated from high school and studied cosmetology post-Secondary School. Before becoming an author she was a therapist or hypnotist. She loves sports and fitness and she is a big fan of sailing as well. She is very active on social media and with 818K followers she keeps on posting every single day about her life and whatever she is on right now. To date, she has written three books and all of them are doing great.

She is not just a writer but also an actress as she has worked on her screenplay only in 2022 and she will cameo from that.

The idea for the novel was from her personal life when her real-life boyfriend have little interest in the intimacy and when she started getting frustrated from the lack of tension and how society is so awkward when it comes to talking about sex she started writing the erotic thriller and try to keep personal and professional life separate. But from her own experience, she wrote the first book. The book is fictional but all the stories she craves out from her personal life.

All the three books that she has written are translated into English and in one of her interviews, she said that her book has now been compared to 50 Shades of Grey. Firstly she was a makeup artist and in all the books you can see an underlying sense of glamour and aesthetics in them. In an interview, she said that the book is an accident and she never wanted to become an author because her personal experience with her boyfriend was not that very great when it comes to sex. She start writing and the things started turning out great.

We know that she has written 3 books till now so let’s find out tomorrow about how these three books are and what Blanka has in them. And why are these three books so popular? Why are fans of these books who want more and what are the reasons behind the success of the books? The name of the three books are:

This Day, 365 Days, and The next 365 days: A novel

These are the three books that she has written and let’s find out details about all these three books and how Blanka concluded all these three.


This Day- Blanka Lipinska

This was the first novel that she has written in 2018. The book has 3.7 reviews on Good reads and 4.3 on Google Play. In this book, you can read about a woman who is living a fairy tale life, a grand wedding, a great handsome husband, a baby on the way, and, living a lavish luxury life with all the extravagant cars and seaside pools. She is living a perfect life but she is always surrounded by gangsters and getting threats of kidnapping. Even though she is living a full feeling life, she doesn’t know how it feels to live with a person who is the most dangerous man in Italy.

She has yet to discover how it finally feels like to live with a man who is the most dangerous even though she is living the life that everyone wants the perfect Fairy Tale life yet it is hard for her to realize that she is always surrounded by Gangsters. The book has 4.6 reviews on and 85% of Google users like the book.

The book has 416 pages and if you want to read the book you can buy it from the Kindle Store or if you want to hear the audio it is available on audiobook. Or if you buy the physical copy of the book the book is available on Amazon for 12 dollars. Blanka said in an interview that her first book is based on her personal experience when she was with a guy and the physical intimacy between them was lacking.


365 Days- Blanka Lipinska

Blanka Lipińska Books
Blanka Lipińska

This book was written in 2020 and it is one of the most highly acclaimed books as there is a Netflix movie that has been made on the book and the movie is a hit on Netflix. The book is the continuation of the first book to this day and in this book, we have seen how the intimacy between the couple is. In this book, you will read that the couple went on a vacation on the 29th birthday of the girl, and then she got kidnapped on the very next day of the trip.

And her kidnapper is one of the most powerful men in the city and incredibly handsome but also belongs to a Gangster family and is a very young don of the city. And he made a vow with the woman and head that if she does not fall in love with him during the period that together he will let her and if she tried to run away from him he said that he will track her down and will kill her and also her entire family.

In this, we have seen that the woman also develops feelings for the handsome young man and she risks her relationship. 365 days have been made into one of the most successful Netflix movies with the same name and you can see the movie and the movie is erotic friction. So if you don’t want to read the book but want to know more about what the book is all about you can watch the movie 365 days which is available on Netflix. And if you want to read the book the book is available on Amazon Prime and Flipkart. The audiobook for 365 days is also available on audiobooks and Kindle Store. The book has  3.9 out of 5 reviews on audible and 87% of Google users like the book.

The Next 365 Days: A Novel- Blanka Lipinska

The book is going to publish in 2022 only and this is also the continuation of 365 days and this day. The book is the same erotic thriller and romance. In the previous book, we have seen that the girl got Kidnapped by one of the most dangerous Mafia in the city when she went for a vacation. She realizes that her life is on a roller coaster right now and she has to risk a lot of things. In this book, she has been attacked by some Enemies of the great Mafia which whom she is living and she got injured. She was pregnant and her life was at stake. In this book, the question arises will the Mafia be able to raise the children alone, or what will be the fate of everyone after the attack. One of the most important things that fans are asking is if this is the last part of 365 days? The book has a 3.5 on good read and the expected release date for the book is 27 September 2022.

This book is full of suspense and thriller and also some erotic literature and many fans are hoping that they will see a movie based in the next 365 days. Well, there is a confirmation about 365 days 2. Netflix has confirmed that there will be a sequel for the movie and it will be based on this book only. So let’s hope that we will get another beautiful erotic romantic movie as soon as possible. The other two books you can be found on Amazon and 365 days is also on Netflix if you want to watch the movie. All three books are the continuation of each other and all of them are based on the same genre. 

If you want to read the book you have to wait for a while as the book will be released soon and it will be available on Amazon as well as on Kindle Store.

If you want to know more about the other authors and if you are a fan of reading, keep reading other articles and we will keep you updated regarding the movies that show your favorite celebrities and authors. If you are reading any of the books, do let us know what you think about the box and do you think that there should be another part of 365 days andWhat the author of the book should be writing more about it! And we will keep you updated about the upcoming books and your favorite authors.


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