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Net Worth

Brian Holland Net Worth Is Shocking!

Brian Holland Net Worth
Brian Holland Net Worth

Brian Holland came into existence on 15th February 1941 in Detroit, Michigan United States. He is a producer, songwriter, and singer. His music genre belongs to Rhythm and blues, Funk, and Soul music. Brian Holland had collaborated with Robert Bateman and their collaboration was known as the ‘Brianbert’.Together Brian Holland and Robert Bateman made great hits of the time like ‘Please Mr.Postman’ for The Marvelettes. He with a childhood friend Freddie Gorman was a part of a group named Fidalatones that was not known for a very long period and dissolved real quick. Brian Holland released a solo single in the year 1958. He went by the name Briant Holland in that single.

Brian Holland was part of the Motown act named The Satingtones. When he released another single in the year 1963 for Motown, he went by the name Holland-Dozier and collaborated with Lamont Dozier. The First Wives Club musical had many songs that has been composed by Brian Holland

Brian Holland Net Worth

Brian Holland Net Worth
Brian Holland Net Worth

Brian Holland has had a few rough patches in his life, but he always made sure that he got what he wanted and was capable enough to take care of his family and loved ones. He and the team ‘Edythe Wayne’ made some great recognizable music that was the pride of the music industry back in the 1960s.

Brian’s net worth is to be estimated to be around $6.5 Million. The statistics were last updated in the year 2012. He made a decent amount of money from his music area of interest. He was affluent. However, he was not very lucky in his love life as both his marriages ended up on a tragic note

Brian Holland Early Life

Brian Holland started his career at a slow pace. He started as a vocalist. Later, with his brother and Lamont Dozier, he made a team and they started to take over the market of the music industry. They produced and composed some of the great music when it was needed the most in the Motown. It is said that the three of them were each other’s support system, with which they used to climb any hurdle of hardship that came their way.

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Brian Holland Personal Life

Brian Holland was married to a woman named Deidre Holland. Deidre Holland was found to be dead in Los Vegas, Nevada. It has been reported that the cause of her death was her illness which she was suffering for a very long time. Brian Holland had four children named Brian Jr.Holland and Brandon Holland with his second wife the names of the children with his first wife are unknown. This was his second marriage, his first marriage was in the year 1959. He married the love of his life whom he loved since his childhood, her name was Sharon Pierce. Later Sharon was found ill. It was said that it was a bipolar disorder that made things worse for her with constant migraines and mood swings. After a few years of agony, she decided to end it once and for all herself and committed suicide. After which Brian Holland even wrote a song craving for her presence in his life. The name of the song is Baby I Need Your/Got To Have All Your Loving.

Brian Holland Career

Brian Holland Net Worth
Brian Holland Team

Brian Holland’s journey has been somewhat like a rollercoaster ride. There have been several ups and downs, but he always made his way through the hardships and get back on his feet again. Brian Holland had collaborations with Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland back in the 1960s. Their team did not only write songs but they also were a production team. They worked in the favor of Motown so that people knew the sound of Motown. They were the producers and the lyricist of the songs that were composed. Some of their recognizable music is the Four Tops and the Supremes also singles like Baby Love and Stop! In the Name of Love. There was one more single that made its way to the hearts of the crowd back then, the name of the single was You Keep Me Hangin’ On.

There were legal disputes in Motown in the year 1969 to 1972. This was the major reason that their team had to camouflage themselves and release their music under different identities and names. They preferred a pseudonym collectively for the entire team name ‘Edythe Wayne’. Later the entire group related from Motown and continued to work together as a team, Eddie was given a position as a producer by then as he was only considered a songwriter. The team together came up with several hits and was recognized, they have invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame in the year 1990 and year 1988, respectively.

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