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Burn The Witch Season 2 Release Date: Announced?

Burn The Witch Season 2 Release Date
Burn The Witch Season 2 Release Date

This is the Manga series written by Tite Kubo, Burn The Watch was released in the year 2016 on the month of July on 16th with solely one shot. This was the edition of Shonen Jump which was later followed by the 4 chapter serialization. Burn The Watch was liked by millions of fans and very soon season 2 is going to release. This series basically follows the adventure of Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole. These are the two witches who are working in Reverse London for Wing Bird. The Reverse London is the western branch of Soul Society which is densely populated by dragons and it was kept secret and unknown to the people of Human World’s London. Adapted into the animated film, the first 4 chapters were released and telecasted on October 2, 2020. The chapters were released in the Japanese theatres and it was eventually released in public demand. Since the last chapter of Bleach, this is the first work of Tite Kubo which was released and was published in Shonen Jump in the year 2016, in the month of August. After Quincy Blood War, this series took place in the previous week and 2 years after the events of chapter 686. A month later, the limited serialization as Noel and Ninny carried out their duties by dealing with various dragons and they also need to deal with many various issues surrounding them while Balgo Parks is eventually targeted for the elimination due to his new Dragon attracting disposition. 

Burn The Witch Season 2 Release Date

Burn The Witch Season 2 Release Date
Burn The Witch

In the year 2020, in October, Burn The Witch was released. The one-hour film was split into three different parts by Crunchy roll. To accompany the broadcasting of the film, a four-chaptered miniseries was released. The second season of the volume was teased by the Weekly Shonen Jump. Millions of fans were eagerly waiting for the news on this series. Later, the busy schedule of Tite Kubo due to the return of the Bleach, the further updates on the series were not given. According to the creator of Burn The Witches, the next season will surely come in the year 2022. Around Spring 2022, people can expect the declaration of the next season. According to this, we can predict that production for the season will soon be starting. As there are no materials for the source, there could also be a delay in the sequel. The sequel will be a film or a television series that is not yet confirmed by the makers of this series. Also, it is not yet confirmed if it will have chapters or episodes. Before some days, there was a mail to a fan club by the author and he promises that season 2 of Burn The Watch will surely release but it can be delayed too.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Burn The Witch Season 1 Release Date16 July 2016
Burn The Witch Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Burn The Witch Season 2 Release Date

Burn The Witch Season 2 Story

This is a fantasy action series. The same author of the Bleach series, Tite Kubo worked on the new project named Burn The Witch. In the same universe as Bleach, now a whole new world also exists. Millions of fans are asking for more seasons as season 1 was very short and was not satisfactory. In season 2, all the puzzling questions of the previous season will be cleared. The fate of Ninny and Noel will be decided in Season 2. Also, the Dragon-clad powers of Balgo will be revealed in Season 2. More of the top of Horns and their motives and plans will also be explained in season 2.


Burn The Witch Season 2 Characters

Burn The Witch Season 2 Release Date
Burn The Witch

There is Ninny Spangcole, whose voice is by Asami Tano. Also, there is one girl named Noel Niihashi who is an Allegra clerk and her voice is by Yuina Yamada. There is also Macy Baljure, who is Brianna Knickerbocker and the voice is Saori Havami.

Burn The Witch Season 2 Trailer

The autumn anime schedule has amazingly started with Burn The Witch officially. Only on the streaming platform, have all the three episodes of the series are been broadcasted. According to the reports, there has been no official trailer of Burn The Witch Season 2 but it is announced that it will positively be released within this year by the makers and producers.

Where to Watch Burn the Witch Season 2?

This series can be seen only on Crunchy roll in North America and it will eventually be streamed by Crunchyroll on the day it is released in Japan.


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