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Chris Jericho Wife, Kids And Everything We Know

Chris Jericho Wife
Chris Jericho Wife

The famous Chris Jericho, whose full name is Christopher Keith Irvine, was born on November 9, 1970. Christopher Keith Irvin is a professional wrestler and singer. He is the leader of “The Inner Circle stable.” He is highly remarkable for his ‘over-the-top rock’ star persona. He also has been called by journalists and co-workers as ‘one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.’ 

Jericho performed for American companies “Extreme Championship Wrestling” (ECW) and “World Championship Wrestling” (WCW), as well as for promotions in countries such as Canada, and Japan, during the 1990s. He made his first appearance in the “World Wrestling Federation” (WWF) in the last days of 1999. 

Chris Jericho Early Life

Chris Jericho Wife

Keith Irvine’s birthplace is Manhasset, New York. He was born on November 9, 1970, to a Canadian couple. “Ted Irvine,” father of Chris, an ice hockey player, used to play for the “New York Rangers.” When Keith’s father retired, the family moved back to “Winnipeg, Manitoba,” where Chris grew up. He holds dual citizenship in America and Canada. Chris’s interest in professional wrestling started when he began watching the local “American Wrestling Association” (AWA) events that happened at the “Winnipeg Arena,” and his desire to become a professional wrestler himself began when he saw footage of “Owen Hart.”

His inspirations were Steamboat and Shawn Michaels. When he acted as part of the ring crew for the first round of the recently inaugurated Keystone Wrestling Alliance promotion was his first experience with a professional wrestling promotion. There he learned essential tips from independent wrestlers “Catfish Charlie” and “Caveman Broda.”

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Chris Jericho Singing Career

Christopher is the leading singer for the “heavy metal” band Fozzy. “Fozzy,” “Happenstance,” “All That Remains,” “Chasing the Grail,” “Sin, and Bones,” “Do You Wanna Start a War,” “Judas,” and one live record, “Remains Alive,” are seven of the albums Fozzy released since their first album in 2000.

Christopher Irvin performed vocals on a cover of “The Evil That Men Do” on “Numbers from the Beast,” the Iron Maiden tribute album, in 2005. He did a guest arrival on “Dream Theater’s” album, “Systematic Chaos” on the song “Repentance,” as one of many artistic fellows recorded confessing to people in their lives for wrongdoings in the past.

Jericho wrote a monthly column in the mid-1990s for Metal Edge magazine focused on the big metal scene. For about a year, the column lasted. In March 2005, he started his own weekly “XM Satellite Radio” show called ‘The Rock of Jericho,’ which aired Sunday nights on ‘XM 41 The Boneyard.’

Chris Jericho Wife

Chris Jericho Wife

On July 30, 2000, Christopher and Jessica Lockhart got married. The pair stays in Odessa, Florida. Ash Edward Irvine, a son, and identical twin girls “Sierra Loretta” (SiSi) Irvine and “Cheyenne Lee” (Chey) Irvine are their three kids. All three kids have been guests on his podcast, “Talk Is Jericho,” with his daughters talking about ‘literature,’ and his son discussing fish.

Chris Jericho is a Christian. On the back of his hand, he has the letter F representing “Fozzy.” He also has a tattoo of his wife’s name. Since 2012, he has gradually gotten a cover over his left arm. His ink includes ‘the artwork of Fozzy’s album.’ 

Chris is a fan of the Japanese convenience store chain ”Lawson,” where he often shopped whenever he wrestled in Japan in the 1990s. He still visits Lawson whenever he is in Japan, whether to wrestle or travel there with Fozzy.

Chris Jericho Wrestling Career

Chris Jericho Wife

When Chris was 19 years old, he enrolled in the “Hart Brothers School” of Wrestling. On his first day, he met ‘Lance Storm.’ Chris’s trainer was ‘Ed Langley,’ and local Calgary wrestler ‘Brad Young.’

After completing training, he was ready to begin wrestling on autonomous shows, making his debut at the Moose Hall in Ponoka, Alberta as “Cowboy” Chris Jericho.

Jericho and Storm started traveling in Japan, in 1991, for “Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling” as Sudden Impact, where he met “Ricky Fuji,” who also trained under “Stu Hart.”

Chris is a six-time world champion in WWE. In all six of those, he rules the “Big Gold Belt.” And was used as the “championship belt” or part of it in the case of his Undisputed title reign.

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