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Net Worth

CJ So Cool Net Worth is Shocking!

CJ So Cool Net Worth
CJ So Cool Net Worth

Known online as CJ So Cool, Cordero James Brady was born on 29 March 1989, is an American YouTuber who uploaded reactions to popular viral videos to keep him from laughing and caressing the videos. Sometimes with his brother Jinx and the royal family of girlfriends. In February, CJ claimed that his channel had been hacked and said he would focus on sketches and vlog videos in his reply video. He also hinted at making a future reaction video. In 2015, CJ was badly criticized by his fellow YouTube users for stealing the video he was reacting to. However, he received far less criticism than his brother Jinx. The only exception is Leafy Is Here, where critics (YouTube’s worst channel) have almost completely focused on CJ, with little criticism of Jinx. On May 18, 2016, CJ SO COOL went to a local drugstore, bought toilet paper, put it in children’s food (ice cream), took a painful shoot, and then laughed. Has been uploaded. Eating them had a hard time using the toilet. It has collected criticisms from Scarce, Drama Alert, Pyrocinical, and Blastphamous HDTV for child abuse and addiction.


CJ So Cool Net Worth

CJ So Cool Net Wort
CJ So Cool

As of 2021, CJ cool has more than 8.8 million subscribers, and his YouTube channel is growing by 2,000 every day. The man has won over 2.3 billion views through his videos. His channel averages 600,000 views per day and also helps generate an estimated $ 4,800 per day ($ 1.7 million per year) from ads in videos. According to standard YouTube payments, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other states will receive $ 2 to $ 12 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube cuts. Here, payments are made based on the total play time of the video. The longer the viewer watches the video, the more money they can make. CJ earns additional revenue from sponsored videos thanks to transactions with various companies that are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to promote their products. He has worked with companies like Seat Geek. He also regularly streams on Twitch, which has over 100,000 followers. There he earns through donations, monthly paying subscribers, and advertising revenue.

CJ So Cool Career

CJ So Cool began his career playing blackjack and worked as a casino craps and poker dealer early in his life. However, since joining the YouTube community in 2014, he hasn’t looked back and has created many reactions and joke videos, trying not to laugh. He gained a lot of popularity for his amazing funny videos, and so he even got a lot of criticism for creating totally uninteresting content in a way that works. In 2015, he shot a video of laxatives in children’s food and continued to shoot even when the child painfully went to the bathroom. He was also criticized for this inhumane behavior by the most famous YouTubers such as Scarce, Drama Alert, BlastphamousHD TV, and Pyrocynical. His YouTube account was hacked in 2020 and the hacker deleted his 1033 videos. However, YouTube was able to restore 700 videos and upload them again within a week. Even though he faces a lot of criticism, his fans also support him and are growing very much. His YouTube subscriber count is growing exponentially. He is currently making a video about his family. In addition to making YouTube videos, he also sings songs such as “So Cool Anthem,” “Bag Chasing,” “Memories,” “For Clout,” and “Love Us Now”.

CJ So Cool Personal Life

CJ So Cool Net Worth
CJ So Cool

He was born in Gary, Indiana. He previously worked as a casino craps, blackjack, and poker dealer. He is also a veteran of the US Navy. His girlfriend Charlene Young (Royalty) has three children from another man. CJ So Cool married his long-time girlfriend Royalty. The couple welcomed their twin daughters, Cordero Jr. and Cordayah, in 2020. CJ has a daughter named Camari because of her previous relationship. He is also the stepfather of Karnation, Leonidas, J’ Aaliyah, and the children of the royal family from their previous relationships.

CJ So Cool Early Life

He looks like the famous rapper Nelly. CJ even sees Nelly as an inspiration and role model. The height of the CJS Cool is 5 feet 11 inches. His weight is 70 kg. His eye color is black, his hair color is black, and his shoe size is US9. He was with the royal family for a long time. They later married three children. They seem to have a happy marriage.


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