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Counterpart Season 3: When To Expect The Next Season Of Counterpart?

Counterpart Season 3 Release Date
Counterpart Season 3 Release Date

Hello to all the science-fiction lovers out there. Today we will talk about a series that has won the hearts of many. Counterpart has been created by Justin Marks and the series aired first in December 2017. This sci-fi series has been a big hit among fans and critics and even received some pretty good reviews.

However, there has been some recent confusion regarding the release of the third season of the series. Season two of the series ended in February 2019. It has been four years after the series finale and fans are eager for the third season now. So when is the third season coming? Has the show been canceled? Read on to know more about Counterpart season three.

Counterpart Season 3 Release Date

Counterpart Season 3 Release Date

There has been quite a lot of controversy regarding the release date of season three of Counterpart. So what is the fate of the series? We are here to discuss just that in this article.

Counterpart did receive good positive reviews from fans and critics and it was well received among viewers. After the ending of the second season in February 2019, fans are eager to know about the release date of the third season. However, there seems to be some bad news for the fans.

In a public announcement, creator and executive producer Justin Mark has said that Counterpart season 3 has been canceled. The series will not be renewed for a new season after this. Starz television network has canceled the series and does not wish to air it anymore on their network. However, the producers of the show are also looking into other television networks to air further seasons of Counterpart. So there is still hope on the fans’ part for a new season to be happening.

The reason cited by Starz network was the storyline of the series. The plot is centered towards a male audience and officials at Starz think that it would hamper viewership. So they wanted to look into a new gender-inclusive or rather female-oriented storyline. However, these views did not match and this is the reason that Starz canceled the show.

Even though, for now, there is no release date available and the show remain canceled, there is still some hope that a new season of the series will be available in the future. It all depends on whether a new network partner is available for airing the series. So keep your fingers crossed and fans may be treated to a new season of Counterpart soon.

Name of the ShowCounterpart
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreSci-Fi, Thriller
Counterpart Season 1 Release Date10 December 2017
Counterpart Season 3 Release DateCanceled
Counterpart Season 3 Overview


Counterpart Season 3 Story

Unfortunately, Counterpart has been canceled. This also means that season three of the series is not released anytime soon in the near future. This further means that a storyline for season three of Counterpart is not available officially yet. We can take a look back at all the previous seasons of Counterpart and their storylines and make an assumption about the storyline of season 3 if it ever happens.

Counterpart is an American science fiction thriller series. So you can expect a lot of futuristic stuff from this series. The story of Counterpart revolves around Howard Silk. He works in a clerical position in the Office of Interchange (OI) of the United Nations agency. His daily work includes him exchanging very weird and nonsensical messages. However, Silk does not pay much attention to this as he is paid the bare minimum. But there is a greater purpose of the agency and the messages that are taken by Silk.

The agency guards the gateway between two parallel worlds-the Prime earth and the Alpha earth. As the name of the series suggests, the counterpart of everything exists in these two worlds. Similarly, the Prime world Howard Silk is an expert intelligence officer.

So how did the two worlds come into being? The parallel worlds were created accidentally in an experiment by East Germany. The sole scientist responsible for this is Yanek. After this discovery, the Prime world and Alpha world Yanek met each other and they started investigating the divergence of their worlds.

The differences between the two worlds became very prominent after 1996 when a flu pandemic ravaged the Prime world. This set back the technological advances gained by the Prime world. After recovering from this devastating pandemic, Prime world is still trying to get back on its feet while Alpha world has advanced rapidly. Thus many from the Prime world suspect that the flu was deliberately spread by the Alpha world. The exciting storyline of the series proceeds as the two counterparts of Howard Silk collide and a lot more mysteries and secrets are revealed.

The situation escalates as a secret agent in the Prime world progresses to execute their long-standing plans of carrying out a revenge plan on the Alpha world. To prevent this from happening, Silk and his companions must find a way to close the link between the two worlds. Are they able to succeed? To know that you have to watch Counterpart. Counterpart is a series unfolding in a fictional world. So it is a treat for sci-fi fans. The storyline is full of twists and turns and several unique and mysterious characters. It is a perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and action.

The storyline of the third season has not been released yet. And it is very difficult to predict what the storyline will be. There is still some hope that season three will be released in the future. But we are not very sure about it. So for now, you can check out the previous seasons of the series online. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that a third season will be released soon.


Counterpart Season 3 Cast

Counterpart Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of Counterpart is not happening anytime soon. That is because the series has been canceled by the television network. However, there are slim chances of it happening in the future. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the cast of Counterpart as it is expected that these members of the cast would return for the third part too.

The protagonist of the series is played by J. K. Simmons. Simmons portrays Howard Silk, who is employed in a very lowly post at the Office of Interchange in the Alpha world. He also portrays the counterpart character of Silk in the Prime World as an accomplished intelligence operative. Next comes Olivia Williams as Emily Burton-Silk, Alpha Howard’s wife and Prime Howard’s ex-wife. Both characters are employees of OI Housekeeping. Harry Lloyd as Peter Quayle is a treat to the audience. Peter is the OI Director of Strategy in the Alpha world.

Other members of the cast include Nazanin Boniadi as Clare, Peter Quayle’s wife; Mido Hamada as Cyrus, Sara Serraiocco as Nadia Fierro/Baldwin, Ulrich Thomsen as Josef Aldrich, and Nicholas Pinnock as Ian Shaw, an OI Housekeeping operative in the Prime world. Betty Gabriel plays the role of Naya Temple. She used to be an FBI agent but was later hired by the Alpha world OI. Finally comes James Cromwell as Yanek. He is the sole person in charge of an underground facility called the Echo. He is also responsible for the creation of the Prime and Alpha worlds and maintains the connection between the two.

These are some of the main characters of Counterpart. Other members of the cast include Ken Duken as Spencer, Kenneth Choi as Bob Dwyer, Guy Burnet as Claude Lambert, Stephen Rea as Alexander Pope, Bernhard Forcher as Andrei, Sarah Bolger as Anna Burton-Silk, Bjorn Johnson as Heinrich, Lotte Verbeek as Helen Mueller, Karim Saleh as Marcel, Richard Schiff as Roland Fancher, Nolan Gerard Funk as Angel Eyes, Liv Lisa Fries as Greta, Jacqueline Bisset as Charlotte Burton, Christiane Paul as Mira, Stefan Kapičić as Lieber, Jacqueline Antaramian as Ava Fancher, Ingo Rademacher as Friedrich and last but not the least, Marco Khan as Raash.

Counterpart Season 3 Trailer

For now, the show has been canceled. So season 3 of Counterpart is not happening anytime soon. As a result, a trailer is also not available for now. If a new season of Counterpart is announced in the future, viewers can then expect a trailer too. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailers of the previous seasons on YouTube. The trailer of Counterpart provides an exciting insight into the series and it is as interesting as the series is. It is sure to get you all hyped up for the series.

Where To Watch Counterpart Season 3 Online?

Counterpart Season 3 Release Date

The second season of Counterpart aired in February 2019. Sadly after that, the show has been canceled and that has left fans very disappointed. The series aired on Starz television network for the first two seasons. Since the series has been canceled, season three will not be airing anytime soon. Season one of Counterpart is also available online on Amazon Prime Video. So you can check out the previous seasons online on these sites.


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