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Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Release Date: What’s New?

Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Release Date
Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Release Date

A three-part anime OVA, Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man was first screened on 17th October 2015. This series inspired a manga adaptation and also a prequel novel. This series gained fans and millions of viewers in the first season only. The original Cyborg crew led by Dr. Gilmore found themselves in conflict after discovering the existence of the demons in Tokyo. There is a strong demon who is believed to be in a league with the war terrorist organization.

Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Release Date

Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Release Date
Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man

There are no serious announcements from the creators of Devilman Cyborg regarding this second season and its release. The anime was once entirely based on manga, but the plot was discontinued in the first season. We hope that Devilman cyborg second season will be blown away, but the anime has a big audience. If the creators tend to create additional stories, there is no doubt that they will be tailored for Season 2. The cartoon titled Devilman had a rather unique plot.

However, while the adaptation is complete, many improvements will be made, the story will be much more diverse, and there is a risk that it will continue in the future. The first full trailer of the anime was released on August 25, 2015. Initially, it was announced that the anime would be shown in eight theatres for two weeks. However, the number of theatres was later expanded to 10. Debuted on October 17, 2015. A complete set of three 30-minute episodes was released on Blu-ray on November 11, 2015. The individual episodes were released individually on DVD on November 11, 2015, December 9, 2015, and January 6, 2016.

Name of the ShowCyborg 009 vs Devil Man
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreFantasy, Sci-Fi
Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 1 Release Date17 October 2015
Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Overview


Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Story

The devil can take over people’s bodies and use them as hosts to accumulate real physical beings. Suppose the possessed person has enough willpower to overcome the devil’s grasp. In this case, humans can own their electricity and eventually become the devil. The main character of the show, Akira Fudou, is a defenseless boy who never stands up. When his childhood friend Tatsuo Asuka asks for help in searching for a demon, he unanimously accepts it. 

Arriving on the Sabbath, Akira is amazed at the amount of bloodshed of the immoral party. But as soon as the demons unleash themselves on all party participants and begin to transform their normal human bodies into a terrifying demon beings, the entire region turns into a living hell. Meanwhile, Akira buys his companion and tries to join a demon named Amon. After winning Devilman, he is very resilient and can destroy other demons there. But even after becoming very strong, a massive bout of his bleeding heart is still waiting for him, giving him the tag of Devilman with a Cyborg soul. Akira, who is in conflict with the attitude of the character, decides to make effective use of her new skills by protecting the world from the forces of darkness.

Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Characters

Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Release Date
Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man

There are many characters in this series. From them some of them are Miki “Miko” Kuroda, Xenon, Hie, Silene, Ryo Asuka, Akiko Makimura, Jinmen.

Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Trailer

So far, there is no trailer for the second season of this series.

Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 1 Recap

A former cyborg crew led by the doctor after discovering the existence of the devil in Tokyo. Gilmore confronts Devilman, a powerful demon believed to be allied with the Black Ghost wartime gain terrorist organization. Meanwhile, Adams, whose doctor is a black ghost scientist, unleashes a line of his new ultra-young cyborg models against 009 and his friends.

Cyborg 009 VS Devilman is a crossover anime released separately as a new work of Cyborg 009 (March 2015) and Devilman (April 2015). The two later became clear to be a single piece. After being screened at the theater for two weeks from October 17, 2015, it was released as an OVA. Ishimori Productions co-sponsored as part of the 50th anniversary of Cyborg 009 Manga.

Where to Watch Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man Season 2 Online?

Enjoy this wonderful series only on Netflix.


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