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umbrella academy’s david castañeda wife and Net worth

David Castañeda Wife
David Castañeda Wife

David Castañeda is an actor who belongs from America, born on October 24, 1989. In 2019, David started depicting Diego Hargreeves in Netflix’s show called The Umbrella Academy.

David Castañeda Early life

David Castañeda’s birthplace is in Los Angeles but he actually grew up in Sinaloa, Mexico. He came back to the United States where he went to attend William Workman high school at the age of fourteen. David Castañeda originally used to study in the stream of civil engineering in college, so that he can take over his family business behind he completes his educational qualifications. Regardless, he grew an interest in film making and film direction and changed his major to film production and international business at California State University, Fullerton in the year 2007. David Castañeda later shifted into the world of acting and started giving auditions for movie parts. He used to study part-time whilst chasing an acting profession. He eventually graduated in 2015.

David Castañeda Career

David Castañeda
David Castañeda

David Castañeda has been entangled in the acting realm since the age of seventeen. But he only began to take acting more extremely seriously after he helped for a part when a director asked for performers to partake in his movie during a conference during his university times. He recreated various nominal roles in several shows, like End of Watch, and he acted as well as the main role in a short film named Maddoggin’, which bested the audience award at the NBC Universal Short Cut Film Festival. In the year 2013, he dismounted a character, recreating Jorge on ABC Family’s TV show called Switched at Birth. At the end of 2016, he was called for the role of Hector in the movie, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, which was published in 2018.
In 2017, he was chosen, which now is his most famous work yet, playing Diego Hargreeves / Number 2 in The Umbrella Academy, which was streamed on Netflix in February 2019.


David Castañeda Television

In 2009, David Castañeda has worked in “Lie to Me” as a Boyfriend, in the first episode. He has also worked in the TV series Southland, performing as a Tough Kid in the initial episode. In 2012 and 2016, he has performed a character called Carlos but in two different TV series’ initial episodes. In 2017, he played the role of Mandy Mandujano in the series, The Legend of Master Legend in the episode, TV pilot. From 2019 until the present, he has been working in The Umbrella Academy, as the character of Diego Hargreeves, the main lead role.

David Castañeda Wife and Relationship

 David Castañeda with Ritu Arya
David Castañeda with Ritu Arya

On the basis of the photos of David Castañeda and Arya with their parents and different contacts with each other, individually on social media, the fan crew of The Umbrella Academy is optimistic that someday shortly, these two will come forward and announce themselves as a couple, officially! Neither of them, Arya and Castañeda have officially verified their relationship situation.

Fans and followers of “The Umbrella Academy” have begun to feel David Castañeda and Ritu Arya are seeing each other in real life.
The two orbited in the year 2020 together, accompanied by pals and family, according to David Castañeda’s fan page.
When a photo doesn’t prove the duo is a couple, then how they two have been talking to and regarding each other since part 2 was released, it persists to make fans consider they’re connected.
In an interview with Vulture, on August 10, Arya spoke about the fun she had working with David Castañeda. Arya stated that David brings so much to the table when he is working and especially when the duo is working together.
To perfectly deliver their characters, Arya clarified how she and David Castañeda used to spend time together, getting to learn one another. They also used to spend time, not for the work character but also just to sort of becoming friends before standing on stage together. Arya also said that the two also used to play games together and it was special to her.

David Castañeda Net worth

David Castañeda’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, which according to INR is 37,85,92,75,000.00, to be precise. David Castañeda has built his life with his utter hard work and passion.


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