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Net Worth

Excision Net Worth, Biography, and More!

Excision Net Worth
Excision Net Worth

Are you excited to get another update from us? I am sure you are looking forward to it then.

I will just directly get straight to the point without further battering and share with you the details of the celebrity. 

Today’s celebrity gossip includes DJ On The Rocks! Excision is a DJ as well as a Canadian producer, who is indeed quite popular. 

Aside from being a DJ, he even performs as well.

Before I further move on with the details of the personal life of the celebrity. Let’s have a look at his net worth first. 

Are you ready? Well, tap your feet and shake some to match the tune, and let’s welcome DJ Excision. 

Excision Net Worth

Excision is also known as of Jeff Abel. Born in Canada, Kelowna, British Columbia. 

The DJ’s worth is in millions which are quite obvious. 

Now that we know that he is a DJ, a singer, and a producer, we must be aware that his income has to be in dollars. Then let’s see.

The humongous amount he makes in a year is $74.28 thousand a year.

So, you can very well understand that the person who makes so much of an amount of the net worth of this celebrity must be magnanimous.

Well, then, let me tell you the actual value of his net worth is unknown. But his estimated net worth as of yet is $5 to $7 million.

Rumors have it that it may increase any day. And why won’t it? His videos on YouTube cross the gross value of a few hundred thousand as he releases his upcoming songs. 

With more than 114 million views on his channel videos, he makes $345,000 in revenue. This is the estimated amount. 

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Excision Early Life

Excision Net Worth

Born on 29 April 1986, the Canadian star is now 36 years old. The disc jockey is the founder of Rottun Recordings and Subsidia Records.

His career started right in 2006 when he first released his recording. 

He has a music group that he formed in 2012, which goes by the name, Destroid.

He is one of those stars who has the most viewers on YouTube. Fans wait for his new arrivals, and the moment he releases his new songs, they reach a hit, with the audience liking them and viewing them from the very moment.

If you are a fan, you must have heard his music. But if you don’t know him, I suggest you log in to Spotify, YouTube Music, YouTube, and Apple Music; to hear his songs. 

The dark brown-eyed DJ is very handsome, not to forget. So other than the music, if you want to see his pictures as well, then I would recommend you to visit his Instagram handle. You will find him posting and sharing on Gram often.

He started airing music right in 2004. And in 2011, he released his debut studio album, X Rated.

Excision Career

In 2016 he introduced a new system with the help of which he started touring and making music, and he started calling it The Paradox

Excision‘s third studio album with the name of Virus was also published in the same year in October. 

And in 2015, he introduced his new label. 

He started releasing his singles right in 2008, and he released a lot many of them till 2018. So, for ten years, he released his singles. Which I would definitely opt for you to listen to. 

Excision Personal Life

Excision Net Worth

Not much of his dating life is known. It looks like he prefers to maintain his privacy. 

Even the history of his exes or if he dated anyone before is very cloudy.

All we know for now is that he is dating Emma Livorno. They are an official couple and have not tied the bond of marriage yet. 

You can follow her girlfriend on Instagram for more photos and updates on the couple.

That’s for now; enjoy the rocking music while we get back to you with more updates and gossip.

Keep following us for more!

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