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Release Dates

Heropanti 3 Release Date, Cast, and Story

Heropanti 3 Release Date
Heropanti 3 Release Date

Heropanti is a romantic action Indian film in the Hindi language which was released in the year 2014. The film is directed by Sabbir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. The film stars Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles and it makes it their debut performance in the Bollywood film industry. The script for the movie is written by Sanjeev Dutta and is based on a story titled Parugu by Bhaskar. The cinematography is done by Hari Vedantam and edited by Naman Gurjar.

Heropanti 3 Release Date

Part one of Heropanti was released on 23 May in the year 2014. The sequel to Heropanti, which is titled Heropanti 2 was released on 29 April in the year 2022. Both movies received mostly negative reviews, with criticism for the story, narration, and pace of the film. The movies received positive reviews for the action sequences and the performances of the cast. The release date for the third part of Heropanti has not been announced since the movie has not been officially renewed for part three.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Heropanti Release Date23 May 2014
Heropanti 2 Release Date29 April 2022
Heropanti 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Heropanti 3 Release Date


Heropanti Story

Heropanti 3 Release Date

Suraj Singh Chaudhary is an extremely strict and orthodox patriarch figure of the Jat family, which hails from Haryana. He is a well-liked and respected leader in his village. When Chaudhary’s older daughter Renu, elopes with her boyfriend, Rakesh, on the night that she is supposed to marry someone else, Chaudhary decides to find them at all costs. He orders his brothers and henchmen to gather Rakesh’s friends and hold them captive till they reveal where the couple has eloped to. The friends say that don’t have any information but are not believed. One of Rakesh’s friends is Bablu, who tells the other friends that he is in love with a girl who lives in that town but does not know her name and only has a dropped earring of hers. The friends manage to escape and as they are running, Bablu spots the girl and stops to look at her, which results in their capture. Chaudhary’s younger daughter named Dimpy, finds her sisters love letters and tries to get rid of them but they end up in the hands of Bablu, who uses the letters as leverage and gets Dimpy to help him find the mystery girl he loves and in exchange he will tell Dimpy about Renu’s location. One night, Bablu escapes from Chaudhary’s captivity and enters Dimpy’s house during a blackout where Dimpy finds him in a drunken state. Bablu gives the earring to her saying that it belongs to the girl he loves and she realizes that the earring is her own and the girl Bablu is in love with is Dimpy herself, but she does not reveal anything to him. Meanwhile, Chaudhary’s men almost find Rakesh and Renu, who escape on a bus with the help of Bablu. Dimpy comes to know that Bablu has helped her sister escape and is forced to reveal this to her uncle who asks about their whereabouts. Bablu also realizes that the mystery girl he loves is Dimpy. He is also forced to reveal Renu’s whereabouts when the uncle threatens to kill Bablu’s friends. Bablu, his friends, Dimpy and Chaudhary go to Delhi to find Renu, wherein Dimpy is kidnapped by some goons. Bablu manages to locate them and beats up the goons thereby earning Chaudhary’s trust.

The next day, Chaudhary and his men spot the couple and begin chasing after them and eventually catch up to them. The couple is about to be killed when Renu reveals that she is pregnant. Chaudhary decides to spare them but denounces Renu.  The group returns home wherein Chaudhary arranges for Dimpy to get married to Rajjo. Bablu and his friends arrive at the wedding and a frightened Chaudhary keeps an eye on Bablu fearing that Dimpy will elope with him. Bablu talks to him and says that he knows how Chaudhary felt when Renu ran away and that he wouldn’t do the same with Dimpy. When Bablu is about to leave, Rajjo arrives and beats him and a fight ensues between the two, wherein Bablu is victorious. Chaudhary realizes that Dimpy will be happy only with Bablu and lets them reunite. In the end, Chaudhary and the Jat community permit inter caste and love marriages and eventually welcome back Renu to the family.

Heropanti 3 Cast and Characters


The character of Bablu is portrayed by Tiger Shroff. Dimpy is played by Kriti Sanon, and Suraj Singh Chaudhary is portrayed by Prakash Raj. The character of Renu is portrayed by Sandeepa Dhar and the character of Rakesh is portrayed by Dev Sharma.

Heropanti 3 Trailer

The trailer for part 3 of Heropanti has not been released since the movie has not been renewed for the third season.

Where to Watch Heropanti?

Heropanti can be viewed online on Amazon Prime.


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