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Hoseki No Kuni Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Hoseki No Kuni Season 2 Release Date

Hoseki No Kuni is an anime series developed by its own manga. Manga series help the anime in their own way. Due to the existence of the manga, there is a script that has already been written. The audience is very interested in seeing how a manga can be into an anime that is both good and according to the story. 

Anime brings hope that a manga can be written and also can attract a new audience. With the existence of an older audience, creating an entire series with a similar point of view. Hoseki No Kuni has another name. In English, it’s called the Land Of The Lustrous. This manga is written by Haroku Ichikawa. The talent of this author is numerous. He didn’t just write the manga but he also illustrated it himself. The manga- Hoseki No Kuni is a Japanese manga. It is produced by orange Animations. 

The manga received a great number of reviews. Due to its popularity and audience, the makers decided to turn it into an anime. With this, a lot of fans started talking. Many were excited to see how their favorite manga can be converted into an anime. While others were worried that the anime might ruin the originality of the show. Toshiya Ono is one of the marvelous directors of this show. Takahiko Kyogoku is another director who made one of these great animes. 

The first season premiered in 2-17. The anime rights were bought off by another company. The right was taken over by Animax Asia. This allowed them to release it in America. The show is epic according to the audience. Not only does it have good visuals, but it is also in 3D! This made it ten times more attractive and the quality of the series got better.

Hoseki No Kuni Season 2 Release Date

Hoseki No Kuni Season 2 Release Date

For any manga to be released or renewed as a season 2, the response to season 1 has to be great. Even after that, there has to be a great story that will make the audience watch it. If all the material in the manga has been used up for season 1, the makers are most likely to not make another season. If there are a lot of volumes left and the reach is good, the makers will think of another season.

In the case of Land of the lustrous, the content in the manga has almost ended. There’s not a good plotline or story left for the show to continue to be another season. With such great expectations set by season 1, the makers do not want the second one to be the one that doesn’t reach the expectations. There is enough content but the makers do not think it is enough or worthy to be created into another season.

But if any of them change their mind, Hoseki No Kuni may be renewed for another season due to the response it got in season one. The sales of the manga went crazy after the release of the anime. It almost doubled giving greater hopes for season 2. So, without losing hope, we could wait for a while to see if the makers will ever come up with another season by any chance.

Name Of The ShowHoseki No Kuni
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAction, Fantasy
Hoseki No Kuni Season 1 Release Date7 October 2017
Hoseki No Kuni Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Hoseki No Kuni Season 1 Recap

The story is about these organisms called Gems and Lunarians. The two are set in the future where the gems are in power. The Lunarians are supposed to fight these Gems to gain power. The story gets funny when you learn the motive of these Lunarians. They want to destroy the Gems just to use them as decorations! Yeah, that was unexpected.

The two main gems of the story are Phosphophyllite and Cinnabar. Phos is a little young gem who is weak. She is assigned to make sure an encyclopedia is compiled. While trying to finish this work with all her might, Phosphophyllite meets Cinnabar. Cinnabar is a very smart gem. He is assigned another similar work. He’s asked to guard an island for a night. The story of how these two get together in finding another job that they both enjoy is what it is all about.


Hoseki No Kuni

Hoseki No Kuni Season 2 Release Date

There are a great number of anime around the world but the best is only a few. The storyline and the plot of Hoseki No Kuni are very much unique from the actual genres of anime. This anime is all about gems. The Lunarians are trying to steal these gems which is the story. The flow of the show is very smooth leading to a huge course of emotions throughout the run of the show.

The show does not only end in this battle but also talks about world-building and its process. It is a great watch for someone who is interested in such a genre. The plot of the story is not set in the present. It is set in the future! Where there are other evolved creatures trying to take over the world. These organisms are called Gems. All of these gems are highly smart. They have been assigned a role to perform and to succeed in a battle. These characters are set to fight against these characters called Luniarians.

Will they make it through? Watch the series to find out more.

Hoseki No Kuni Season 2 Predictions

The story of how the very cute phos tries to find work. In season 1, Cinnabar doesn’t seem to like his job. So, phos vows that she will find a job that they both will love. She tried her best to find jobs that are exciting that he might do. As she dug deeper, she finds more creatures that look like Cinnabar. Being puzzled by how this is possible, she digs more. She later gets to know that there are many creatures like Cinnabar who are underground. They just come out to the surface under some circumstances. 

She finds different jobs for all of them to go on and finish alone. This is how the story continues. The journey of how Phos deals with this is the story. She is just trying to find a job for these different ones so that they earn enough to feed themselves. Will this finally harm her? We just have to wait and watch.

Hoseki No Kuni or Land Of Lustrous is a great anime that was both quality and a great plot. The story is set in the future has already made the audience very interested in its plot. With how well the story has been written, the visuals of the story have also turned out to be great. Not are they just nice, but they are in 3D quality making the audience praise them more.

With such great stories including Gems and Lunarians, the way they entertain the audience is very nice. They have their own battle going on, but they do not fail to take the viewers on their own roller coaster of emotions.

This is a very unique anime that has its own cute moments of friendship between Phos and Cinnabar. How she rescues and finds jobs for all the creatures like Cinnabar are more interesting. The show is set very differently from the others, which has made it stand out as its own kind. If you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing out on a lot. This anime is surely worth a watch. The manga is also great as you will find an extended and more interesting version of the anime that will keep you focused on it for days. If the makers make any announcements regarding another season, we will be the first to tell you! 

Until then, stay tuned for more updates.


The show has 7.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hoseki No Kuni 

When was season 1 of Hoseki No Kuni released?

The first season of Hoseki No Kuni was released in 2017. It was on October 7th.

What is the English translation of Hoseki No Kuni?

Land Of The Lustrous is the English name of the anime.

Will there be another season of Hoseki No Kuni?

The makers have not yet made any announcements but until then nothing can be said.

Who is the main character in Land Of The Lustrous?

Phosphophyllite and Cinnabar are the main characters of Land Of The Lustrous.

Where can the manga be watched online?

Hoseki No Kuni can be streamed online on Amazon Prime Video.

Is there a dub of Hoseki No Kuni?

There is not any dub of the series yet but it can be watched in its initial language.


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