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How to Watch Gentleman Jack Season 2 Online?

How to Watch Gentleman Jack Season 2 Online?
How to Watch Gentleman Jack Season 2 Online?

Gentleman Jack is a historical drama show which is set in the year 1832 in Northern England in the country of York, Yorkshire. The show is written by Murray Gold and produced by Phil Collinson. So let’s find out more about gentleman Jack and what we can expect from the show. 

How to Watch Gentleman Jack Season 2 Online?

How to Watch Gentleman Jack Season 2 Online?
A scene from the show

Gentleman Jack is a beautiful show with some drama and you can watch the show on Disney+hotstar. The show is an 18th-century show and consists of beautiful Lash landscapes because of the period they have chosen and the countryside the creators have chosen. Which makes the show very beautiful and something soothing for the eyes.

The show premiered on HBO so you can watch it on BBC 1 and also you can watch it on Disney+hotstar. Both the season of the show is available there and also on BBC iplayer. Both the Seasons and all the episodes are available on these two platforms so if you are interested in watching some historical drama you can watch the show on these two platforms.

Gentleman Jack Cast

Here is the list of all the cast members you have seen or you will see in these two seasons of Gentleman Jack:

  • Jeremiah Rawson – Shaun Dooley
  • Samuel Washington – Joe Armstrong
  • Elizabeth Cordingley – Rosie Cavaliero
  • John Booth – Thomas Howes
  • Eugenie Pierre – Albane Courtois
  • Sam Sowden – Anthony Flanagan
  • Thomas Sowden – Tom Lewis
  • Anne Lister – Suranne Jones
  • Ann Walker – Sophie Rundle
  • Jeremy Lister – Timothy West
  • Aunt Anne Lister – Gemma Jones
  • Marian Lister – Gemma Whelan
  • William Priestley – Peter Davison
  • Aunt Ann Walker – Stephanie Cole
  • Christopher Rawson – Vincent Franklin
  • Mariana Lawton – Lydia Leonard
  • Vere Hobart – Jodhi May
  • Eliza Priestley – Amelia Bullmore

This is a list of all the cast members you will see in Gentleman Jack seasons 1 and 2. 


Gentleman Jack Story

How to Watch Gentleman Jack Season 2 Online?
Watch Gentleman Jac at Disney+Hotstar

Gentleman Jack is a real-life story based on the events of Anne Lister’s story. Real-life Anne Lister wrote her full story in her diary and every intimate detail you can see in the web series. The series is set in the 18th century during the industrial revolution in England and it revolves around Anne Lister who is a landowner. She is keeping up with all her faded ancestral homes and trying to keep up with society’s expectations she reopens the coal mine of her ancestors. 

She has no interest in marrying a man but she has a charismatic appearance and is a single-minded person. She does not want to get married to a man and has no intention to because she is of the same gender. In this, she is trying to maintain the relationship with the servant family and would-be wife and industrial Rivals.

The story is all about how this single-minded young woman holds everything and even after everything is stolen from her how she tries to decode everything. Even after falling in love with another woman and planning to get married to her in the 18th century which was a difficult time for the LGBTQ community, she is a strong and passionate woman who overcomes everything with her confidence and determination.

Gentleman Jack consists of two seasons and of around 9 episodes in both seasons of 1 hour each. So you can watch the show on Disney Plus Hotstar and also on iplayer. If you are in the mood of watching something romantic and something that can inspire you this is a show that you must watch. The show is highly recommended and it has 8.3 IMDB reviews in 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. 93% of Google users like the TV show. The audience review for the show is also very high and most of the people just bench watch the show while experiencing all the emotions at once. You can watch the trailer on YouTube and also on any of those two platforms and if you like the trailer you can watch it on any of the platforms. We believe you will binge-watch this over the weekend. If you like gentleman Jack do let us know in the comment section which character you like the most and why the show is so great? 


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