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How to Watch the Saiki K Series in Order?

How to Watch the Saiki K Series in Order
How to Watch the Saiki K Series in Order

The possibility of you not liking the show is very less because the humor and the drama in the show are all on point. If you like some humor anime you won’t stop laughing at this show. The show includes some basic regular life stuff with some Desire characters and some slapstick intensified humor. So let’s answer all the questions that you need to know before you watch the disastrous life of Saiki K. 

Saiki K Series Watch Order

How to Watch the Saiki K Series in Order?
The characters of the show

So, the first thing that you need to know is how you are going to watch the show the chronological order of the show is presented here

  1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Number of Episodes- 120 Episodes 

Where to watch- Funimation

  1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K(2)

Number of Episodes- 24 Episodes

Where to watch- Funimation

  1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K: Reawakened

Number of Episodes- 5 Episodes

Where to watch- Netflix 

  1. The Disastrous Life Saiki K: Final arc

Number of Episodes- 1 Episode

Where to watch- Funimation and Netflix.

This is a chronological order in which you can watch the show and can enjoy every bit of the anime. The show is streaming on Netflix and also on Funimation so if you don’t have a subscription to any of those you can enjoy the show in this chronological order.

The first two are the TV series of the show which premiered in 2016 and 2018 and then the fourth one in the chronological order is a special which premiered in 2018. Season one of the show has 24 episodes and it started in July 2016 and available on Netflix the Finale Season of season 1 was premiered in 2018.


The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K Story

How to Watch the Saiki K Series in Order?
A scene from the anime

Hair is a little synopsis for the show and with zero spoilers. The story of the show revolves around a high school boy who has some psychic abilities but he was born with an ordinary family and parents and in an ordinary way, the boy’s name is Kusuo Saiki. He Pardesi has some psychic abilities while being an average human but is blessed with some Supernatural powers. But he does not think the same that he is blessed with the powers he thinks all these powers are a curse to him.

She only wants a normal life just like any of his friends and to stay away from all of this he has to stay away from the spotlight and to live an ordinary life and the hassle-free life that he wants he has to keep his power with himself and has to stay away from all the spotlight. As a famous high school boy, it is very difficult for him to stay away from the spotlight as his friend is really very weird just like him and not using all that power is not an option for him because of his friends. His psychic abilities make his life difficult but he has no other option and has to deal with life the way it is.

The show is absurd and filled with humor and the show is very relatable. When we say relatable that does not mean you have some sighted power and you will relate with it but it means the show is based on some regular stuff that happens to us every day. The cast of the show is also great and with great humor, the show turns out amazing.

What are the prime reasons you can watch the show is the comedy and the cast of the show that will never bore you and you can rewatch the show because of that only!


The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K Characters

How to Watch the Saiki K Series in Order?
Saiki K Series

Here is the list of all the cast members that you will see in the TV show and also in the specials of the anime:

Jerry Jewell – Kusuo Saiki, Jill Harris – Chiyo Yumehara, Joel McDonald – Reita Toritsuka, Kyle Phillips – Kineshi Hairo, Megan Shipman – Chisato Mera, Micah Solusod – Shun Kaido, Morgan Garrett – Kurumi Saiki, Tia Ballard – Kokomi Teruhashi, Austin Tindle – Uryoku Chouno, Chris Patton – Kuusuke Saiki, Chuck Huber – Kuniharu Saiki, David Wald – Riki Nendo, Jamie Marchi – Kusuko Saiki, Jarrod Greene – Aren Kuboyasu, Skyler McIntosh – Nakamura (episode 20), Stephen Sanders – Arasuji, Kashimura (episode 13), T.H. Angelle – Cyborg Cider-Man Ramune (ep22), Travis Mullenix – Takahashi, Tyson Rinehart – Haruo Sugiyama (ep5), Whitney Rodgers – Mai Mai (ep20), Ms. Kyouka Shima Zach Archibald – Furukawa (ep2), Aaron Graves – Isogai (ep15), Aaron Roberts – Nishi (ep20), Adam Gibbs – Metori Saiko, Adam Rowe – Bunta Kihachi (ep20), Montecarlo (ep20), Alejandro Saab – Yokota Jaga.

Alison Viktorin – Kuusuke Saiki (ep21), Amber Lee Connors – Yabe (ep6), Anastasia Muñoz – Kaido’s Mother, Anthony Bowling – Scorpion (ep20), Apphia Yu – Arisu Makino Brandon McInnis – Makoto Teruhashi / Tohru Mugami, Brandon Potter – Gokuya Onimatsu (ep11), Tetsuo (ep17), Brittney Karbowski – Matsuda (ep4), Bryan Massey – Matsuzaki, Bryn Apprill – Yuuta Iridatsu, Charlie Campbell – Kosaku Nakamaru (ep16), Chris Cason – Kensuke Honekawa (ep22), Minoru (ep22), Chris Guerrero – Mishima (ep20), Chris Rager – Lemonade (ep11), Chris Schmidt – Takeda (ep2), Chris Thurman – Shuuji Murata, Yuasa (ep2), Christopher Bevins – Michael, Christopher Wehkamp – Momochi (ep20), Christopher Bevins – Michael.

Christopher Wehkamp – Momochi (ep20), Cris George – Shinya (ep15), Dakota Brown – Yasumura (ep2), Dallas Reid – Takumi (ep2), Kinoshita (ep5), Dave Woodard – Kijima (ep2), Kongou Tsuyoshi, Onigawara (ep1), David L. Brehm – Ippei Matsuda (ep5), Kashimura (ep2), David Wald – Baron Cola (ep11), Komatsu (ep20), Midori Kendou, Dawn M. Bennett – Pussy (ep10), Derick Snow – Hotei (ep20), Yoshida (ep2), Doug Jackson – Hatakeyama (ep2), Drew Bramlett – Akio Haruno (ep20), Duncan Brannan – Igarashi (ep1), Kenji Tanihara, Kobayashi (ep2), Tom (ep10), Jean-Luc Hester – Soji, Aizawa (ep15), Jeannie Tirado – Kanazawa (ep6), Miiko (ep20), Jeremy Inman – Baiku Manabe (ep22), Jerry Jewell – Cider-Man, Jim Johnson – God (ep12), Josh Grelle – Jamie (ep21), Juli Erickson – Kumi Saiki, Justin Briner – Doumeki (ep20), Sawakita, Justin Duncan – Yuuta Iridatsu (High School Student) (ep18), Justin Pate – Murata (ep2), Raiya (ep10), Kristi Rothrock – Moriko (ep15), Taku (ep16), Lara Woodhull – Kusuo Saiki (Young)

Here is the list of the cast members that you will see in the show and you will definitely find them absurd and as well as humorous because the cast members are so great! 


Where To Watch The Disastrous Life of Saiki K?

How to Watch the Saiki K Series in Order?
Watch it on Netflix and Funimation

The show is available on Netflix and also on Funimation so you can watch the show there. The show has 8.4 on IMDB and on myanimelist. 88% of Google users like the show. The fans of the show love the show and we can guarantee you that this anime will bring a smile to your face. If you are still in doubt you can watch the trailer of the show on Netflix and also on YouTube. If you like the trailer you can watch Two seasons of the disastrous life of Saiki k. The show is a mix of everything: the comedy, the quirky style, and some psychic Supernatural powers which will give you some Sci-Fi anime Vibe.

The Anime show is based on a Manga series. The manga is written by Shūichi Asō and then it is published by Shueisha.  There are 26 volumes of the show and it was published in May 2012 and continued till July 2018. The name of the first episode which was released in 2016 is called the disasters life of psychic part 1 and the name of the last episode which was the short episode is called crushed surprise party part 2. 

If you like comedy-drama and psychic anime you will love the show. The show will break the regular anime stereotypes and be used as a parody for comedic effect. The solid voice cast of the show makes the show stand out from any other anime. Anime covers a lot of genres and a lot of topics. We have seen that many anime focus on one topic and follow only one genre but the disasters Life of Saiki K is really different and covers a lot of topics in a very funny way and breaks down the stereotype of classic anime. 

The fans of the show love the show and even the audience review for the show is very good. People considered this as the best anime above because the characters are funny and the storyline is something very different. If you see the audience review for the show there is no one negative review and every review is full with 5 stars and with some great reviews. The Manga of the show is also available and you can read the series on the official website. If you like reading then you can read the manga which has 24 volumes. And love to watch you can stream it! 

So, if you are getting bored of the monotonous life and want to watch something which is funny and has some Supernatural powers and is related to high school drama with some crazy story this is the show for you and you can stream it on Netflix. Do let us know in the comment section what you think about the show and what is the best and the worst about the anime.


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