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Is Ali Dia The Worst Footballer?

Is Ali Dia The Worst Footballer?
Is Ali Dia The Worst Footballer?

Aly Dia generally recognized as Ali Dia, is a one-time experienced football player who recreated as a striker. He belongs to a place called Senegal. Dia persuaded Graeme Souness, then Southampton supervisor, in November 1996, that he was the relative of George Weah, FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon d’Or, winner. This incident directed to him marking a one-month agreement with Southampton days later. Dia played in only a single game in his brief period at the organization. He came on as a replacement in a club game but was then himself replaced. He was thereafter removed, 14 days into his agreement.

Ali Dia Career

Is Ali Dia The Worst Footballer?
Ali Dia

Subsequent to a career of playing at the more subordinate classes in France and Germany, and having already fallen in attempts at Gillingham and AFC Bournemouth, Dia entered into a non-league association named Blyth Spartans, where he made just a sole alternate impression; in a Northern Premier League game against Boston United, on 9 November 1996.

Days after, Dia was marked by Southampton manager Graeme Souness, after Souness acquired a certain phone call claiming to be from Liberian international and the one-time FIFA World Player of the Year, George Weah. Weah articulated to Souness that Dia was his relative, had played thirteen times for his land, and had played for Paris Saint-Germain. None of this information or the phone call was genuine. The phone call made to Souness was by a co-student university student of Dia’s, indicating that he should offer Dia a possibility with Southampton. Souness was persuaded, and Dia was inscribed on a one-month agreement.

Dia played only a single game for Southampton, sporting the number 33 shirt, against Leeds United on 23 November 1996; he had initially been organized to play in a reserve team pleasant against Arsenal, but the game was canceled because of a soggy slope. In the game against Leeds, he arrived on as a replacement for the damaged Matthew Le Tissier after thirty-two minutes but was subsequently replaced himself in the 85th minute. Leeds has bested the competition with 2–0. Le Tissier said He flew about the slope like Bambi on ice. It was extremely uncomfortable to observe.

Dia was dismissed by Southampton two weeks into his agreement. He shortly played for non-league known by the name Gateshead, ere departing in February 1997. Dia played eight rounds for the North-East costume, enclosing winning on his debut in a 5–0 triumph over Bath City.


Ali Dia Personal Life

Aly Dia went to study enterprise and business at Northumbria University in Newcastle and completed his graduation in 2001. He acquired even a higher degree of Master of Business Administration from San Francisco State University in the year 2003. He has a boy-kid, named Simon. Simon plays football for Kasetsart FC.

Ali Dia Legacy

Is Ali Dia The Worst Footballer?
Ali Dia

Aly Dia has been seen regularly in inventories of bad players or bad shifts. He was anointed at Number one in an index of “The 50 worst footballers” in The Times newspaper and on ESPN‘s hierarchy of the 50 most destructive transfers in Premier League history.

Is Ali Dia The Worst Footballer?

Aly Dia has always been marked as one of the Premier League’s most threatening players. The Daily Mail anointed him the Prem’s worst striker at the fourth number, and The Times proceeded so distant as to name him the association’s worst-ever participant.

In the year 1996, Aly Dia persuaded then Southampton coach Graeme Souness that he was the relative of George Weah and that he had also taken part in Senegal National team.

Relying on that massive experience, Southampton contracted Dia. Then, obtaining thorough information about African participants was extremely challenging as the web was even in its babyhood.

He, nevertheless, inscribed a one-month agreement and could last arrive on as a replacement in a league match ere he was then himself replaced.

He was extremely terrible and terminated 14 days thereafter. On inspection, he was not anywhere in Senegal and was nowhere near George Weah.

Currently, components of his whereabouts, are nowhere to be noticed.


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