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Is It Cake Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates & Spoilers

Is It Cake Season 2 Release Date
Is It Cake Season 2 Release Date

I hope your daily mundane life is not as boring as it used to be. We are here with daily updates and interesting facts to help you kill the boredom and lazy hours. The question is are you ready? 

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Hotstar; OTTS like these are having a fair share of shows which will keep you glued to the screen with its new episodes and movies. Whether it’s anime, web shows, movies or K-drama every show’s story catches the interest of the audience worldwide. 

Today we are going to talk about yet another show which has a reputation of its own. And when the first season premiered the audience was already screaming for more. The question is are you a binge watcher too? Or you are still yet to stream the show online? 

A reality show created by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz; the US show debuted on March 18, 2022, with 8 plus episodes. 

The Netflix original show is surely a successful one as it scored a rating of 5.7/ 10 from IMDb and an 85% from the audience. 

About 2k people voted their rating on IMDb which further brings us to the conclusion that it is one of the most watched shows of the year. 

Running for 38-39 minutes you might be wondering whether the show will return with a new season. Then my homies don’t worry for we will share the updates with you and help you down with your curiosity. 

Questions like, is it coming soon will be answered by us here. 

Scroll down for more facts and updates related to the show!

Is It Cake Season 2 Release Date

Is It Cake Season 2 Release Date
Is It Cake Season 2

The reality cooking show as I mentioned earned a place upon its first premier. When the show came out on Netflix in March, audiences were delighted to watch live cooking performances on screen. 

When Is it Cake made its way to the platforms, for a week straight it was on the top 10 English Tv show list? And it is spread across a sum of 72 countries. You heard it, right folks?

So, a show as famous as this. Will surely make the fans wonder about its comeback, right? Then worry now because I am here to share with you some good news. 

Netflix has renewed the show for a new season. So yes, Season 2 will be there for you guys to stream. 

Now I must remind you that although the renewing news has been made official. But the date and time of the show have not been released yet.

Sources tell us that the show may appear by 2023 or it may have an earlier premiere as well.

Be with us guys. We will update you with the news and other facts as we get any updates from the makers of the show.

Stay tuned! 

And who knows you may even get to see the new season before the year ends. Keep your fingers crossed folks and let’s hope for the best!

Name of the ShowIs It Cake
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreReality Show
Is It Cake Season 1 Release Date18 March 2022
Is It Cake Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Is It Cake Season 2 Overview

Is It Cake Season 2 Story

Now that I have shared the news, the show will debut soon. You might be wondering what to expect in the new and upcoming season. Well, worry not, just keep reading. 

If you have watched season 1 already, you might have some idea as to what happens in the cooking show. Season 2 will follow the same pattern as well. It would again involve some coking, guessing, commentaries from the judges and cash money rewards as well. 

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Watch some delicious cakes being baked as the judges make a guess on which one is the real one. 

But the million dollars question is, who will be the bakers this time? Well shall we keep it a secret or will I reveal it to you? 

Let’s see then! 

Is It Cake Season 2 Cast

Is It Cake Season 2 Release Date
Is It Cake Season 2

Mikey Day will return again to host the show once again in Season 2. In the last season, there were nine participants. Out of them only, Andrew Fuller won the award and took the prize money home. 

This time you will get to meet new participants which are quite obvious. And as for the judges they will not return in all probability. So, in short, you will get to meet a new line of contestants and judges.

Let’s see who takes the cash money home this time.

Are you ready?

Is It Cake Season 1 Recap

In season 1 with 8 episodes, you will get to see bakers baking items which actually look like real products which we use in your day-to-day life. 

Each episode follows bakers baking some mouth-watering delicacies and the judges have to make a guess which one of the cakes is real and which one a fake. As each episode follows the contestants’ baking, the last episode concluded with the winner winning a cash prize of $50,000. 

But the biggest part of the show is that none of the contestants gets eliminated but rather gets to stay to watch the gameplay unfold before them even if they don’t participate. Whereas, the last episode shows the eliminated contestants helping the competitors with the baking as well.

This is quite an interesting game-play reality show which will really lift your mood and make your day filled with fun, laughter and sweet sovereigns. 

Is It Cake Season 2 Trailer

No official trailer for season 2 is out as of yet. Stay with us we will update the clips, teasers and trailers as soon as our sources get any news on them.

Meanwhile, enjoy watching season 1 again. Or if you have not yet, then do so now as you watch the trailer to season 1 on YouTube. 

Where to Watch Is It Cake Season 2 Online?

The show is a Netflix original series. You will be able to watch the new season here only.

But before that, I would ask you to watch the old season if you have not watched it. Or you can rewatch the show as well if you want. Everyone enjoys baking shows, right?

Adios! Happy Watch! 

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