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Is Jonathan Scarfe Married? Know About His Wife!

Is Jonathan Scarfe Married?
Is Jonathan Scarfe Married?

Jonathan Scarfe is a movie and television star belonging from Canada. He was born on December 16, 1975, in Toronto, Ontario. The parents of the actor are Alan Scarfe and Sara Botsford. When he was age 15, he left his high school midway, and by the age of being 16, he devoured a year performing at the Stratford Festival, where he understood about the acting profession.

Jonathan Scarfe Career

Jonathan Scarfe
Jonathan Scarfe

Jonathan Scarfe’s first significant part was on the teenage dramatical called Madison. He was seen acting in a regular part as the character of Chase Carter, cousin of John Carter, a drug abuser on the medical-drama show called ER. His TV visitor arrivals contain the police procedural show called NYPD Blue, CSI: Miami, Cold Case; and the dramatical show called The L Word, additionally the paranormal entertaining show called Grimm.

He was seen performing as a leader named Nicholas Brady in the scientific fantasy movie called Radio Free Albemuth in 2009, John Alan Simon was the director of the flick and the movie was established on the novel of the exact title, in the year 1985. It was written by Philip K. Dick. Scarfe was seen as Mormon prophet Joseph Smith in the history-related fantasy and entertaining movie called The Work and the Glory in the year 2004. Jonathan Scarfe even performed in the show called 100 Days in the Jungle, in the year 2002, and also performed in  White Lies in the year 1998.

Jonathan Scarfe Filmography

In the year 1997, Jonathan performed in Dead Innocent as the character called Jimmy.

In the year 1999, He worked in the movie Crosswalk, as a character named Dave Hiatt.

In the year 2002, he worked in three productions; one, Liberty Stands Still as the character named Bill Tollman, second, Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice as Skipper Day, which was a video, third, in The Bay of Love and Sorrows, as Michael Skid.

In the year 2006, he was seen performing in The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided as Joseph Smith.


Is Jonathan Scarfe Married?

Jonathan Scarfe and Suki Kaiser
Jonathan Scarfe with wife Suki Kaiser

Jonathan Scarfe has tied the knot to the actress named Suki Kaiser. At some point in the life of Jonathan Scarfe, he grabbed a pause from his work and paid attention and time for two and half years floating near the world with his wife and kids.

Who Is Suki Kaiser?

Suki Kaiser’s birthplace is in Bangkok, Thailand, but due to the reason that her mom was a minister, she paid a bunch of her childhood time, traveling. When she was five, She flew to Canada but after that, she lugged with her mom to Newport, Rhode Island. Suki’s youth was a combination of high schools, boarding schools, conducting art academies, and a reasonable quantity of duration paid following legendary touring crew, named Grateful Dead. She completed her graduation with honors from high school and went on to attend The University of Colorado at Boulder, where she had a major in Anthropology and learned creative writing. While being at college, somebody recommended her to give an audition for retail, and that ultimately guided her to Los Angeles to explore acting.

Behind encountering victory in the realm of commercials, Suki went on for Hollywood. Four years and little success in LA initiated Suki Kaiser to emigrate to Vancouver (BC), where she directed and conducted an acting class and trained in acting courses. It happened in Canada that she was foremost uncovered to selecting little parts in obscure autonomous movies, and many movies related to television. Her big step to success and fame arrived with her regular part on Nash Bridges as Nash’s sister-in-law, in the year 1996, which supported her with a launch role in the PAX show called Hope Island in 1999, and in The Virgin Suicides, in 1999, working with Sofia Coppola, demonstrating that one doesn’t have to be under the age of thirty-five to acquire a career in Hollywood. Suki Kaiser has performed in multiple movies, enclosing Marine Life in the year 2000, and acted in different television shows like Hope Island in 1999 and a lot of Television films and episodes. Jonathan and Kaiser got married in the summertime of the year 1998. The lovely couple diverged their period between Vancouver and Los Angeles.


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