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Is Maro Itoje Vegan?

Is Maro Itoje Vegan?
Is Maro Itoje Vegan?

Oghenemaro Miles Itoje, more commonly known as Maro Itoje, is an English nationality rugby player who plays for the Gallagher Premiership club named Saracens as well as the England national rugby team. He was born on 28 October in the year 1994 in North London, England. He is 27 years old. He is a fan favorite among England as well as Saracens supporters. In his short career, he has already won four English Premiership titles with the Saracens team, three Six Nations Championship titles, and three European Rugby Champions Cup titles.

Maro Itoje Early Life

Maro Itoje was born on 28 October 1994 in Camden, North London, England. His parents are Nigerian. His father’s name is Efe Itoje and his mother’s name is Florence Itoje. Maro Itoje has 2 siblings, a brother, and a sister. He is a  middle child. His brother’s name is Jeremy and his sister’s name is Isabel. He started his primary education at the Salcombe Preparatory School located in Southgate, North London, and then attended the St George’s School located in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

It was at St George’s School where Maro Itoje was first introduced to rugby at the age of eleven. Itoje also won a scholarship to Harrow School, located in London. As a young boy, Maro Itoje played several sports such as rugby, football, basketball, and shotput. Itoje then attended college at the School of Oriental and African Studies located in Bloomsbury, London where he pursued a politics degree.

Maro Itoje Professional Career

Is Maro Itoje Vegan?
Maro Itoje

Maro Itoje began his professional career by making a debut for the Saracens club in the year 2013 till 2014 at the age of 19. He then made his debut for Aviva Premiership during the same season. He has also been a part of Harpenden RFC from the year 2005 till 2011 as well as Old Albanian RFC.

Itoje has won four Premiership titles during his tenure with Saracens in the years 2015, 2016, 2019, and 2019. He was also the reason that Saracens won the European Champions Cup in the years 2016, 2017, and 2019. Due to having many wins under his belt, Itoje was chosen as the European Player of the Year.

In the year 2013 to 2014, Maro Itoje represented England at the Under 18 level and was the captain of the Under 20 England team. He was awarded England’s Man of the Tournament award. In 2014, Itoje won the IRB Junior World Championship.

In 2015, Itoje was selected as a player for the 2015 Rugby World Cup where he trained under coach Eddie Jones. He made his first Rugby World Cup debut against Italy. He was instrumental in winning a World Cup match against Wales and was awarded the Man of the Match award as a result of this win.


Maro Itoje Net Worth

Maro Itoje signed a new deal with Saracens club in the year 2021 and will reportedly be paid between 750,000 and 1 million pounds annually.

Is Maro Itoje Vegan?

Is Maro Itoje Vegan?
Maro Itoje

Being one of England’s top rugby players, it is extremely important for a player like Maro Itoje to take good care of his nutrition and exercise. In 2019, he talked with GQ about the importance of sleep along with a balanced diet and a good exercise routine. In the article, he talks about maintaining a balanced diet of protein, meat, and vegetables. So it proves that Itoje is not a vegan.

In the 2019 GQ interview, he says that he has to work extremely hard to make sure he is in his best physical form during game season. Itoje says that he has to get leaner and fitter during the game season and that he formulates a nutrition plan which will help him achieve that. Along with a balanced nutrition plan, Itoje trains hard at the gym but moreover, focuses on getting a good night’s sleep. He attributes a good night’s sleep to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Maro Itoje then proceeds to outline his weekly diet starting with Sunday. For Itoje, Sunday is a leisure day and he hangs out with his friends and doesn’t follow a strict diet on that day.

Itoje’s training week begins on Monday. He gets a good night’s sleep of 8 hours and wakes up by 6.30 a.m. He goes for training at the gym and has his second breakfast by 7.30 a.m. He has his first mini breakfast before he leaves the house which consists of a protein shake and a bowl of porridge. His second breakfast consists of eggs on toast, sausage or bacon, and broccoli.

On Tuesday, Itoje consumes various combinations of vegetables and proteins along with carbs. This includes chicken, sea bass, fried vegetables, green vegetables, Turkish-style meat, and hummus.

Wednesday’s are off days for Itoje wherein he doesn’t follow a particularly strict diet.

Thursday diet is similar to Mondays and Tuesdays. Along with vegetables and proteins, Itoje also places emphasis on fruit intake. He is fond of strawberries, tangerines, and grapes. He also includes zero-fat yogurts in his diet.

Friday is the day before the game so Itoje maintains a strict diet that day and more importantly focuses on getting a good night’s sleep so that he is alert for the game the next day.


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