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Is Ninjutsu Possible In Real Life?

Is Ninjutsu Possible in Real Life?
Is Ninjutsu Possible in Real Life?

Ninjutsu refers to the tactics and strategies used in guerilla warfare, unconventional warfare and espionage that are practised by the ninjas. The term and practice of Ninjutsu originate from Japan. The term Ninjutsu is also sometimes interchangeably referred to as ninpo. Ninjutsu was taught as a separate discipline subject in traditional Japanese schools, wherein other conventional styles of martial arts were also integrated with it, such as taijutsu martial arts, kenjutsu, sojutsu, shurikenjutsu and bojutsu.

Ninjutsu was mainly practised by ninjas. A ninja was a secret agent or hired assassin that originated in Japan. A ninja’s job included espionage, reconnaissance, deception, ambush, infiltration, bodyguarding and using their fighting skills in martial arts which also included ninjutsu. Togakure Ryu is recorded as the oldest form of ninjutsu and is as old as the 16th century. However, there is an international organization for martial arts that includes numerous modern styles of ninjutsu.


Ninjutsu was first used in a military campaign in the Genpei War when warriors were chosen by Minamoto no Kuro Yoshitsune to act as shinobi during battle. A ninja is interchangeably also referred to as shinobi. Shinobi are known for their skills of stealth and deception. Ninjutsu was developed as a variety of techniques to be used during the war era in Japan. The ninja or shinobi used the techniques of ninjutsu to ensure that they survived during a time when there was an enormous danger to their lives.

Ninjutsu includes various methods of secretly gathering information against the enemies, as well as techniques of spying, non-detection and avoiding exposure. Ninjutsu involved training oneself to be a master of disguise, escape, hiding, archery, medicine and freerunning. Freerunning refers to dealing with obstacles on one’s path in creative ways, such as running, jumping or climbing. Freerunning is similar to parkour in many ways. Ninjas who practised ninjutsu were highly skilled in assassination and the art of espionage. After a while, the skills used in espionage became known as ninjutsu and the people who practised espionage were known as shinobi no mono.


Is Ninjutsu Possible In Real Life?

Although the concept of ninjutsu has been around for centuries, it was anime shows such as Naruto that popularized the terms ninja and ninjutsu in the mainstream media. In the Naruto anime series, shinobi or ninja were the main focus of the show. Most of these ninjas come from a secret hidden village or from ninja clans and will carry out any task related to ninjutsu, for a fee. These missions often include retrieving items, stealing precious items, gathering confidential information or carrying out assassinations.

The best characteristic of a shinobi is their ability to manipulate a “chakra” according to their will. Jutsu means skills and techniques that a ninja uses in battle. In order to use a jutsu technique, the ninja uses their chakra by performing “hand seals” and releasing the energies of the chakra. A ninja or shinobi can use different techniques and accomplish impossible feats based on how they use their chakra.

Is Ninjutsu Possible In Real Life

This includes walking up on trees or walking on water. In the Naruto anime series, jutsu is divided into 3 categories: ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu. Ninjutsu refers to performing an ability beyond normal means, such as using supernatural powers to manipulate earth, fire, wind and water. Such a type of ninjutsu is not possible in real life. It is not possible to use supernatural powers in real life in order to manipulate the environment around us.

Taijutsu refers to using physical body techniques and physical strength, which does not require the use of chakra or supernatural abilities. Genjutsu is similar to ninjutsu in the way that they both make use of the chakra. Whereas in ninjutsu, the ninja makes use of his own chakra, in genjutsu, the ninja or shinobi makes use of the enemy’s chakra and manipulates it according to his will. The ninja disrupts the flow their enemy’s chakra and tries to fool their senses, which makes the enemy hallucinate and imagine things to be real when they actually aren’t.

Various anime television series portray ninja characters and ninjutsu techniques. These anime series are Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden, Gintama, Rurouni Kenshin, Ninja Scroll, Basilisk, Dai-Shogun: Great Revolution, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Katanagatari and Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash.


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