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Is Famous Journalist Rachel Briers Pregnant?

Is Rachel Briers Pregnant?
Is Rachel Briers Pregnant?

News on Rachel is flooding the interment for not long. People are asking if the ABC13 meteorologist reporter is pregnant or not. 

Not long back she gave birth to her child, and now questions about her pregnancy are holding the netizens again. 

She is quite famous for her news anchoring, so yeah if you watch the news, you might have seen her on TV quite a few times.

Now questions on her pregnancy and who is the father will be answered. But for more keep reading.

All the answers lie below!

Is Rachel Briers Pregnant?

Is Rachel Briers Pregnant?
Is Rachel Briers Pregnant?

First question first. Yes, she is indeed pregnant. As the internet is rumbling with the question, let me clear things out for you. She is pregnant and is expecting her delivery by January 2023. 

But she didn’t hide the fact from her fans so we all are aware of her good news. It was just before when she shared a picture of her first-born daughter sitting beside a heart sign, claiming that she will soon become a sibling. The picture buzzed off with sweet and adorable comments on her Instagram handle as fans wished her. 

This was on August 10, 2022, she shared the picture as she claimed that her firstborn child will have a sister as her sibling. 

She disclosed that she had her firstborn during the course of the pandemic which was in 2020. 

Briers didn’t officially announce her pregnancy but she shared pictures of her baby bump and also her daughter sitting close to a sign saying, “This Twister is getting a sister”. Viewers on Instagram were then sure that she is indeed pregnant with another child. 

Now that you know that she is pregnant and will be blessed with another daughter, hope this answers all your questions.  

So yeah, she will be expecting soon with another daughter. 

Love Life of Racheal Briers

As I mentioned, while she was attending the University in Texas, she met her husband. Her husband Dillion and she got married in 2014 in Texas. 

The two started dating back in their college years and finally tied the knot in 2014. The wedding was held in a very private space as close friends and families were invited to their wedding. 

Now as they live in their cosy home they were blessed with a daughter. Their daughter, Tenley Briers was born on March 26th 2022. 


Her husband doesn’t appear in public but he confessed that he doesn’t mind being in the same frame with her daughter and wife as sweet pictures of the trio are often discovered in the posts by the Journalist. 

They are often found hanging out together. If you follow Racheal’s account you will often find their pictures together. Soon this lovely family of three will turn four.

Earlier they used to hang out in different places but now if you follow them, you will see that the trio tend to visit places which involve a lot of activities. They believe that activities like this will nurture their child’s growth. So, taking time out of their busy schedule the trio often spend time together.  

Who Is Rachel Briers?

Is Rachel Briers Pregnant?
Who Is Rachel Briers?

Rachel Briers joined the Weather Team of ABC13 in 2018. Before that, she used to share news on Meteorology on the channel at KWES in Midland. 

Her interest in weather and forecasting the same was right from her childhood days. Coming from a family of farmers, the weather was a daily dinner table topic which further intrigued her interest in the same. To learn more about it and sharpen her skill she attended Texas A&M University. There she met her boyfriend and now husband. She is holding a degree in Atmospheric Sciences, from the University of Texas where she attended. 

Not forget, she is also a member of the American Meteorological Society. There she enjoys her time as she shares facts and news on whether to schools and other community people.  

You will find her forecasting weather all year long. You will find her on ABC13. And if you are interested to know more about her then follow her on her Instagram handle also you will find her news available on YouTube

Links to her news are available on other websites as well. 

As a Journalist on ABC13, she earns a salary of about $70,000 to $92,000 annually. 

Now I would like to present to you a shocking revelation. Are you ready?

The 30 years old ABC13 Journalist, Racheal Briers’, net worth is $1 Million! Are you shocked; you will definitely be. 

So, with this, you have reached the end of the article. Now as the family welcomes their second child, we wish them a happy and blessed life ahead! 

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