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Know Here The Former White House Press Secretary’s Net Worth

Jen Psaki Net Worth

You may have seen her on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon but are you interested in knowing her net worth? Jen Psaki is the former White House Press Secretary and political analyst.

Jen Psaki Net Worth

Jen Psaki Net Worth
Jen Psaki

One of the most-heard names when it comes to the arena of politics is Jen Psaki. She made the news a few years back thanks to speculations about her net worth. Today we will talk about some facts and clear up all the misleading data about her. Having been associated with both the Obama government and Joe Biden’s government, Jen Psaki has made quite a name for herself as the official spokesperson of the White House.

Apart from that, she is also associated with news channels like CNN and MSNBC. There are some questions floating around about her which suggest that her net worth is $27 million. But no, those are not true. If we look at Psaki’s salary structure, then she has made as White House Press Secretary about $180,000 for 17 months. And as Psaki is all set to join MSNBC soon, we do not have a clear idea about the salary she will be receiving. However, if we do a lot of math, then a rough estimate of her net worth can be made. As of 2022, Jen Psaki would have a net worth of $2-2.5 million. Although this has not been confirmed by her, this is a very likely estimation. So let’s take a closer look at Jen Psaki’s career, early life, and personal life.


Jen Psaki Career

Now a prominent figure in the world of politics, let’s have look at how Jen Psaki‘s political journey began. Right after college, Psaki joined the re-election campaigns of Iowa Democrats Tom Harkin for the U.S. Senate and Tom Vilsack for governor. Before joining Obama’s campaign Psaki worked as deputy press secretary for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. She also worked as regional press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Psaki then joined Barack Obama’s campaign as traveling press secretary in 2008 and would also become the deputy communications director in the White House following Obama’s win. She would shortly leave her post to join the public relations firm Global Strategy Group as the senior vice president and managing director. However, she would return to politics with Obama’s re-election campaign. Following Obama’s win, Psaki would become the spokesperson for the United States Department of State in 2013. Before joining Joe Biden’s electoral campaign Psaki would work for CNN as a political commentator from 2017 to 2020.

Soon she would be named the White House press secretary for the Biden administration and held her first press briefing on the evening of January 20, 2021. After holding this post for about seventeen months, Psaki would leave the post and be replaced by Karine Jean-Pierre. Psaki left her position primarily because she paired up with MSNBC as a political analyst throughout the 2022 United States elections and during the 2024 presidential campaign. She is also getting her own show on Peacock.

Jen Psaki Early Life

Born on December 1, 1978, Jennifer Rene Psaki hails from Stamford, Connecticut. Her parents are Eileen Medvey, a psychotherapist, and Dimitrios “James” R. Psaki, a retired real estate developer. Psaki is the eldest daughter of the family. She also has Greek and Polish ancestry. Jen enjoyed a very lovely childhood and had lots of friends at high school.

She graduated from Greenwich High School in 1996 and went on to study at the College of William & Mary where she would graduate in 2000. Psaki graduated with a degree in English and Sociology. She was not only an efficient student but also an equally efficient sportsperson in college. Psaki was a member of the Chi Omega sorority and a competitive backstroke swimmer for the college athletic team for two years. Her interest in politics stemmed from college and after graduating, began her political career in 2001.

Jen Psaki Personal Life

Jen Psaki Net Worth
Jen Psaki

Currently, Psaki is forty-three years old and she is riding high on her political success and is focused on her career growth. Not much is known about her dating life, but we know that Psaki is currently very happily married. In 2006, Psaki would meet her future husband Greg Mecher at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Soon their friendship turned into love and Psaki and Mecher married on May 8, 2010. Mecher served as chief of staff to Congressman Steve Driehaus and later on to Congressman Joe Kennedy. Psaki and Mecher have two children together and are living a very happy life.


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