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Net Worth

umbrella academy’s jordan claire robbins net worth and relationship

Jordan Claire Robbins Net worth
Jordan Claire Robbins Net worth

Jordan Claire Robbins Net Worth: Jordan Claire Robbins is an actress and model who belongs from Bermuda and Cannada. Jordan Robbins is mostly recognized for her portrayal in a TV Show called The Umbrella Academy.

Jordan Robbins’s birthplace is in Bermuda. After getting certified from high school in the year 2008, she flew to Toronto to do a double major in acting and psychology at the University of Toronto.

Jordan Claire started her career as a model and shortly plunged into the acting realm while being in Canada. Jordan Robbins completed her on-screen introductory guest-starring in the TV show named “Man Seeking Woman,” and subsequently had a frequent part in the show called 12 Monkeys both in 2015. She persisted in being seen in different TV shows, including Supernatural. She had her first step to success after enacting Grace Hargreeves, a robot, in The Umbrella Academy, the Netflix show from the year 2019 until the present, which has got her across-the-board praise.

Jordan Claire Robbins Films

In 2018, Jordan Claire Robbins has performed in Anon, as the character of Elaine Selak. Jordan’s Upcoming movies are, The Money Movie, performing the character of Jackie, and “Escape the Field” movie will also have her work and her character is yet to be announced.

Jordan Claire Robbins Television Career

In 2015, Jordan Claire Robbins performed in Man Seeking Woman as the character of Julia in two episodes. Then Between 2015 and 2016, She worked in 12 Monkeys, playing the character of an Assistant named Anita in a total of three episodes of the series. In the year 2018, Jordan acted in Supernatural, as the portrayal of Jamie Plum in the Episode called Various & Sundry Villains. Jordan has also worked in a TV film known as Christmas Under the Stars, as the depiction of the character known as Chelsea, in 2019. In the very year, Jordan Claire worked in iZombie, displaying the part of Velma Charlet in the Episode of “The Fresh Princess.” From the year 2019 to the present year, 2021, She has been working in the series called, The Umbrella Academy, as the character called grace. She has repeated roles in the series, and has been working in 15 episodes until now!


Jordan Claire Robbins Career

Jordan Claire Robbins Net worth
The Umbrella Academy star, Jordan Claire Robbins

Jordan Claire has always been inquisitive about the acting profession since a very young age. Jordan flew from America to Bermuda. In the year 2005, she earned her initial prime role in an American dark fantasy TV show called, Supernatural as a nominal role of Jamie Plum.

Jordan Robbins received a lot of attention when she played the role of Grace, a mom, in a Netflix show famously known as The Umbrella Academy in 2019. Evidently, the role she played in the show has become fans’ favorite. Jordan has received a lot of liking from fans and analysts for her acting.

Except for acting, the gorgeous Robbins is also a model. Not to mention, this woman has been doing modeling for the last eight years. She had started her modeling profession when she first met with Chantale Nadeau, a posting company.

Recently, Jordan Claire was seen in numerous magazine publications and events such as Dress to Kill Magazines, Sears, and more others. Adding to this, Jordan Robbins is also a vocalist, writes songs, and is a producer. Additionally so, neither will it be wrong, nor will it be inappropriate to state that Jordan Robbins had been in a couple of connections in her past. This is for sure, and the reason being is that she is so gorgeous and attractive and any man would desire to be with her.

Jordan Claire Robbins Net Worth

Jordan Claire Robbins has a Net Worth of US 500 thousand dollars which according to Indian currency, INR is 3,78,58,750.00, to be exact. She has built her fortune with her utter hard work and passion for acting.

Favorites and Hobbies

Jordan Claire Robbins Net worth
Jordan Claire Robbins

It is quite evident that Jordan Clarie is a hard-core fan of actor Tom Cruise and actress Jennifer Lawrence. On the contrary, she is fond of eating Mexican cuisines.

Again, this persona is likely to enjoy traveling, and her favored holiday place is London. And in her unrestricted time and space, she likes to sing and write songs.


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