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Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date: Announced?

Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date
Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date

This series is based on the Japanese novel ‘Juni Taisen’ which is written by Nisio Isin, and Hikaru Nakamura. It has been years since the first season of this show was released and it became very popular. The fans of this show are waiting for a brand new season of this show. Sadly, no release date or any other information has been released yet. But we know that the second series of the manga is released, so a renewal of the series will also be released very soon. So in this way, a trailer for Season 2 will be released shortly.

Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date

Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release date
Juuni Taisen

As already mentioned before that any particular date or any updates or news related to Season 2 has not been there by the directors. So we do not know when will the Season be released. However, due to the popularity of this series and manga, there are chances that a renewal will be released pretty soon. This is because the last part of the novel of this series was published on December 12, 2018. The series also received very good and fantastic ratings among the platforms. It has got a 6.5 rating on MyAnimeList. Due to the success of the show, there are chances that the Season 2 of this will be released very soon. We will tell you when we will know any release date or information regarding Season 2.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Juuni Taisen Season 1 Release Date3 October 2017
Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release Date

Juuni Taisen Season 2

The show is directed by Naoto Hosoda and written by Sadayuki Murai. The plot of Juuni Taisen is as follows. The story revolves around warriors and the title matches the plot. There is a city with a population of around 500,000 people and the story begins with that. Now, in that city all of a sudden the people have vanished. And the reason behind the vanishing of those people is unknown. To solve this problem, twelve mercenary commanders were sent. The commanders were known for their brutality. As the commanders took on the roles of the Chinese zodiac’s twelve signs. The characters of this show are very interesting and because of the characters, this anime is very popular. They are the main highlight. As the story of the show moves forward, each character’s personality develops and the show becomes more interesting for the viewers to watch it.


Juuni Taisen Season 2 Story

We do not know any updates related to Season 2 yet. But let’s predict what we will or can see in the next season. The show is about warriors and a city which has a population of 500,000 people. The people of that city suddenly vanish due to some unknown reasons. So 12 commanders have been sent to deal with the situation. We will see how they will tackle the problems in Season 2 as well. Other than this we do not know anything about Season 2 as of now. But we will tell you as soon as we will know.

Juuni Taisen Season 1 Recap

Juuni Taisen Season 2 Release date
Juuni Taisen

As told earlier, the series is about a city with people who vanishes due to unknown reasons. 12 commanders have come to solve that problem. Tsuyoshi Sumino is the rat and he is one of the show’s characters. Eiji Kashii is the Ox. Kanae Aira is the Tiger. And just like this, there are a total of 12 commanders with 12 different zodiac animals attached to them. Other than this there is also a tournament for the zodiac, which takes place every twelve years and this one was the twelfth one. Due to this the commanders become opponents to each other and turn against one other. In the battle, each fighter has to forcefully consume one of the twelve toxic jewels. The toxic jewels can kill the commanders within twelve hours. To win this battle, one of the players has to collect the other 11 toxic jewels to win the battle and he has to collect the jewels from other players before the deadline.

Juuni Taisen Season 1 Cast

The main cast is Ian Sinclair, Mark Stoddard, and Jerry Jewell. Ian Sinclair was born in Dallas, Texas, USA on 2 March 1984. Mark Stoddard also was born in Dallas, Texas, USA on 9 September 1954. Jerry Jewell was born in McAlester, Oklahoma on 30 July 1976.

Where to Watch Juuni Taisen Season 1?

It is streaming on Netflix. You can watch it there.


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