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Karin Viard Couple
Karin Viard Couple

Karin Viard is a French actress, demonstrated in the 1990s. She was born in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) on January 24, 1966. 

After a shaky beginning in the 1980s, the celebrity grew instantly over the following ten years, shifting from outstanding short parts, like in Tatie Danielle in the year 1990 and in Delicatessen in the next year 1991, to performing main roles in movies like Indian Swimming of the year 1993 and in the Les Randonneurs in the year 1997, which gained her, her foremost César nominations, twice. Whereas it is the poignant prime part in the dramatics called Haut Les cœurs! in the year 1999, which confirms her skill and permits her to receive the César for the best actress and the Lumière for the best actress in the year 2000.

Two years after, subsequent to Embrassez Qui Vous rire in the year 2002, this duration made her achieve the César for the best actress in a supporting role, she reproduced supporting parts, in different records like the dramatics called Paris in the year 2008, the comic show called Potiche in the year 2011 and the theatrical humor called Twenty-one Nights with Pattie in the year 2015, therefore, gained her an additional César nomination in this classification. Though it is the Les Chatouilles that allows her to best the prize a double time.

Karin Viard Couple
Karin Michèle Viard

Her work in Le Rôle de sa vie in the year 2004, in 2011’s Polisse, La Famille Bélier in the year 2014, and Jalouse in the year 2017, gained her another César nominations for the category of the best actress. 

Karin Viard Childhood and Adolescence

Karin Michèle Viard is the child of an oil rig supervisor and Karin has expended her premature years in Oran in Algeria, where her father used to work. When she was at the age of four is when her parents got separated. She was sent with her sister Nadège to Sainte-Marguerite-Sur-Duclair, around Rouen, to reside with her grandparents, from her mother’s side who is retired upholsterers and decorators.

As a kid, Karin Viard had no particular affection for actresses but loved actors like the American Spencer Tracy. She is denoted by the part of Quasimodo in Notre-Dame de Paris, directed by Jean Delannoy.

From the year 1992 to the year 2017, Karin Viard resided with Laurent Machuel, director of photography, photographer, and sound engineer. From this marriage were delivered two girl child, Marguerite, born in 1998, and Simone, born in 2000. Since the year 2019, she has been in a connection with Manuel Herrero, a director, and a producer of documentary movies on the mark.

Witnessed in a few resolute movies like My part of the cake and The Guests of my father, she describes herself as leftist but she denies displaying her political trust or to create responsibilities because she senses that she does not hold sufficient knowledge of the topic for it.


In the year 2018, after the concession of Nicolas Hulot, she contracted with Juliette Binoche the medium against international warming titled as The Greatest Challenge in the history of humanity, publicized in a newspaper called Le Monde, with for designation The call of 200 personalities to protect the planet.

Karin Viard has repeatedly preached the difficult points she has encountered as a teen youth and as a youthful adult. Having extremely undersized self-confidence, she underwent bulimia from the age of 17 till being 28 years old. She exempted herself from her complexion after the delivery of her two girls.

Karin Viard Couple and Kids

Karin Viard Couple
Karin Viard with Laurent Machuel

From the year 1992 to the year 2017, Karin Viard resided with the director of photography, photographer, and sound engineer, Laurent Machuel; and from this marriage, two daughters came into the world, Marguerite and Simone. 


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