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Kehlani Net Worth: Shocking Revelation!

Kehlani Net Worth
Kehlani Net Worth

Kehlani came into existence on 24th April 1995 in Oakland, California, U.S. Kehlani’s full name is Kehlani Ashley Parrish. She is a singer, songwriter, and dancer by profession. Kehlani made her debut in the industry in the year 2009. Her first released commercial was Mixtape, Cloud 19 which came out in the year 2014. In the following year came out her next commercial tape was named You Should Be Here in the year 2015. Her First mixtape Cloud 19 made its way to one of the 50 Best Albums of 2014. She was even nominated for the award named Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album for her second mixtape that is You Should Be Here. She was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album in the year 2016. She went ahead and made a debut studio album in the year 2017 named Sweet Sexy Savage and her second studio album was released in the year 2020 named It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. Her next studio album came out after two years on 29th April 2022 named Blue Water Road, which happens to be the latest album.

Kehlani had been nominated for several awards. In the year 2016, she was nominated for the Grammy Award in the category Best Urban Contemporary Album for her mixtape named You Should be Here. In the year 2017, she was nominated for two awards: the BET Award and the American Music Award for the category Best Female R&B/Pop Artist and the Best Female Soul/R&B Artist, respectively. Later, In the year 2018, she was again nominated for the BET Award in the category of Best Female R&B/Pop Artist. In the same year, she was nominated for GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Music Artist. In the years 2020 and 2021 she was nominated for the BET Award in the category Best Female R&B/Pop Artist and GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Music Artist, respectively. The GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Music Artist results have not been announced yet.

Talking about Kehlani’s heritage she mentioned how her mother told her when she was a child that she belonged to a Filipino heritage, a little though. Later she said that none of her other family members agreed with that piece of information that she had from her childhood.

Kehlani Net Worth

Kehlani Net Worth
Kehlani Net Worth

Kehlani Ashley Parrish is one of the most known Personalities in the music industry. She has gained respect and a reputation for her hard work and sheer diligence. She has worked on a vast number of music albums, also she is well known for her dancing skills as well. Her contribution to the music industry is the major source of her income. As far as her other source of income is concerned it is believed that they are all legal and merchandising-related businesses that he is involved in.

Kehlani Ashley Parrish’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million as of now in the year 2022. She is affluent and maintains a decent lifestyle for herself now. She had some rough patches in her life, some ugly memories that she will not be able to forget. She can now say that she finally did it for herself, she picked up herself from the ground and she is a self-made star of the music industry.

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Kehlani Early Life

Kehlani had really bad phases in her life. She was born to her parents but then her mother had a drug addiction and had to go to jail, her father on the other hand died out of drug addiction when she was still a child. She was adopted by her aunt and her upbringing was done by her. She completed her studies at Oakland School For The Arts where she got a chance to polish the natural talent that she had like her dancing skills, she learned various dance forms like ballet and modern dance.

Kehlani Ashley Parrish grew up listening to talents like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott who introduced her to R&B and Neo-Soul art of music. Kehlani Ashley Parrish wanted to become a dance teacher at Juilliard School but had to quit because of a severe knee injury. She pivoted to singing after that incident, calling it a coincidence or a last resort both would suit that situation. She then joined a group named PopLyfe.

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Kehlani Personal Life

Kehlani Net Worth

Kehlani Ashley Parrish attempted suicide because of the nasty comments that were made by people all over the world for the picture that a Canadian musician posted a picture that portrayed a story that they were in the bed together. It was in the controversies that she was dating an NBA point guard named Kyrie Irving. Later, Kyrie went vocal about the issue and spoke about the humiliation Kehlani had to go through because of that one picture on Instagram. People needed to know about what inconvenience they have been creating for the singer that she vented to the last resort of giving up on her life. Kyrie also made a public post o Instagram apologizing to Kehlani about the mishappening that she had to face because of him. He also made clear that Kehlani Ashley Parrish and Kyrie Irving are not continuing their relationship, the couple broke up a long time before this incident took place.

After many years, on 6th September 2019, she again came in the news about having a romantic connection with an American rapper named YG. On Valentine’s day in the year 2020, the couple collaborated and released a single named “KONCLUSIONS”. It was later known in an interview that she found him cheating on her and he apologized by filling the garden with roses. She says they are not dating anymore but are on good terms. She then started fresh with Danielle Balbuena also known as 070 Shake. An Instagram post that Kehlani made in the year 2018 proved that she was pregnant with a girl child whose father was her guitarist named Javaughn Young-White. She was suffering from a Prenatal Depression that made her pregnancy way harder than it was supposed to be. Her daughter Adeya Nomi Parrish Young-White was born at home. Kehlani also went vocal about the previous assault and rape experiences that she suffered in her early life.

Kehlani Ashley Parrish and Adeya Nomi Parrish Young-White live on a small farm in Simi Valley, California. Kehlani Ashley Parrish is polyamorous, she was identified as a lesbian after she was supposedly throwing hints of being a queer and pansexual in the past.

Kehlani Career

Kehlani Net Worth

Kehlani Ashley Parrish’s career started on a good note when she made her mixtapes back to back and received a positive response in return. She was then recognized for studio albums and was nominated for all the songs that she released. The nominations are mentioned above in this article. It was seen that she came into the limelight after she became a part of the group named PopLyfe.She was one of the lead vocalists in the group PopLyfe.Generally, her music belongs to R&B, Pop, HipHop, and Neo-Soul genres. In the group, PopLyfe, the main producer of the music was a former member of Tony!Toni!Tone!, D’Wayne Wiggins. The group was recognized by the crowd more and more every day. They performed in numerous cities in the year 2011 and even auditioned for the sixth season of America’s Got Talent. Although the results were not satisfactory they managed to secure fourth place in the competition. One of the judges spotted Kehlani and informed her that she had a natural talent and that her talent should not be dependent on any sort of group. The piece of advice that the judge Piers Morgan gave was bitter but true. She considered the advice and left the group PopLyfe after America’s Got Talent was over. It is said that her leaving the group was not the reason that she considered the advice given by the judge Piers Morgan but the managerial and contractual issues she faced being in the group PopLyfe.

Kehlani’s Career has been a crazy graph of statistics that went up and tragically down at some point of time in her life. When she left the group PopLyfe, she was practically homeless. She traveled a lot when she was in high school. She could barely manage food for herself, at times stealing Iphones and shoplifting at stores were the only source of her income and way of living. She was approached by Nick Cannon the host of America’s Got Talent in the year 2013 asking her whether she would like to join a rap group, but was not impressed by the arrangements and coordination. She was again back to zero. She realized that this was not the way she imagined her life to be so to bring back what she lost she released a solo single on SoundCloud named Antisummerluv. The host, Nick Cannon got his hands on her latest release, he immediately contacted her and bought an apartment in LA along with a studio.

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