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Net Worth

Kerry Stokes Net Worth, Personal Life, And Career!

Kerry Stokes Net Worth
Kerry Stokes Net Worth

Kerry Matthew Stokes AC is an Australian business tycoon, born John Patrick Alford on 13 September 1940. He has business interests in a distinct area of trades consisting of electronic and print communications, property, mining, and building tools and supplies. He is universally recognized, as the chairman of the “Seven Network,” one of the biggest telecast reworking companies in Australia.

In 1995, Strokes was called for the position of an Officer of the Order of Australia, in 2006, Kerry was chosen as a Companion of the Order of Australia in acknowledgment of his contributions to the business of Australia like strategic leadership, promotion of corporate social responsibility, contribution to the arts through philanthropy, and to the society, most especially those services supporting young generation.

In May 2021, Kerry Stokes was in the top fifteen richest Australians list by net worth, regarding the Financial Review 2021 Rich List.

Kerry Stokes Early life

Kerry Stokes
Kerry Stokes

John Patrick Alford’s birthplace is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. His single mother was Marie Jean Alford. Kerry Stokes was parented by Matthew and Irene Stokes and was raised in Camp Pell, a tenement residence block. He was later left out of school when he was fourteen. Kerry Stokes made a statement in June 2000, that his childhood environment was very hard, very intoxicating and he wouldn’t want that for anybody. He had loads of diversified professions and clearly many diverse practices. He had some experience on the street, and seldom, work was quite challenging. Australia, at that time, wasn’t in a situation where you could truly simply go and get work, it was tough, and they moved where there was a job open.

Kerry Stokes Personal life

Kerry Stokes has four wives meaning he has been four times married. His prime wedding was to Dorothy Dot Ebert, the mother of his kids. In a conversation with “The Bulletin,” it was mentioned that Stokes separated from his first wife and kids. His second wedding was to his receptionist, Denise. With Denise, he had two sons. Denise stepped out of the relationship and went abroad, and Kerry Stokes remained alone as a single father. His third wedding was to Australian TV actress Peta Toppano, in 1992. This union lasted for three years. In the year of 1996, he and his fourth wife, Christine Simpson née Parker, got married. Christine Simpson is a newsreader for competitive television, Channel 10 when they first met. Kerry Strokes has three grandchildren.

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Kerry Stokes Net worth

Kerry Strokes
Kerry Strokes

In 2019, Forbes estimated Kerry Stokes’ net worth as US dollar 2.90 billion. In May 2021, “The Australian Financial Review,” implied his net worth as US dollar 7.18 billion, the 13th richest Australian citizen. And he was one of the top ten Australian people who have seen in every “Financial Review Rich List,” or its ancestor, the “BRW Rich 200,” as it was initially printed in 1984.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, on 23 April 2020, Kerry Stokes and Christine Simpson, his wife were imparted quarantine in their personal home after coming back from a skiing trip in Colorado. But, it was unclear why Simpson was also given an exception to severe Republic and Federal regulations at the time.

On the front side of “The West Australian,” a newspaper printed by Kerry’s Seven West Media Group, he stated on Australia’s relationship with China. Stokes also advised if China split off its business, the Australian dollar would jump to US dollar 0.25 and make it even difficult to pay off Australian debt.


In 1995, Kerry Stokes was elected as an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO), for assistance to trade and business to the arts and to the society. Kerry Stokes, in 2008 was elected a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) for assistance to trade and business through decisive management and development of corporate cultural duty, to the arts in administrative tasks and humanitarianism, and to the population, particularly during donations to organizations helping youth.

He has also been granted the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award, by Rotary International. He holds a lifetime fellowship of the Revived and Services League of Australia, on their behalf, Kerry has procured three Victoria Crosses, as much as other rewards. These rewards have been attached to the compilation of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. He now lies on the committee of the War Memorial.

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