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Net Worth

Kyle Lowry Net Worth is Shocking!

Kyle Lowry Net Worth
Kyle Lowry Net Worth

An American professional basketball player, Kyle Lowry was born on March 25, 1986. He is the basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In the year 2016, Kyle was named to the All-NBA and he was also the six-time NBA All-Star. Later, in the year 2019, he won an NBA championship with Toronto Raptors and it was eventually their first title in franchise history. U.S. National team won a gold medal and Kyle was part of that team which was held at the Summer Olympics in the year 2016. Two seasons of college basketball were played by Kyle Lowry with the Villanova Wildcats that was before Kyle was selected in the first round of the 2006 NBA draft as the 24th overall pick. With Memphis and the Houston Rockets, Kyle began his NBA career. He started his career before being traded to Toronto. Kyle successfully helped the team to reach the playoffs for the very first time and help them win an Atlantic Division title during the year 2013-14 season which was in seven years. Later, Kyle helped Raptors to 56 wins and that was the highest win in the whole franchise history which was held in the year 2015-16. And for the very first time, he also helped his team members to make Eastern Conference Finals. Because of Kyle’s work in turning the franchise around, he is considered one of the greatest Toronto Raptor players of all time. In the year 2019, he helped in bringing the Franchise to its first position. Under Lowry, Raptors had achieved huge success.

Kyle Lowry Net Worth

Kyle Lowry Net Worth
Kyle Lowry

Millions of Kyle Lowry’s fans are really very curious to know his net worth. As all of us know, he currently plays for the Miami Heat of the NBA and is an American professional basketball player. Eventually, Kyle made his fortune by doing so much hard work that too with dedication and he earns around $120 Million. Kyle’s millions of fans are really shocked by hearing his net worth and he is the only one who helped Toronto Raptors to win the very first title in the whole franchise history. US national team won a gold medal and Kyle was also a member of that team in the 2016 summer Olympics. Also, he is considered one of the greatest Toronto Raptors players of all time. While playing in this career he came to know about many new things and has also earned respect and raised a number of fan following. Kyle’s major source of income is the basketball matches he plays in his day-to-day life. He also earned a considerable amount of wealth by doing such hard work. In the 2006 NBA draft, he was drafted #24 by the Memphis Grizzlies, and from the year 2006 to 2009, he played for Memphis. Later, from the year 2009 to 2012, he successfully played for the Houston Rockets and then since 2012, he is playing for the Toronto Raptors. A four-year deal with Toronto was signed by Kyle for $48 Million in the year 2014. Later, he again signed another new three-year that is for a $100 Million contract with The Raptors in the year 2017. In the year 2017-18, season, Kyle’s per game salary was $406,000 and then in June 2017, around $30 Million were earned by Kyle which was between salary and endorsements. The major source of income for Kyle is the amount he gets from The Raptor’s salary.

Kyle Lowry Early Life

Kyle Lowry was born in North Philadelphia and he is one of the two sons. Lowry has one older brother who is 5 years older than him. His mother’s name is Marie Holloway and his father’s name is Lonnie Lowry Sr. The name of his older brother is Lonnie Jr. 10 minutes away from the family’s house, Lowry’s father used to live separately. Laquita Lonnie Sr. is the name of Kyle’s cousin who also lives with his father. When Kyle was only seven years old, Laquita became a stranger to her family because of some reason. She and her siblings were raised and grown by Kyle’s mother who used to work at the Internal Revenue Service and also in the US Post Office. Kyle also has one grandmother whose name is still not known and she was also working at the Dunkin Donuts. Kyle’s survival and well-being are his attributes to Lonnie Jr. who is one of his cousins of Kyle, he ensures that he is not following his childhood or early life as compared to their school classmates. Unfortunately, Kyle is not allowed to have any tattoos and piercings as his childhood friends and companions are no longer alive. In the initial days, he was also taught by his brother how to play basketball. He used to learn that we should never be bold or angry with our father, also how to play pickup basketball together and that too against older boys was taught by him. For AAU basketball, Kyle’s brother used to search for the newspaper ads and make sure that Kyle would go there, take part and make his own team. It did not take too long to become very active and interested in the game, as the guidance was given by her brother. He used to play basketball before and after school and also in the winter season. Kyle along with his friends used to go in search of the indoor court where they would be allowed to play. Many times, people used to shout at them and ask them to run away from the court they are playing at. Dave Distal is one of the men who was Kyle’s Youth league coach for many years. Very soon, Kyle drew attention to him. At Cardinal Dougherty High School which is located in Philadelphia, Dave is the assistant coach there. Kyle was admitted to Cardinal Dougherty High School as he was suggested by the assistant coach, Dave Distal and in that school, he was the part of their basketball program as a point guard. Later, in the year 2004, he was awarded the Pennsylvania High School Player of the year. Five stars recruited by were given to Kyle. And also, in the year 2004, he was ranked sixth among the point guards and also 28th among all the players who were standing there.


Kyle Lowry Personal Life

Kyle Lowry Net Worth
Kyle Lowry

In the year 2012, Kyle Lowry was married to Ayahna Cornish who is also a Philadelphia native. While attending Cardinal Dougherty High School, the couple first met each other, and later Kyle came to know that she is also a basketball player. Cornish was named the best offensive player when she played at Saint Joseph’s University for the two consecutive seasons. In her junior year, she was unfortunately affected by an ACL injury. After staying in a relationship for a couple of years, they both got married and started living a happy and peaceful life. Karter and Kameron are the two sons of the couple. Karter was born on 18th August 2011 and Kameron was born on July 15, 2015. The Lowry Love Foundation was set up by Kyle and Cornish in the year 2013. The objective and aim of this foundation were to improve the life of underprivileged children. Later, he was a long-term critic of US President Donald Trump. Later, Donald Trump was very badly compared with the six-year-old child.


Kyle Lowry Career

Kyle Lowry has a very bad childhood as his father was never involved to raise or grow his children. Due to some of the reasons, his father got separated from that house and own another house which is only 10 minutes far from their original house. Eventually, he and his brothers were raised by his mother. It is good that their grandmother used to help his mother in raising and growing the children. Kyle’s mother used to work two jobs to provide her children with the best life and also he was not allowing them to visit the violent streets of North Philadelphia. The male role model for Kyle was Lonnie Jr. during his initial years and he was the only one who encouraged him to play basketball. In his early life, Lowry used to play both baseball and football and he was also an athlete. He became exceptionally good at baseball because he used to play that game in his day-to-day life. But, Kyle’s family members forced and eventually convinced him to pursue and make a career in basketball and that was the only sport he used to play very seriously. Kyle had been rewarded many awards and he has also achieved huge success in his college life. He was awarded the award name George Gross or Toronto Sun Sportsman Year award in the year 2014, on December 25. On May 9, 2021, he was awarded the Honourary Doctor of Humanities degree from Acadia University. On April 3, 2022, Toronto Mayor John Tory declared that April 3 will be celebrated as ‘Kyle Lowry Day’ in the whole city of Toronto.


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