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Wang Leehom wife and Relationship Status

Leehom wife
Leehom wife

Wang Leehom, also known by the name of Leehom Wang, is a singer-songwriter, actor, producer, and film director belonging from America. He was born on May 17, 1976. In past, he took classes at Eastman School of Music, Williams College, and Berklee College of Music.  After his debut in 1995, Wang Leehom has published 25 albums, sold around 60 million reproductions. He has won four times and has been a 19-times nominee of the Golden Melody Awards. The Golden Melody Awards are comprehended as the “Grammys” of Chinese music. His house-full show with the 90,000 seats at the  Beijing Bird’s Nest on April 14, 2012, was the foremost single pop show to be carried at the iconic platform. With above 72 million fans on social media, Wang comes as the most followed celebrity in China, positioned at the number one and most followed individual in China’s social media during the year 2014.

Leehom Acting Career

Leehom wife
Wang Leehom

Wang Leehom had expressed curiosity in theatres and acting after the time he played in a few musical sketches when he was in high school and college. In the year 2000, he did his first feature film in China Strike Force, the Hong Kong action, and crime thriller. The film has stars liken Aaron Kwok, Norika Fujiwara, and Ruby Lin. Hong Kong criticizers had noted Wang for providing a well-done execution as his first film. His next role was in 2001, The Avenging Fist, the Hong Kong science fiction film, as the main character called Nova. He later worked in two Japanese movies named Moon Child in 2003, and Starlit High Noon in 2005.

The way to success started in his big-screen profession, was with Lust, Caution, which was directed and produced by Ang Lee. The movie is established on a bestseller written by Eileen Chang and the plot revolves around the assassination of a high-ranking Chinese officer in the Wang Jingwei Government operating a lovely youthful lady as temptation. Wang plays the role of Kuang Yumin, a patriotic university learner who convinces Wong Chia-chi (Tang Wei) to lure Mr Yee (Tony Leung). The movie was published in US theatres on September 28, 2007. Lust, Caution was made on funding of roughly $15 million and earned $64,574,876 globally.

In 2009, Wang was called to work and act with Jackie Chan in Little Big Soldier.


In 2010, Wang Leehom started producing, directing. In 2010, he starred, produced, directed in Love in Disguise, co-starring Liu Yifei, and Joan Chen. Love in Disguise, the movie resumed evolving as the highest-earning movie with a record of earning over 60,000,000 RMB domestically.

Wang announced that he was to star in an adaptation of Stan Lee’s Annihilator in July 2013. This movie is a production of Magic Storm Entertainment, which works with Stan Lee’s POW! Amusement banner and the Chinese state-run National Film Capital.

He worked with Chris Hemsworth and Tang Wei in Blackhat of 2015, an action thriller film on cybercrime written, directed, and produced by Michael Mann.

Wang’s skit in Forever Young of 2018 won the Best Actor category award at the 2018 Golden Lotus Awards.

Leehom Wife And Personal life

Wang Leehom with Lee Jinglei
Wang Leehom with Lee Jinglei

During a discussion at Oxford University, Wang was recognized to be a Christian. He did not pinpoint if he sticks to any certain sect.

On November 27, 2013, Wang Leehom got married to his Taiwanese girlfriend, Lee Jinglei. He first met Lee when she was 16, and he was 26, and the two started seeing each other while Lee Jinglei was underage. Lee belongs to a Japanese-Taiwanese brood and was known as Michiko Nishimura when she went to Dominican International School in Taipei. Lee is her mom’s last name.

The pair has three kids together, two daughters named Wang Jiali, and Wang Jiana, and a son, Wang Jiayao. On December 14, 2021, Wang officially told the public that the couple was separated and filing for divorce. Lee accused Wang Leehom of a secret affair, vocal abuse, and bullying; Lee mentioned all of it in a wordy Instagram post. Wang has since denied the allegations of cheating, with proof published, along with By2 singer Yumi Bai. Lee also answered, denying some of Wang’s replies. He then apologized for not living up to bars in his matrimony. As an idol, mentioning that he would move the house to Lee and declared that he would temporarily leave the entertainment industry.


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