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Net Worth

Lil Romeo Net Worth And Lifestyle

Lil Romeo Net Worth
Lil Romeo Net Worth

Percy Romeo Millar who is also known by his stage name Romeo (formerly Lil’ Romeo), is an American rapper, actor, and television personality who was born on August 19, 1989. He achieved success and gained name and fame in the early 2000s after signing with ‘no limit records’ which was then owned by his father, Master P. His debut single was released soon named ‘My Baby’ in the year 2001 which peaked at number 3 on the billboard hot 100. In a few months of the same year, Millar released his debut album Lil’ Romeo, which again broke the records by getting charted on the US billboard 200 at the number six by holding the sales of 99000 copies in his very first week and went on to be certified gold.

In 2002 Game Time which was the second album of Milar was released and also got charted on the US Billboard 200 at the number 33 by the sales of 96000 copies in its first week. In 2004, Millar’s third album Romeoland got charted on the US Billboard 200 at the number twenty by selling 56000 copies in its first week. In 2006 Millar also tries something new by releasing the soundtrack to his film God’s Gift and it was his first-ever explicit album, this particular album has released 300000 copies to date.

Millar was offered a scholarship to play basketball for the USC Trojans at the University of Southern California in 2007 which he accepted with an open heart and he played along with his team until he was let go before his junior season in 2010.

Keeping aside music and his musical life, he has also worked as an actor in a few the movies, beginning in 2002, he was also offered a show of his own named ‘Romeo’ by nickelodeon and the show also ran for three long seasons. He also worked in feature films such as Jumping the Broom in 2011 and Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection in 2012.

Lil’ Romeo’s Net Worth

Lil’ Romeo’s net worth
Lil’ Romeo’s net worth

Lil’ Romeo is an American rapper, actor, basketball player, entrepreneur, and model by profession. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He owns a very luxurious home and home studio along with a customized Mercedes. As far as the question goes that whether or not his only source of income is his music profession, is still under review.Although it is believed that even if he has other businesses it’s a white-collar profession as well.


Lil’ Romeo’s Early Life

Lil’ Romeo likes to keep his life private which is the reason it is a task to keep up with his day-to-day activities. Also, his past life has not been disclosed quite well to discuss. Although, the pop sensation did something at the age of five which made him a star immediately. He made a rap song for his father and was signed to No Limit’s subsidiary label Soulja Music Entertainment at that very age he wrote the song to his father. He belongs to the family who has been following a legacy of being a legendary rapper of their times. His family is filled with the known faces of the music and film industry. His parents were rappers and his sister is a singer and an actress named Cymphonique Miller. From his uncle to his cousins and parents everyone has been dedicated to this very career.

Lil’ Romeo’s Personal Life

Although Miller is a bit specific person with his private space and personal life; we know that he has a girlfriend named Drew Sangster and now that he is the father of a child which he announced through Instagram on 14th February 2022.

Lil’ Romeo’s Career

Lil’ Romeo’s net worth
Lil’ Romeo

Miller started his career with his first debut album Lil’ Romeo in 2001 which was liked by a vast majority of the audience and led him towards becoming a great musician of his era in 2002-2003 he came up with Game Time and then in 2004 Romeoland and later he changed the collaboration name and made it lottery and God’s Gift soundtrack. In 2008 he presented mixtapes, Eps, and collaborations. In 2009 he released a compilation album titled Get Low that contained singles that were originally supposed to have been on Gumbo Station and also contained original songs from his previous albums.

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