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Net Worth

Lokesh Gamer net worth, Bio, Height, and more

Lokesh Gamer net worth
Lokesh Gamer net worth

Lokesh Gamer is a renowned Indian YouTuber and Gamer. He has a very famous YouTube channel named Lokesh Gamer, where he uploads Garena Free Fire videos (The most downloaded game in 2020, in the world). A S Gaming and Gyan Gaming are his closest friends. Lokesh Raj Singh is his full name. Lokesh performed admirably in Free Fire, earning him the moniker “Diamond King.” Lokesh Gamer is another name for the YouTuber. 

Lokesh currently resides in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. At such a youthful age, YouTube: Lokesh has made significant progress. On his main channel, ‘Lokesh Gamer,’ he has 13.6M subscribers and has received 1,007,361,677 views. The content creator broadcasts the fast-paced battle royale game on his second channel, LR7 GAMING, which has 1.15 million subscribers.

Lokesh also has five other YouTube channels: 

  • LR7 SHORTS (23.8k subscribers), 
  • LR7 MOON (255k subscribers),
  •  LR7 VLOGS (26.6k subscribers),
  • LR7 HIGHLIGHTS (22.6k subscribers), and 
  • LR7 ESPORTS (22.6k subscribers) (22.6k subscribers). 

Lokesh is extremely active on his social media, and he frequently shares his life incidents, travel, gameplay, game updates, images, and videos on his social media account, His Instagram Account has 3 million followers.

Physical Appearance of Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Gamer is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall and has a fit physique. In terms of body fitness, his weight is approximately 56 kg (123 lbs). Lokesh Gamer is always in good shape and is very health-conscious. His chest measurement is 39 inches, his waist measurement is approximately 31 inches, and his biceps measurement is 13 inches. He has brown hair and black eyes, and he has a nice hairstyle.


Lokesh Gamer: Statistics 

Lokesh Gamer net worth
Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Gamer appeared in 3,155 group matches and earned booyahs in 672 matches, achieving a win rate of 21.29 percent and a K / D ratio of 2.32, killing 5,767 opponents. In duo mode, the YouTuber has played 1,473 matches and defeated enemies in 142 of them, with a win rate of 9.64 percent. Lokesh destroyed 2,438 enemies with a kill/death ratio of 1.83. Eventually, the content creator played 1,176 solo matches and earned 124 matches, resulting in a success rate of 10.54 percent. 

This season, Lokesh has played 101 group games and obtained booyah’s in 31 games, maintaining a win of 30.69 percent. With 231 eliminations, Lokesh has a K/D ratio of three. In duo video games, Lokesh Gamer played 28 matches and won 5 of them, for a win percentage of 17.85 percent. Lokesh killed 58 enemies in the mode, resulting in a K/D ratio of 2.52. In addition, the YouTuber played three single-player video games and won one. Lokesh killed 13 enemies with a K/D ratio of 6.50.

Lokesh Gamer: Youtube

On April 7, 2019, he posted his first video to his main channel, ‘Lokesh Gamer.’ Lokesh has uploaded 545 videos and received over 394 million views since then. Lokesh Gamer has a massive subscriber base of over 9.53 million people. He also has a second channel called ‘LR7 GAMING,’ which has 1.02 million subscribers.

Net Worth of Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Gamer net worth
Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Gamer’s monthly salary is estimated to be between $13.3K and $212.4K and his yearly earnings are between $159.3K and $2.5 million, respectively. 

Lokesh Gamer is the third most popular Indian Free Fire YouTuber, trailing Total Gaming and AS Gaming. His channel currently has 954 videos, the most popular of which has 12 million views.


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