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Lost Season 7: Has The Show Been Cancelled?

Lost Season 7 Release Date

Created by Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams, and Damon Lindelof, Lost is one of the most loved television series. The series first aired in 2004 and has run successfully for six seasons. Season six of Lost ended in 2010. The series has a very devoted and huge fan following. So what is the show about?

Lost is the story of a group of survivors of a commercial jet airliner the Oceanic 815 when it crashed on a mysterious island. The flight was flying between Sydney and Los Angeles but mysteriously crashed on an island in the South Pacific Ocean. However, the survivors find themselves on any regular island. This island had some mysterious powers to it. There is a mysterious entity called the Smoke Monster and the island’s ferocious inhabitants ‘The Others’. The survivors must try to survive all these challenges and come up with a way to get off the island.

The concept of Lost has been derived from the hit movie Castaway. Fans loved the several fictional and mythological concepts that have been explored in the series. Fans also enjoy the flashbacks and flashforwards of each character and the concept of time travel. So was season six the final season of Lost? Would Lost be renewed for a seventh season? These are the questions we will be answering in today’s article. So read on to know all the details about Lost season seven.

Lost Season 7 Release Date

Undoubtedly, Lost is one of the most popular shows in television history. Lost season six ended back in 2010. And many fans have been wondering since then whether the series will get renewed or not. Given the huge time gap between the end of season six, it is pretty evident that Lost season seven is not happening. Well, indeed season seven is not going to happen anytime in the future.

This is because season six was the final season of the hit television series Lost. Fans have been eagerly waiting for another season of their favorite show but unfortunately, it is not going to happen. Lost season 7 is not happening and that has been confirmed by the officials. Now that we have established that season 7 is not happening anytime soon, let’s have a look at the reason for this cancellation.

Name of the ShowLost
Season NumberSeason 7
Lost Season 1 Release Date22 September 2004
Lost Season 7 Release DateCanceled
Lost Season 7 Overview


Why Was Lost Season 7 Canceled?

Lost Season 7 Release Date

Lost has been one of the most successful television series that was also loved by fans. So why this sudden cancellation? Well, according to the show makers, Lost was not canceled after season six rather the show ended the way it was planned. Fans were very confused and disappointed by the sudden end of the show which had gained such a big fan following.

However, prominent showrunner Carlton Cuse has explained all the details to fans about the cancellation of Lost. According to him, the ending of Lost after season 6 was necessary. The creative aspect of the show has been in great trouble. This is because the writers were running out of ideas for the show. The continuation of the storyline with the flashbacks and the jump to the future. It would have been difficult to continue with the science fiction storyline of the show. You can say that this is the main reason behind the ending of the show after season six. Some fans speculate that the highly controversial season three episode ‘Stranger In A Strange Land’ was the point when the officials decided to cancel the show.

Lost is the first show in television history where the makers actually had to pressurize the channel to end the show. The series has been airing on ABC television networks since the very beginning and you can understand why they were reluctant to end the show. Lost has never seen a drop in the viewer numbers. However, on the persistence of the show makers, the television network finally agreed to end the show but they had to run another three seasons to reach that ending. But still, I am confident that many of the readers would agree that Lost remains one of the best television series with six seasons. And the best part is that the show also received a good solid ending that did not disappoint fans.

Lost Season 6 Ending

Season 7 of Lost is not happening and so there is no storyline available either. But we can always take a look at the ending of season six. Lost has never disappointed fans when it comes to the storyline. And the ending of season six was something that fans would hold onto for quite some time now. The season finale explored two timelines about the ending of the story. One of them is the continuation of the story from the last season and the other is an alternate ending that fans found to be very controversial.

Finally, after Jacob’s death, the Man in Black takes over the island. And the Smoke Monster escapes in the form of John Locke. There is a final battle between the forces of good and evil. All of Jacob’s plots were revealed in season six. And it was a great surprise to fans when it was revealed that Jacob had pre-planned the whole journey on flight Oceanic 815. He has chosen many of the passengers on the flight and manipulated them into taking the flight. Jacob wanted to make sure that the island was protected after his death.

After Jacob’s death, Jack is made the new protector of the island. The Man In Black then teams up with Jack to switch off the heart of the island. However, this makes him mortal, and is finally killed by Kate. Hurley becomes the caretaker of the island. In the second plot, the story follows a ‘flash-sideways timeline’. In this, the alternate lives of the passengers of flight oceanic have been explored. What would have happened if they never got on the plane? Or if the flight never crashed?

You have to watch the series to find out the answer. Many fans, however, think that this timeline completely negates the storyline of the show. What is most interesting is that in this timeline it is shown that the characters are in a state of purgatory. All the characters starting from the very beginning of the show are reunited after their death and they make their way to the afterlife together. The concepts shown in Lost can be very confusing and difficult to understand sometimes. But still, fans loved the ending. The whole thing brings a very nice compactness to the story of Lost.


The Cast Featured In Lost

Another reason why Lost has got such a big fan following is the cast and crew of the series. All the cast members deliver some very powerful performances. So let’s take a look at the main cast and crew of Lost. Lost undoubtedly has one of the biggest cast lines up in any television series. A total of 324 passengers were on board flight Oceanic 815. Among them, after the crash, only 70 people survived. Thus began their journey on the mysterious island.

Many of the cast members have left the show in between and many new characters have been added throughout the six seasons. So let’s take a look at them. The protagonist of the series is Jack Shephard who is portrayed by Matthew Fox. Jack is a highly skilled but troubled surgeon who takes up the position of the leader in the group after the plane crash. Next comes Jorge Garcia as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, Evangeline Lilly as fugitive Kate Austen, Josh Holloway as a con man, James “Sawyer” Ford, Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle, Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford, and Harold Perrineau portrayed Michael Dawson who is a construction worker and an aspiring artist.

Other cast members also include Malcolm David Kelley as Walt Lloyd, Terry O’Quinn as John Locke, Naveen Andrews played former Iraqi Republican Guard Sayid Jarrah, Emilie de Ravin played Claire Littleton, Yunjin Kim as Sun-Hwa Kwon, Daniel Dae Kim plays her husband Jin-Soo Kwon, and lastly, Dominic Monaghan portrays ex-rock star cum drug addict Charlie Pace. As you can understand from this cast lineup, Lost has featured a multicultural cast with a lot of diverse characters. Writers of the show wanted to include this many characters because it allowed them to create a lot more relations between the characters and also include love triangles. More characters have made it easier to include a lot more twists and turns in the story.

Where To Watch Lost Online?

If you are interested in catching all six seasons of Lost online, then you should check them out. Lost has been running since September 2004 on the ABC television network. But after the show ended with the sixth season, all the previous seasons have been made available online for fans to catch up on. All the seasons of Lost are available online on Disney+ and Amazon Prime.


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