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Who Is Lucas Bravo Wife: Everything We Know

Lucas Bravo Wife
Lucas Bravo Wife

Lucas Bravo is a French performer and model. He is identified for being seen in the Netflix series called, “Emily in Paris,” a romantic comedy. He played the character of a chef called Gabriel, Emily’s downstairs next-door neighbor, and her love interest.

Lucas Bravo was born in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes on 26 March 1988. His father is a retired French soccer player, Daniel Bravo, and his mother, a singer Eva Bravo. He went to the “Lycée Pasteur,” in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Lucas Bravo Career

Lucas Bravo
Lucas Bravo

Lucas’s on-screen debut was in “Sous le soleil de Saint Tropez.” Next year, he depicted the character as Antoine Mufla in the French movie, “La Crème de la crème,” a comedy-drama, Kim Chapiron as the director. In 2020, he has been acting as chef Gabriel, in Emily in Paris, a Rom-Com Netflix series opposite Lily Collins. He was Emily’s next-door neighbor and love matter.

Lucas Bravo is fixed to perform in “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris,” co-starring Lesley Manville, Isabelle Huppert, and Jason Isaacs, under the direction of Anthony Fabian, and derived from Paul Gallico’s bestseller of the same name. News had it in August 2020, that he will be seen in Dean Craig’s expected movie “The Honeymoon,” adjacent to Maria Bakalova. He was assigned to the romantic comedy movie, “Ticket to Paradise,” in October co-starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Kaitlyn Dever; Ol Parker as the director.

Lucas is also an expert model designated by the Viva agency in Paris.

Lucas Bravo Wife

Lucas Bravo as Gabriel and Lilly collins as Emily
Lucas Bravo as Gabriel and Lilly collins as Emily

Even if Lucas Bravo is dating someone on the low-key, he still is to be seen single. Lucas Bravo is not wedded. Except for any formal public announcement, as far as the media knows it, he is single.

Lucas Bravo was born in Nice, France, meaning that the pleasant accent is authentic and genuine. In the life span of 32 years, he has spent some experience residing in America which presented him as the perfect opportunity for the production as he can speak both English and French without any problem.

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Lucas on Emily In Paris

The new season, which is the second season seems to pick up things right where season 1 dropped off. Emily tried to come to closure with her sentiments after mushing for her neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), dating her friend Camille Razat. But Emily finds simplicity in concentrating on work at the boutique retailing firm, Savoir. She meets an alluring fellow ex-pat in French class.

Coming to what Lucas Bravo means by the definition of relationship, he has stated that his favorite piece about a relationship is having open communication and when a partner greets his or her spouse for the day with cuddles, tender gestures, and just a sweet wake-up.

Lucas keeps his life secret.


Before working in Emily in Paris, Lucas Bravo performed in various French TV shows and films. He has depicted the character, Mathieu in Plus belle la vie. He has also acted as Adrien in T.O.C. and as Antoine in Smart Ass. “Emily in Paris,” the first American series Lucas Bravo is performing in. 

He portrayed the character of a cab driver and romantic matter, at the same time in a commercial for Chanel in 2017. Exactly like the character of Gabriel in Emily in Paris, Lucas Bravo is also a skilled cook. In an interview he reported, he used to be a sous chef in a sous restaurant a few years back. When he first read the storyline, he really resembled the character “Gabriel” and thought that it was destined to be performed by him. The team used to make him cook the omelet for Emily in the show.

Lucas Bravo has a net worth of approximately 3,000,000 dollars. Calculating net worth is notably challenging to find out though, so this might not be the accurate number. 

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