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Lucie Donlan Boyfriend and relationship updates

Lucie Donlan Boyfriend
Lucie Donlan Boyfriend

Lucie Donlan is a reality show actress, who began to get recognition in 2019 on the fifth season of the ITV2 dating drama called Love Island.

Lucie was an aggressive surfer in her youth, surfing since the age of thirteen, but now she only surfs for entertainment since arriving on Love Island and later grew as an ambassador for the surfing brand called, O’Neill.

Lucie’s birthday comes on 22 February, she is 1998 born, meaning she’s 23 years old, at present. Lucie belongs from Newquay in Cornwall.

Lucie Donlan Boyfriend

Lucie Donlan With Luke
Lucie Donlan With Luke

Lucie Donlan and another Love Island star, Luke Mabbott were dating each other. He arrived on the first winter edition of the ITV2 drama after six months of Lucie acting in the summer 2019’s series.

Lucie and Luke started seeing each other during July 2020, right after weeks of him splitting with Demi Jones. After this, speculation of fans saw some cute and flirty comments on Instagram among them. The two verified they were a thing during the time they posted the same Instagram pictures from a dreamy getaway.

Lucie Donlan and Joe first linked in the Love Island drama here he was evacuated on day 16. 

They were together for more than four months and then decided to break up. 

 Lucie and Joe are still close friends as he gave her connection with Luke his sign of support. They had their good moments, had their really good times. It’s just unlucky and unfortunate that the relationship finished but at the same time as prolonged as she’s content, that’s all he really cares about. 

Lucie Donlan Family

Emily Airton, age 22, is a younger sister of Lucie Donlan, Emily operates as social communication and selling assistant in Newquay, and, the similarity is Incredible. Just like Lucie Donlan, Emily too is a model and surfer as well as a strong influencer.

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Lucie Donlan Weight Loss and Hair

Lucie Donlan
Lucie Donlan

Lucie dropped two rocks before joining the drama, Love Island villa and later she announced she had gained the weight throughout her stay on the show. While literally just sitting around all day, one kind of do gain weight, so did she put a ton of weight in there, she discussed to her followers on Instagram.

But, after dropping the weight she had put on, Lucie confessed that she was now at her happy weight.

Since the time Lucie has grown famous on Love Island, supporters have been curious how she manages her effortlessly chic beachy waves. Well, it turns out that the reason for her laidback yet palatable long braids is the VO5 Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, which Lucie applied in the villa. 

Lucie Donlan and Yewande Biala’s ‘Bullying’ Row 

It’s reasonable to declare that Lucie Donlan wasn’t usually comfortable with the other female contestants throughout her presence in the drama series and old stresses came to the end once again, at the beginning of this year while she blamed Yewande Biala of “bullying” her. The time when a fan brought the attention of Lucie’s to the point that Yewande had identified her as a “horrible person” in a YouTube video, Lucie’s reply was that Yewande has always dominated her, she is not worried about Yewande’s opinion which makes her look critical.

But Yewande was quick to hit with a comeback and alleged that Lucie declined to call Yewande by her name as Lucie found it was too hard to pronounce her name.

Amber Gill hurried to support Yewande as she tweeted that when Lucie said can I call you ‘Y,’ Yewande said no she can’t. While Amy Hart also counterbalanced on the position and added, that He and anybody else haven’t addressed it openly because it was Yewande’s story to tell. Amy Hart stated that he remembers the dates, times, locations of every conversation which had happened in that villa. There’s so much behind the scenes, the public doesn’t get to see.

In the vigil of the fight, Lucie alleged she had been given death warnings and declared there was nothing evil about her requesting to shorten Yewande’s name. She said she regrets how just some old comments sent 18 months ago has got out of hand, and filled up her life with some unnecessary negativity.

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