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Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date Recent Updates

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date

Created by Guz Khan and Andy Milligan, Man Like Mobeen is one of the biggest comedy hits on British television. The fan base has now grown worldwide. And after a happening season 3 that ended in January 2022, fans just can’t wait any longer for season 4.

So in today’s article, we will be discussing in detail Man Like Mobeen season 4. When is the new season coming? What can you expect in it and who will be part of the cast? Read on to know all about your favorite show.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date

I can understand how excited fans are about the return of this series. Man Like Mobeen is one of the biggest comedy series on British television. And after an action-packed cliffhanger in the season finale of season 3, fans are only asking one thing. When is Man Like Mobeen season 4 returning?

Well, there is some great news today for all the fans of Man Like Mobeen. The return of the series was declared way back in September 2020. However, due to the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19, shooting for the new season was postponed. But now the creators of the show have made a public announcement that states, Man Like Mobeen season 4 is ready to go into production very soon. The star of the show Guz Khan has also shared the happy news with his fans.

So it is very likely that Man Like Mobeen season 4 will hit the screens as early as mid-2023. Even though a definite release date has not been announced yet for the new season, fans can expect the show to be released sometime in 2023. So before the new season releases, you should check out the previous seasons of this hilarious show online if you haven’t already.

Name of the ShowMan Like Mobeen
Season NumberSeason 4
Man Like Mobeen Season 1 Release Date17 December 2017
Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Overview


Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Story

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 is set to be released sometime in 2023. The creators of the show have revealed the storyline for the new season too. This has made fans even more excited about their favorite show. Fans are expecting another action-packed and hilarious season full of twists and turns.

The last season ended with a cliffhanger where Mobeen found himself behind bars once again following the death of his close friend Eight. Mobeen is not alone in prison as Nate has also been arrested for Eight’s death. So it seems that in the new season, fans will get some super exciting and hilarious scenes as Mobeen and Nate navigate prison life once more.

Many familiar faces from the past will be reintroduced in this season. The question arises will Mobeen and Nate be able to complete their sentences peacefully in prison without getting into any trouble? That remains to be seen in the new season. The season will also focus on Aks’ journey to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. And it is very likely that evil Uncle Khan will make a comeback too.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Cast

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date

Fans can expect to see a lot of new faces as well as some familiar faces from the past making a comeback in the new season.

Guz Khan plays the former reformed drug dealer Mobeen Deen, the protagonist of the series. Man Like Mobeen also features Tolu Ogunmefun as Nate, Mobeen’s best friend, and advocate; Tez Ilyas as Arslan “Eight” Mughal and Dúaa Karim as Aqsa, Mobeen’s younger sister.

Other members of the cast include Mark Silcox as Uncle Shady, Perry Fitzpatrick as Officer Harper, Kiell Smith-Bynoe as Jovell Maynard, and finally Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Miss Aitken.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Trailer

The show’s third season ended on a big cliffhanger, and fans have been eagerly looking forward to the fourth season. And finally, after all the delays, the producers have announced that season 4 of Man like Mobeen is ready to hit the screens in 2023. So a trailer is also expected to be released sometime in 2023. For now, there is no trailer available for Man Like Mobeen Season 4. But you can check out the trailers of the previous seasons on YouTube.

Where To Watch Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Online?

If you haven’t watched Man Like Mobeen yet, then definitely give it a watch online. All the previous season’s episodes are available online on BBC Three, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. It is expected that when season 4 will be released, it will also be available online on these sites. So definitely give the show a watch, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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