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Manti Te’o Net Worth: Know More About His Lifestyle!

Manti Téo Net Worth
Manti Téo Net Worth

Welcome back again! We are back again with another juicy gossip. News like this always catches the interest of the audience all around.

And who wouldn’t love to have a sneak peek into the lives of Celebrities?

Manti Malietau Louis Te’o, as his full name goes, is an NFL free agent who plays for the New Orleans Saints. He also plays for the Chicago Bears as well. 

He is known for playing 12 games and for making a record of 63 shackles. 

The American footballer played his games in the NFL till 2021. 

Not that you know who he is, for those who didn’t know him. Let’s dig into his personal and professional life. And not to forget about his net worth as well. 

Manti Téo Net Worth

Now, finding answers to the million dollars question. 

During his days in the NFL, Manti Téo used to earn a salary of about $10.4 million. And in 2013 in his seasons with the New Orleans, he made an amount of about $1.7 million. That is the highest amount he earned in his football league career. 

So, now what is his net worth? Well, his net worth is $3.5 million. But the real question is why the fall amount? 

The only reason being he lost a huge sum of money during his catfishing scandal. The guy who made an amount of about $10.4 million in his NFL career ran a huge loss in his life as a footballer. 

While everyone was mocking him and making fun of him because of this incident. He decided to come clear in his interviews with Netflix, as they debuted him for his documentary. Since he narrated this incident on camera he was praised for this confession and also for forgiving the perpetrator. 

Manti Te’o’s Early Life

Manti Téo Net Worth
Manti Te’o

Teo was born in Hawaii on January 26th of 1991. He used to pay for his school teams which inclined multiple wins and even his fame. During this time, he made a record of 90 tackles and 400 rushing yards. 

After he graduated from high school, he received multiple offers from different colleges for his admission. He is also known to win the Gatorade State Player award two times in a row, which includes other honourable awards as well. 

During his years both in college as well as high school he set quite a record and won many awards which made the path to his fame. 

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Manti Téo’s Personal Life

Manti Téo, became the epicentre of media news when his girlfriend died of Leukaemia in 2013. At that time, he was dating Lennay Kekua, who apparently turned out to be a ghost, or no record of her can be traced back. 

After this incident followed by this cat-fished incident, the footballer decided to face the media and come clean once and for all. It was then he told everything while he was cast for the documentary by Netflix

After the incident that followed many years later, both the perpetrator and Téo faced the camera for the documentary. If you watch the show, you will have an idea that it was all a hoax and that he was wrongfully accused. He was absolutely clueless about, the girl whom he was dating would prove to be a hoax. But that didn’t make him lose his nerve. Rather than handling the situation calmly, he cleaned his name with the help of others and even forgave the real culprit. 

After his last contract with the Chicago Bears in 2021. He has been running as a free agent ever since. As his contract with the Bears expired in 2021. 

Manti Teo is also on Instagram if you want to have a glimpse at the lifestyle of the footballer. Or scroll down the images of the handsome footballer for that matter. You can log into his Instagram Handle and swipe through the images, in order to get to know more about him. He has around 224K followers on Gram

Manti Téo’s Love Life

Manti Téo Net Worth
Manti Téo

After the ghosting indent that followed Téo. In 2020 he got engaged to Jovi Nicole Engbino, his girlfriend. And later in the same year, they both got married. 

They had been dating each other for four years. Later, they decided to tie their bond and after holding a small ceremony in California, they exchanged their vows for a happily ever after. 

Soon the couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Hiromi Nawai Anelalani. 

This is all about the Footballer, his net worth and the incident that nearly cost him his fame and money. If you are interested to know more about him you can follow him on social media or can even watch his games available on the Internet. 

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