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Matt Lauria Movies And TV Shows: List

Matt Lauria Movies And TV Shows
Matt Lauria Movies And TV Shows

Matthew Lauria is an American musician and actor. He was born in June In 1982 in Virginia, United States. He is a great actor and best known for his role in the drama series Friday night lights. So, let’s find out more about Matt and what he is doing right now and all the other movies and TV shows that he is a part of. 

Matt Lauria’s Net Worth

Matt Lauria Movies And TV Shows
Matt Lauria

According to the sources his income is around 4 to 5 million and his major source of income is acting. As he is a very famous actor in the television and also in the film industry the actor with a considerable net worth and with his successful profession his net worth crosses four million.

Matt Lauria Early Life

Matt was born in Virginia in United States America in 1982. His father is an artist or animator and his mother is a nurse. His family moved to Ireland when he was 7 or 8 years old. He has two brothers and siblings and they all grew up in Dublin. Mat went back to America to complete his degree in drama and attended high school there only. He studied for his master’s degree at the University of North Carolina School of Arts and completed his acting training from there only. Which makes him a person with a degree of BFA in drama. He is a great actor but he also plays electric guitar and considers the finest electric guitarist.

Matt is now 39 years old and married to a musician Michelle Armstrong in 2006. Michelle runs a management and record label company and currently, they do not have a child and have been living a happily married life almost for a decade now. His journey began with a famous TV show called Friday night and which gave him a lot of fan base after that, a family drama show called parenthood also gave him a step toward the Hollywood industry. So let’s find out more about how Matthew grew in his career from Just another person who lives in Ireland and then moved to the USA and is now one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.


Matt Lauria Biography

Matt Lauria Movies And TV Shows
Mat with his wife

He got married in 2006 to Michelle Armstrong. His career began in 2005 with a very short film called Raccoon and then he started getting a role and this was a step toward Hollywood. In raccoon, he played the role of Sam Roxbury. In 2005 only he got in an episode of law and order like a madam small appearance in the show. He has also appeared in a show which is a romantic comedy called lipstick Jungle. In the 13th episode of the show, you can see Mathew in it.

In the 26 episodes, you can see him and he has got an Emmy award for the show also. So, let’s find out more about the shows and movies in which Matt has acted and which movie is the best and you should definitely watch it.

Matt Lauria’s TV Shows And Movies

Matt Lauria Movies And TV Shows
Matt in Parenthood

Here is the list of all the TV shows in which you will see Matt:

  • 2005 Raccoon- Sam Roxbury 
  • 2009 8 Easy Steps-VeggieLite 
  • 2015 Ma- Cowboy
  • 2019 Miss Bala-Brian Reich
  • 2019 Shaft Major- Gary Cutworth
  • 2020 To Leslie-Handsome Outlaw

Here is the list of all the movies in which you will see Matt: 

30 Rock, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Lipstick Jungle, The Forgotten, Friday Night Lights, The Chicago Code,Burn Notice, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Person of Interest, Parenthood, Gilded Lilys, It Could Be Worse, Kingdom, Dimension 404, Traitors, Into the Dark, Dickinson, Tell Me A Story, Little Birds, CSI: Vegas.


The show parenthood is one of the finest show which has six seasons and it is a drama show. It has 8.2 on IMDB and 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show is about a family of multi-generation people living in California and the struggle with raising children and the everyday stuff like supporting Each Other through the times and some problems in marriage and still going through everything together. You can definitely watch Parenthood with your family. It is available on NBC. The show was released in 2010 and the last episode was aired in January 2015 according to the fan it is one of the most heart-touching shows with Pinch of drama and comedy in it.

The Other shows that we will recommend is Dickens which is a television comedy show and it is available on Apple TV. The show has 7.5 on IMDB and 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. 76% of Google users like the show and consider it to be one of the most hilarious and inspiring shows and you can connect with the show very easily according to the fans. The show has three seasons and with 30 episodes it is a romantic drama comedy show which will make you relate to different cultures and the show is really very refreshing. So if you are done with the monotonous life and want to watch something light and refreshing, you can watch Dickinson on Apple TV.

Lipstick Jungle which has two seasons in a is also a comedy-drama show and the last season of the show was premiered in 2009. So, right now there is no information about Season 3 of lipstick Jungle and with just 2 seasons you can binge-watch it and have some comedy-drama in your life. The show has 6.5 and IMD and 83% of Google users like the show.

To Leslie is a movie which was released in 2022 only and the movie is 1  hour 59 minutes long and it is a drama thriller movie directed by Michael Morris. The movie has 8 on IMDB and 96 on rotten tomatoes. Ma is also a drama silent movie which is one hour 20 minutes long. The movie is also very beautiful and it was released in 2015. The movie has 5.8 on IMDb and 3.2 on letterboxd. The story is about a mother and the movie is a myth and metaphor and in the movie- Matt played the role of a Cowboy. Most of the movies and shows that mat dead are comedy-drama action thrillers and some of the finest movies and TV shows he has given to the industry.

The shaft is also a very famous movie that is available on Netflix and was released in 2019 June. The movie has 6.4 on IMDB and it is 1 hour 52 minutes long. 81% of Google users like the movie and you can also watch the movie on Apple TV. The movie is full of action drama and some well-written funny scenes. The movie raises issues like racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and sexism. So if you want to watch a movie which is a perfect balance of drama, action and comedy you can watch Shaft which is available on Netflix and YouTube and also on Apple TV. The cast of the movie is also very great and the film is directed by Tim story. There are so many movies and shows that we can’t stop talking about but these are some that we think are worth your time and if we miss out something that we should mention do let us know in the comment section and we will definitely be reviewing that. 

You can watch the trailer of every film and TV show on YouTube and if you like that you can continue watching it on the different platforms it is available on. If you are watching any of Matt Lauria’s movies or TV shows do let us know what you think about them and comment down below what do you think about which show or movie is worth bingeing. To know more about your favorite artist you can check out our other articles.


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