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Moon ga-young husband and career

Moon Ga Young Husband
Moon Ga Young Husband

Moon Ga-young, spelled in Korean as 문가영; is a South Korean actress, born in Germany. She recreated parts in the movies like Heartstrings of 2011, EXO Next Door and The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 in the year 2015, Mirror of the Witch, Don’t Dare to Dream in 2016, Tempted of 2018, Welcome to Waikiki 2 in the year 2019, and 2020’s Find Me in Your Memory and True Beauty. Know here about Moon Ga Young Husband, career, and lifestyle.

Moon Ga Young Early life

Moon Ga-Young’s birthplace is in Karlsruhe, Germany. Her parents are from South Korea. Her family shifted back to Korea when she turned 10 years of age.

Moon Ga Young Career

Moon Ga Young Husband
Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young started her drama profession in the year 2006 as a child actor, occurring in both movies and television shows.

In the year 2014, the young Moon recreated her first ultimate position as the label personality in Mimi, a four-episode riddle/fantasy dramatics that got published on the line channel Mnet.

In the month of April of 2015, Moon represented the female lead personality in the web drama show called EXO Next Door which was broadcast on Naver TV Cast. She then acted as supporting parts in the sensational TV show called Don’t Dare to Dream and Live Up to Your Name.

In the year 2017, she worked in the dramatic show special called  Waltzing Alone. The next year, in 2018, she worked in a fantasy dramatic flick called Tempted, an adaptation based on the 18th-century French book Les Liaisons dangereuses. Her interpretation bested her an Excellence Award as the category of the Best Actress in a Monday-Tuesday Drama award at the MBC Drama Awards.

In the year 2019, Moon GA Young was launched as in the primary team of the humorous television sequel called Welcome to Waikiki 2.

In the year 2020, Moon Ga Young was called for the female leading role in the romantic television show called Find Me in Your Memory. Moon Ga Young has additionally worked as the female main character named Lim Ju-Kyung in the TV show called True Beauty which was broadcast in the month of December of 2020.

Moon Ga Young Variety Show

In the year 2009, Moon Ga Young worked in Sinnara Science. And in the year 2020, She acted in the movie called Food Avengers, as a Cast member.


Moon Ga Young Husband

Moon Ga Young Husband
Moon Ga Young

According to existing documents, Moon Ga-young does not have a boyfriend and is not seeing anybody currently. Yet, like multiple different celebrities, she has been interested in numerous dating rumors especially with her co-workers, a lot of which were proved to not be right.

A list of names of people Moon Ga young has had a genuine and rumored relationship: Kim Seon-ho, Changmin, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-yeopKim dong-wook, Woo Do-hwan.

Moon Ga-young is not wedded yet. There were assumptions that the celebrity was privately spousal to her prior boyfriend, Kim ki bum. But the two are not any longer together, even though luckily they separated on sound terms as per to their businesses. Some of the personalities she has recreated over time may have spouses, but in reality, Moon Ga-young does not have one. Nevertheless, as the celebrity is just 24-years-old, there’s no suspicion that she will discover her love of life someday. It’s no riddle that Moon Ga-young catches the eyes of every person in the room every time she steps into, not just is this youthful star undoubtedly gorgeous but also incredibly talented. When it’s about her love life, the star appears to hold a large portion of it personally, as there aren’t considerable facts on the matter. But don’t stress because Moon Ga Young has a set of qualifications for the person she wants to be with!

During her impression in ‘Those Who Cross the Line’, Moon Ga young conveyed that 28-year-old rapper and associate of Block B and Bastarz Pyo Ji-hoon or nicely-recognized for his podium name P.O is her ideal sort of person she wants. She clarified that the sense behind it was that P.O is adorable and has a terrific smile, which is a thing she desires about someone.

So, if you like to seize the gaze of Moon Ga-young be P.O from Block B or maintain a great smile and adorable nature!


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