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My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date Updates!

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date
My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

The release date is not there yet but we know that it will release real soon. My Happy Marriage could be an in-style Japanese manga series. Originally a lightweight novel series, My Happy Marriage is written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka. The series revolves around the organized matrimony of an unlikely pairing — a noble-born abused lady named Miyo and a cold-hearted soldier named Kiyoka. Despite their circumstances, the 2 eventually open up their hearts to every alternative to staying a happy wedding. Kinema Citrus declared its anime adaptation, which includes 2 of Japan’s most well-liked voice actors. On April fifth, 2022, the official Twitter account for My Happy Marriage confirmed that an anime adaptation is in the works.

My Happy Marriage Anime Release date

My Happy Marriage Anime Release date
My Happy Marriage

Not much information is available about anime on the internet. That means that the exact release date for this series is not known yet. It was just confirmed on 5th April 2022 that this series is being created. My Happy wedding is additionally a lightweight novel that has received a TV anime adaptation by Kinema Citrus. A teaser trailer and an announcement visual are disclosed, aboard the workers, and details regarding the cast. When observing the trailer, the joy level of viewers is increased currently, and they are thirstily looking forward to its release on tv. Many of us have to browse the novel and are currently excited about observing it in a variety of anime.

My Happy Marriage Anime

Takahito Onishi, Ami Sato, and Momoka Toyoda wrote the anime. My Happy Marriage is a fantasy romance lightweight novel, written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka. it had been started serializing in Jan 2019. Yen Press is a commercial enterprise that series in English. As of now, there are a complete five volumes. The series follows the life of a Japanese lady when her family forces her into an organized wedding with notoriously uncaring military personnel. Despite their circumstances, the 2 eventually open up their hearts to every alternative to staying a happy wedding.


My Happy Marriage Anime Story

It is a story regarding two unlikely lovers learning to grow nearer. The protagonist, Miyu Saimori (Reina Ueda), is an element of an upper-level family (via Anime News Network). Scorned by her stepparent and half-sister, her family arranges for her to marry the daunting Kiyoka Kudou (Kaito Ishikawa). Cold-hearted military personnel, Kiyoka is thus infamously un-loving that his previous fiancées all left among days of being with him. For Miyu, however, it provides the chance for a much better, and maybe additional fond life than the one she has reception. In time, she even begins to develop feelings for Kiyoka as their relationship permits her to realize additional certainty. As of once, the romance anime series has solely been confirmed for one season.

My Happy Marriage Anime Characters

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date
My Happy Marriage

Miyo Saimori is one of the protagonists of the series. Living a Cinderella-inspired life, she suddenly finds herself residing with a cruel stepparent and half-sister when her mother dies. Eventually, she is ready for an organized wedding with Kiyoka Kudou. Kiyoka Kudou is a military captain, reported to be a heartless groom towards his fiancées. Everybody within the town considers Kudo as a cruel and cold nevertheless powerful family. However, Miyo amazingly finds a place for herself within the family, however, things do not come back simply to Miyo.

My Happy Marriage Anime Cast

The main cast is Reina Ueda and Kaito Ishikawa. Reina Ueda is known for SSSS. Gridman (2018), Takt Op. Destiny (2021) and Dimension W (2016). She won the best Rookie actress at the ninth Seiyuu Awards for her performance as Naru Sekiya in Hanayamata. She joined the fifth eighty-one Audition in 2011, winning the semi-grand prize. Kaito Ishikawa was born on October thirteen, 1993, in Tokyo, Japan. He’s an actor, known for Your Name. (2016), One Punch Man (2015), and Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary (2014). On March 7, 2020, he received the best Actors in Supporting Roles award at the ordinal Seiyu Awards

Where to Watch My Happy Marriage Anime?

It will be available on Crunchyroll. It is not clear yet because it has not been released yet. We will let you know soon.


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