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My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date!

My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date
My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date

My Liberation Notes may be a sixteen-episode k-drama, with the same old array of 2 episodes free every week. All the episodes of the Drama haven’t been released, however. Expect lots of drama as we tend to follow the 3 siblings as they urgently rummage around for some happiness in their unrealized lives. The drama is regarding 3 siblings who need to flee their stifling lives and also the events that unfold once a mysterious outsider involves their city.

Since all the episodes of Season 1 have not been released yet and they are releasing slowly so we do not know about Season 2 yet. It will depend on the popularity of this show. My Liberation Notes is a family K-drama, following 3 siblings and a stranger as they look for to be free of their sophisticated lives. Yeom Gi-Jeong (Lee El), the eldest, is extremely irascible. She spends loads of her time traveling back and forth from Seoul to Sanpo village owing to her job. She encompasses a heap of problems in her life and is wanting to notice love. Yeom Mi-Jeong (Kim Ji-Won), the youngest is kind of the other. She keeps as an introvert. She feels lonely and empty in her boring life. Yeom Chang-Hee (Lee Min-Ki), the center kid, needs to go away from his childhood zero in Sanpo. He’s the black sheep of the family and does not have a dream. One day, a mysterious man referred to as Mr. Goo arrives in Sanpo. He drinks loads and looks to own loads of secrets. Yeom Mi-Jung decides to approach him.

My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date

As already mentioned that Season 1 of this show is not completely released yet so it is difficult to know when Season 2 will release. We will let you know anything if we come to know about Season 2. My Liberation Notes Episode three will release on the sixteenth of April at more or less three pm (GMT)/10 am (ET). Two episodes of the season have been released, you can watch them.

SeasonsRelease Dates
My Liberation Notes Season 1 Release Date9 April 2022
My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date


My Liberation Notes Season 2 Story

We do not about Season 2’s story yet because Season 1 is not been completely released yet. Episode 2 dived deeper into our siblings and their everyday grind, above all for Mi-Jeong and Gi-Jeong who each noticed themselves growing ever a lot enlightened and alienated at work. However, Mi-Jeong finds a breakthrough once she starts to reprimand her neighbor, Mr. Gu. Might there be romance in the air? Let us find this out in Episode three which will be released on April 16, 2022.

My Liberation Notes Season 1 Story

My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date
My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes may be a South Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk-Yoon. Mi-Jeong is troubled by her coworkers to hitch a club for no matter reason within the initial episode of My Liberation Notes. Even though she is visibly uninterested, she is dragged into it. She texts her siblings, Gi-Jeong and Chang-hee, speech communication she’ll be late, and also the others, too, agree that they’re going to be late because of their troubles. When an evening of not having abundant fun, she goes to visualize her sister, who tells her that the guy she’s seeing may be a jerk. That outburst, however, is restrained as they notice what they are repining regarding is happening right before their eyes. It’s with great care awkward — you’ll be able to sense the strain within the space as everybody is aware of however serious what they declared is. As Mi-Jeong and Gi-Jeong hurry out of the BBQ joint, the latter dials their brother’s variety to inquire regarding his whereabouts. Meanwhile, her brother has a public breakup along with his girlfriend. It’s virtually pitiful to visualize however ridiculous their argument is!

My Liberation Notes Season 1 Cast

My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date
My Liberation Notes

The main cast is Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Lee El, and Son Seok Koo. Lee Min-Ki is a South Korean actor, model, and singer. Kim Ji Won may be a South Korean actress. Lee El is a South Korean actress, born in Seoul, South Korea. Son Seok Koo may be a South Korean actor below SBD Entertainment.

Where to Watch My Liberation Notes Season 1?

It is streaming on Netflix and new episodes are coming weekly. You can watch it there.


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