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New Girl Season 8 Release Date, Story, Cast: Everything You Need To Know

New Girl Season 8 Release Date

Hello to all the rom-com lovers out there. Today we will be discussing one of the most loved rom-coms of all time, New Girl. The show has certainly received a lot of love from fans, not to mention its fair share of awards too. New Girl started airing in September 2011 and the most recent season of New Girl ran till May 2018. We all have the creator of the show, Elizabeth Meriwether, to thank for this amazing rom-com.

New Girl has been nominated for several awards and also received quite many. Among them are five Golden Globe Awards and five Primetime Emmy Awards. However, it has been five years since the seventh season of the series ended. Now fans are eager to know whether they will be getting a new season. New Girl has been a fan-favorite romantic comedy with witty jokes that are bound to give viewers a hearty laugh. So has the show been canceled? Or a new season can be expected in the future? That is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. So read on to know more about your favorite series.

New Girl Season 8 Release Date

New Girl Season 8 Release Date

If you have watched season 7 of New Girl, you already know about the beautiful finale the season received. That pretty much sums up the story of New Girl so it is very evident that a new season is not happening for New Girl. The producers of the show have canceled season eight mainly due to the dropping viewership of the show. Even though the show has been nominated for and also received a number of awards, after season six the viewership of the show began falling to a great extent. This is the main reason why the producers of the show decided to bring an end to the series.

Fans of New Girl have been very disappointed by this decision but there is also the fact that despite such situations, the series received a proper finale. If you are craving a new season of New Girl there is only bad news for you. New Girl Season 8 is not happening anytime in the future as the series has been officially canceled. However, many fans remain hopeful that a spin-off series may happen for the show. It remains to be seen in the future only. Meanwhile, do have a marathon run of all the New Girl seasons to relive your favorite moments from the show.

Name of the ShowNew Girl
Season NumberSeason 8
New Girl Season 1 Release Date20 September 2011
New Girl Season 8 Release DateCanceled
New Girl Season 8 Overview

New Girl Season 8 Story

There is no new storyline for New Girl season 8 as the show has been officially canceled by the creators of the show. However, for those who have not seen New Girl yet, here’s a little description of the plot of the series.

Like any other rom-com, New Girl also has a feel-good style of narration with many interesting and fun characters. The story revolves around Jess, who moves to Los Angeles trying to get over her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. Moving into a new life, she answered a roommate ad on Craigslist. However, on moving to the loft, she finds out her three roommates are boys.

Thus her new journey in a new place begins with Nick, Winston, and Schmidt. We are treated to some very funny and cute moments between the four of them. The viewers are then introduced to Cece, Jesse’s childhood best friend, and a model. Cece is a blast of freshness and color to the series with her dynamic and powerful personality. Soon she and Schmidt develop a romantic relationship. Throughout the seven seasons of the show, we get to witness several love triangles and romantic adventures between the characters.


The most exciting part of the series is the cameo role of the sensational music star Taylor Swift in the second season finale of the series. Swift appeared as Cece’s fiancé Shivrang’s love interest. Both New Girl and Taylor Swift fans were both excited and overjoyed by this surprise from the creators of the show.

Amidst all the love triangles, confusion, and questions of who would end up with whom we all got a perfect season finale. Like any other rom-com, this one also had a happy ending for everyone. The fans who were rooting for Nick and Jess were very happy as in the season finale Nick finally proposes to Jess. Meanwhile, Winston, who lost his previous job, trains to be a police officer in the LAPD. He ends up with his co-worker Aly and they are also expecting their first child. Last but not the least, Schmidt and Cece have a three-year-old daughter together and are happily married. It is a win-win situation for everyone except the fans. Cause season seven is the last season of the show after which the makers decided to end the show once and for all.

However, don’t be so disappointed. You should grab a bowl of popcorn and binge-watch all the seasons of New Girl this weekend. It is definitely a show that you should watch once in your life. It is sure to give you all the warmness and happiness in your heart with its simple yet lovely storyline and super relatable characters.

New Girl Season 8 Cast

New Girl Season 8 Release Date

The cast of New Girl is a fabulous one. Many of the actors have received multiple awards for their roles in the series. Unfortunately, we will not get to see our favorite stars on the television screen again. New Girl season 8 is not happening as the show has been canceled. So let’s have a look at the fabulous cast that entertained us for the fantastic seven seasons of the show.

The protagonist of the series is Jessica “Jess” Day. She has been portrayed perfectly by Zooey Deschanel. Jessica is a fan-favorite character thanks to her bubbly and cheerful attitude. She has been going through a very painful breakup with her boyfriend Spencer and thus moving from Portland, Oregon to a new loft in Los Angeles with three other roommates. Her roommates are three very handsome guys of her age. Thus the story of Jessica begins in a new city with her new roommates as she tries to get over her ex.

Jake Johnson plays Nick Miller, one of Jessica’s roommates who also works as a bartender. Max Greenfield plays Schmidt, Jessica’s second roommate. He is shown to be a very confident and charming young ‘ladies’ man’. His charm and smooth way with the ladies can be associated with his job too as he is a marketing associate in a woman-dominated office. Jessica’s final roommate is Winston Bishop. He is portrayed by the very talented Lamorne Morris. Winston is Nick’s childhood friend and also a very talented former basketball player. After losing a game for his team in the Latvian Basketball League, he moves back with the guys in America.


Other members of the cast include Hannah Simone as Cece. Jessica’s best friend and a fashion model. Cece is a dynamic character and a very loyal and protective friend to Jessica. She becomes romantically involved with Schmidt and the duo went on to have a child together. Danielle and Rhiannon Rockoff portray their three-year-old daughter, Ruth. Finally comes Damon Wayans Jr. as Coach. Coach’s character is seen very seldom in the show. He is also an athlete and the guy’s roommate. Jessica took Coach’s place in the loft as the fourth person. However, Coach returns later following a fight and breaks up with his girlfriend.

New Girl Season 8 Trailer

Season 8 of New Girl has been canceled officially by the producers. Thus no trailer is available for the new season. It is very sad news for the fans of the show indeed but you can always check out the trailers of the previous seasons which are all available on YouTube. New Girl has remained one of the biggest fan favorites with its fresh story and fun characters. So do check out the trailers of the previous seasons online.

Where To Watch New Girl Season 8 Online?

New Girl Season 8 Release Date

If you love rom-coms with fun characters and enjoy a good laugh then you should definitely check out New Girl. However, as discussed above the series is not getting a new season. The show has been canceled after a successful season 7 which also finalized the story. Thus season 8 is not available online for viewers.

However, if you haven’t watched the series yet then you can always check out the previous seasons online on Disney+Hotstar and Netflix. All the previous seasons and episodes are available online on Netflix. So get a Netflix subscription today and enjoy the show online. The show originally premiered on Fox television networks. And New Girl was one of the highest-grossing series on the television network.

However, the decision to cancel the show has been finalized and officially announced by the producers and creators of the series.


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