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Net Worth

Nicolàs Furtado Net Worth And Lifestyle

Nicolàs Furtado Net Worth
Nicolàs Furtado Net Worth

Nicolàs Furtado is an Uruguayan actor who was born in 1988 and you have seen him in the movies like the big love picture, amongst man, God, or high five. You must have seen him in many TV shows also so let’s find out more about Nicholas Furtado. 

Nicolàs Furtado Net Worth 

Nicolàs Furtado Net Worth
Nicolàs Furtado

According to the sources, his net worth of Nicholas is around 2 to 3 million. As an actor, the major source of his income is Modelling and acting. He is a 30-year-old actor who is well known for his play El marginal which premiered in 2016. Now let find out more about Nicholas and what is his upcoming movies or TV shows and what is his past life is 

Nicolàs Furtado Early Life 

He was born in Uruguay on 6th February 1988 and before moving towards acting he studied architecture and completed his degree in that only. After finishing his degree he started moving toward acting and when he moved to Montevideo there his acting career started in 2012 he got his first big shot.

He has appeared in many different programs but in 2016 he appeared in El marginal and from that he became the most celebrity and people started to know more about him. He is considered one of the richest TV actors from the country of Uruguay. He has been listed as one of the most popular TV actors and also according to some databases he is on the 88th list of famous actors. He also received the Tato award for best supporting actor. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.


Nicolàs Furtado Personal Life

Nicolàs Furtado Net Worth
Nicolàs Furtado 

We all know that he is a very good TV actor and got an award for his versatility. There is not much personal information that has been given on the internet but if you want to know more about Nicholas you can follow him on his Instagram. He has 2.3 million followers on Instagram and keeps posting regularly about what he is doing in his life right now and keeps his fans very well updated regarding his life.

The fans of Nicolas look very bold and how casually he looks very hot. If you think I am kidding you can check out his Instagram and you will realize how cool he can look without even thinking much. He debuted in 2012 as we know from the series called Dulce Amor. And the fans love him and made him a star from this very series only.

Here is the list of movies in which you will see Nicholas:

  •  Amongst Men (2021)
  • El marginal (2016-2022)
  • Educando a Nina (2016)
  • Somos familia (2014)
  • Porque te quiero así (2011)
  • Dulce amor (2012)
  • Terra ribelle 2 (2012)

This is the list of the movies and the fence in which you will see Nicholas and if you are a fan of him you must have seen all the movies and the shows. So do let us know which movie and show are worth watching and what it is all about. Comment down below and let us know what you think about all the movies and shows of Nicholàs. 

Nicolàs Furtado Girlfriend

According to the sources Nicholas Furtado is not dating anyone and has not been married to date. As he does not post much about his personal life on his social media accounts he keeps everything private and does not talk much about his personal life in interviews or even on other platforms. So we do not have much information about his personal life but if we get to know any information regarding his dating life we will keep you updated!

Is one of the most famous shows El marginal is right now going on and there are Four Seasons of the show with 37 episodes? The fourth season of the show is going on and you can watch the show on Netflix. The show has 8.2 IMDB reviews and 83% of Google users liked the show. The show is based on thriller drama and some mix of crime and police procedural. If you have seen l marginal do let us know in the comment section what you think about the show and how was Nicholas Furtado in the show. 


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