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Release Dates

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date Updates

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date
Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date

A girl whose name is Chiyo and her real name is Gekkan Shoujo was going to confess her crush. Her confession was to misunderstanding and decides to take her as an assistant just because he was a romance manga author. He also seeks inspiration to create his own characters and take inspiration from people. This is a four-panel manga series written and it was illustrated by Izumi Tsubaki. This series was online telecasted on Gangan Online and they have been published in both physical and digital releases of Shoujo Romance Girly. In July 2014, Anime was adopted by Doga Kobo. There was one boy who has a crush on a schoolmate whose name is Chiyo Sakura and who is a High School Student. When one of the girls confesses to her to loves him, he eventually brings in mistake for a fan and then gives her an autograph. Later, she invites her to the house when he confesses that she wanted to stay only with her. When she comes to the house, she gets help with the drawing.

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date
Nozaki Kun Season 2

Fans last saw the Anime, when it was more than six years and now they are getting irritated that they wanted to see Nozaki Kun Season 2 again. This show is very simple but full of entertainment. When it was the end of season 1, the fans were all in tears and they were not hesitated or bored to watch the second season of the same series. The viewers were in tears and were dissatisfied with the opening ceremony of the season and now they are curious to watch more. After the end of season one, the viewers are all excited to see season 2 as soon as possible. But eventually, the company is in critical condition and doesn’t have enough source material for the next installment. According to the reports, it is seen that there is no official update, and it’s not final that the show will go on. When the production will get enough source material, they will definitely start working for season 2.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Nozaki Kun Season 1 Release Date 7 July 2014
Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Story

By seeing the first season, this is the full rom-com anime. But according to the 1st season, it is predicted that the characters will be refreshing and entertaining. It will be all about how to determine your work progress besides it will also have a teenage love story. Eventually, it cannot be predicted whether viewers will love the show or not. But saying sadly, there is no such official update about Nozaki Kun Season 2.


Nozaki Kun Season 2 Characters

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Release Date
Nozaki Kun Season 2

There is one cheerful high school lady whose name is Chiyo Sakura and her voice is Ari Ozawa. There is also Umetarou Nozaki, who is a tall and stoic high school student and is also the object of Sakura’s affection. Mikoto Mikoshiba, whose voice is by Nobuhiko Okamoto and is one of the Nozaki’s assistants. There is one of Mikoshiba’s best friends and classmates who is quite an extrovert, also tall and furious. They were both each other’s rivals but there is also one girl whose name is Kashima, she defeats Mikoshiba in all aspects and she eventually wanted to lead their friendship. There is also the president of the school name is Masayuki Hori and his voice was by Yuki Ono. He was the president of the school drama club and he was also Nozaki’s assistant for the background work which is in exchange for Nozaki writing scripts which is eventually needed for the drama club.

Nozaki Kun Season 2 Trailer

According to the reports, there is no official trailer for this season. This is just because the second season is not yet confirmed and is very far away to get released.

Where to Watch Nozaki Kun Season 2

If Nozaki Kun season 2 is released, then there will be a great relief for the viewers and it will definitely be streamed on Hulu which is the app it gives a free trial to. Another platform you can watch the season on is Xfinity, Google Play, Itunes store, also on Netflix and you can definitely watch this season even on YouTube.


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