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When To Expect Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release Date?

Written and illustrated by Byeonduck, Painter Of The Night has become a very famous manhwa. It was first released in 2019 and since then it has gained a big fan following. Read on to know more about the release date and other details of Painter Of The Night Season 3.

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release Date

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release Date

Manhwas have become a very popular form of entertainment in recent years. Painter Of The Night remains one of the most famous manhwas of all time. Fans love the storyline and the characters and are eager to know about the story. Now two seasons of the manhwa have been released. Season one consisted of chapters 1 to 44 and season two consisted of chapters 45 to 76. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the third season which will be consisting chapters 77 to 102.

However, there has still been no news about the release date of the third season. It was supposed to be released back in 2021 but kept getting delayed and since then no updates have been received. Some speculations are there regarding the release date as some fans feel season three will be released in 2023. But none of this is official news.

Name of the ShowPainter Of The Night
Season NumberSeason 3
Painter Of The Night Season 1 Release Date4 May 2019
Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
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Painter Of The Night Season 3 Story

The storyline of Painter Of The Night is very unique. This is why fans love reading the manhwa. Painter Of The Night is a love story between Na-Kyum and Seungho. But this is no ordinary love story. The story begins with Na-Kyum who is an exceptionally talented painter. His paintings feature erotic images of men in very great detail and splendor. However, he decides to give up his talent and stop publishing his art under a pseudonym. But fate had planned something else for him.

In Na-Kyum’s mundane life enters the spoilt nobleman Seungho. Upon accidentally coming across one of his paintings, Suengho became obsessed with finding the painter. Having finally contacted Na-Kyum, he asks him to be his personal painter. Na-Kyum could not turn down this gracious offer. But what lies ahead for him will be something he wasn’t ready for.

Suengho is known throughout the kingdom for his insatiable lust and unconventional way of lifestyle. Na-Kyum also becomes part of that lifestyle and is amused by both his anger, hardness, and on the other hand the warmth of his heart, love and care. You have to read the manhwa to know what happens further between Na-Kyum and Seungho.

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Characters

Even though there are no details about the third season of the series and the characters that would appear in Painter Of The Night Season 3, we can make some guesses. The main characters are expected to return for the third season as well. So let’s take a look at the main characters of Painter Of The Night.

Yoon Seungho is the eldest son of a very rich noble family. He is also known for his anger, temperament, and his good looks. After finding one of Na-Kyum’s paintings he becomes obsessed with finding the painter. He even uses some very cruel and unconventional methods to make Na-Kyum agree to be his personal painter.
Baek Na-kyum is a peasant but an exceptionally talented artist. Seungho forces him to become his personal painter and often asks him to make paintings for him. Na-Kyum was abandoned as a child and was brought up in the Kisaeng household.
Lee Jihwa starts having a relationship with Seungho and they are often the subjects of Na-Kyum’s paintings. Jihwa is very jealous of Na-Kyum and often tries to destroy his paintings.

In-hun is a teacher who teaches young children art and literature. He is brought to the residence by Seungho as a means to keep Na-Kyum painting. In-hun is also
Na-Kyum’s old teacher.

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Trailer

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release Date

The trailer for Painter Of The Night Season 3 is not available yet. This is because the third season of the manhwa hasn’t been released. Fans can expect a trailer when there is an official release date available.

Where To Read Painter Of The Night Season 3 Online?

Season three of Painter Of The Night has not been released yet and there have been no announcements regarding the release date either. The manhwa has gained a lot of fan following and fans are eager for the release date of the new season. If you are interested in reading the manhwa then you can do so on online sites like Anime Planet and Mangastic.


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