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Release Dates

Pitch Perfect 4 Release Date, Cast, and Story

Pitch Perfect 4 Release Date
Pitch Perfect 4 Release Date

Pitch Perfect is an American movie series. It is directed by Jason Moore. The film is a musical comedy type of film and is written by Kay Cannon. Total three parts of the film have been released yet. The film is based on Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory by Mickey Rapkin. The first part of the film Pitch Perfect was released on 5 October 2012 and has received a rating of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb. The film had received positive reviews from the audience and even the critics. It had earned $115 million worldwide. The second part of the movie Pitch Perfect 2 was released in 2015 and the third part of the movie Pitch Perfect 3 was released in 2017. The movie has won 7 awards in total and has been in many nominations too. The cast of this movie is also brilliant and they have done amazing work in the movies. The characters they played are also loved by the audience. About Pitch Perfect 4, there is no information given about it yet. We do not know whether it will release or it will not. We will let you know when we will find out. This is maybe because Pitch Perfect 3 didn’t receive as many good ratings as expected from it.

Pitch Perfect 4 Release Date

Pitch Perfect 4 Release date
Pitch Perfect

As already mentioned above that there is no information given about the release date of Pitch Perfect 4. As there is no official update or news about Pitch Perfect 4, so we cannot tell you whether it will come or not. This is because Pitch Perfect 3 didn’t receive as many good ratings as expected from it. It had also not earned that much, which was expected from it. Pitch Perfect became very famous and had earned so much fame but its second and third parts didn’t receive much. This can be the reason why there is no news on Pitch Perfect 4. However, fans should not lose hope as unexpected things happen all the time. Maybe a new part of the movie may come later and will have a whole different plot. We do not know anything exact yet but we will let you know whatever we will find out about Pitch Perfect 4. But Rebel Wilson had posted a photo on Instagram with the co-stars of Pitch Perfect, so there may be chances that the fourth part of the movie may release soon.

PartsRelease Dates
Pitch Perfect 1 Release Date28 September 2012
Pitch Perfect 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Pitch Perfect 4 Release Date

Pitch Perfect 4 Story

There is no exact information on the story plot of Pitch Perfect 4 as of now. But we do know that maybe there will be a new batch of the Bellas and there may not be the old cast in the fourth part of the movie. Let’s hope this is not true because the older cast suited the roles assigned to them and the movie was hit because of its characters played brilliantly by the cast. The fourth movie may also have Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins too who were the sarcastic commentators called Gail and John. Although we do not know any exact plot of it, when we will find out then we will let you know.


Pitch Perfect Recap

Pitch Perfect 4 Release date
Pitch Perfect

The movie is about a freshman at Barden University called Beca. When she came to the university and wanted to join The Bellas. The Bellas was an all-girls singing group that was very cool in the school. The Bellas fight against males in the campus competition. So the main plot is about Beca and her story and how will she join the singing group and if she will, will she win the competition or not.

Pitch Perfect Cast

The main cast is Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Ben Platt, and Brittany Snow. Anna Kendrick was born in Portland, Maine, USA on 9 August 1985. She is a very famous actress. Skylar Astin was born in New York City, New York, USA on 23 September 1987. He is a very famous actor. Ben Platt was born in Los Angeles County, California, USA on 24 September 1993. He is a brilliant producer and actor. Brittany Snow was born in Tampa, Florida, USA on 9 March 1986. She is an American actress.

Where to Watch Pitch Perfect?

It is available on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch it there.


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